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Hi Clarke, 

I would like to commend you and the team for managing the AO website it is clearly a needed and well loved place for Adventists all around the world to communicate and share. 

It is my understanding that this site is for Seventh-day Adventists only and I believe the reason and purpose for that is to protect Adventists from 'wolves in sheep' clothing' and to provide a safe environment for Adventist to share. 

I am sure that behind the scenes there is a great deal of work monitoring and moderating however, when a person openly declares themselves not to be an Adventist, declares themselves to be a prophet with new light, and is affecting the faith of others, what is your policy, procedure, and practice?

As the man with his name at the bottom of the page you are responsible for ensuring that the basic purpose, vision, mission, of this website is maintained. 

The non-Adventist I am speaking of is James French. 

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Hi Heisenberg:

I agree that it has become a Sanhedrin like organization, so perhaps it should be changed to:

"Sanhedrin Of The Seventh Day Adventists, and like Peter whom Paul corrected strongly, as did who was informed by a vision that the Gentiles were clean and acceptable to God, later refused to sit with the Gentiles when the Jewish Sanhedrin types came around checking to make sure everyone was keeping all 613 laws.

I have a friend that is almost completely blind, and I know of someone else, both of them were shunned by the local SDA people, who would not sit with either of these two men at "church."

Similar, some of you want to throw me out of here if you can, as well as calling me every nasty thing. How Christian?

I tell you, there will be judgments that some people will be surprised about, very surprised!

The Pharisees said to Jesus, "Why do you sit with publicans (tax collectors) and sinners?"

I NEVER will worship at Satan's thrown. Be careful how you judge, it can have ramifications.

Really James all who do not accept the present truth will be worshiping at satans throne I am not judging that is what the bible says! PS you do not scare me!


Haven't heard from Clark P. In bout a year, AO as well.... hope all is well... But I can imagine trying to monitor the characters we have here has been a daughting and time consuming task. If someone is a non-Adaventist, by the Holy Spirit lets just use the Word of GOD to back up what we believe in a Christ-like manner. That's all that is needed.


Well, I guess all the feminists will be gone shortly then.

Funny! ;)


Brother pastor T, your 100% right... I guess I like proving people right or wrong by the word of GOD, I don't care who it is.... and the main thing is maybe they can see their wrong and change their ways.
But your right, this site is FUBU (For Us By Us).... Lol.. theres enough differences between us as it is, if your not a 7th Day Adventist go to another forum that's open to all churches (including SDA) and if you have a problem with SDA beliefs you can discuss it there. It make sense.

Also like I said, brother Clark P. and AO has been silent for bout a year on the boards, again trying to go through all the things and the characters here, geesh, if it was me it drive me crazy, because it always some nonsense and characters that shouldn't be. I remember Clark P. And AO always having to referee something. I had/have Clark P. And his team in my prayers. Even through there is problems, this site is truly great. Being an Adventist for not to long I always had questions and wanted to discuss subjects with people, AO is a great place to do that.


What you say reasoning is very true.  While I have not always been a good character on this site I have grown and have a better understanding of those in the SDA church.   I would not taken by total surprise by a strange belief if I were to visit another church for example. 

One thing that has puzzled me for some time now, is why Mr Clark is not letting any new member in I know of some trough FB that wants to be members here and have their application here pending for a year? Those I speak about are solid SDA's 

As there has been no public response to this thread from our founder or from the AO account I will preface my response with a question to Pastor T, have you received a private reply?


The style of the site has always been low-key moderation with 99% of the work going on in the background. This had allowed Clark (and others) to contribute to the discussions via their private accounts and to step in as moderator using the Adventist Online account, which is the moderators' account.


Clark has, as Reasoning pointed out, been silent for a year now and the board has degenerated to some extent with some members taking full advantage of the lack of moderation/discipline.


The last couple of times that Clark was active on the site he made it very clear that the site was facing closure due to the constant rule-breaking of some members who seemed unable to operate within the rules of the site that they had pledged to keep. My feeling is that it is distinctly possible that the site has been left to run itself into the ground and cease naturally. That would explain an inability for new members to join.


I pray that this is not the case but considering the number of times that I taken a "holiday" from the site due to the ill-behaviour of members here I would not be surprised. It is sad as this was THE premier site for SDAs. I hope, Pastor T, that you are able to reassure me that there has been "behind the scenes" contact and things are ticking along nicely?

I have managed boards before.  It is not necessarily difficult.  However, the assumption also might be that this board may be on auto-pilot because the owner of the board may have suffered a tragedy that none of us is privy to.  And not to be maudlin, but perhaps he was fortunate enough to own his own server and passed away, or become gravely ill.  Given the fact that while we abide in this plague pit of an earth full of sin, violence, and pestilence anything is possible.  However, some event has pulled him away, and it may be of more import than a BBS.

Thank you Heisenberg, I think you are correct. Something has happened... and I think I've seen an inkling of what it is. But we should all respect his "house" while he is away, because when he comes back, and finds the house in disorder, he may make a decision that would see his "tenants" out on the proverbial street.


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