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Hi Clarke, 

I would like to commend you and the team for managing the AO website it is clearly a needed and well loved place for Adventists all around the world to communicate and share. 

It is my understanding that this site is for Seventh-day Adventists only and I believe the reason and purpose for that is to protect Adventists from 'wolves in sheep' clothing' and to provide a safe environment for Adventist to share. 

I am sure that behind the scenes there is a great deal of work monitoring and moderating however, when a person openly declares themselves not to be an Adventist, declares themselves to be a prophet with new light, and is affecting the faith of others, what is your policy, procedure, and practice?

As the man with his name at the bottom of the page you are responsible for ensuring that the basic purpose, vision, mission, of this website is maintained. 

The non-Adventist I am speaking of is James French. 

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Pastor T,

I believe that you have summed the problems up very well.

1. Non-SDAs: This site was set up by and for SDAs. There a lots of other sites where non-SDAs can go and play but this site was set up for SDAs to play in. Whilst the site is visible to non-members I think it is right to exclude them from membership - and this goes back to the old days of this being simply an SDA dating site. Non-SDAs expose themselves as being prepared to lie when it suits their purposes and, to put it in the simplest terms, why would I want to take spiritual advice from someone who is so easily persuaded to break one of the 10 Commandments? Why would I believe someone who lied so that they could supposedly speak the truth?

2. SDAs: this is a more pertinent problem. This site was nearly closed because of the unChristian behaviour of professed SDAs. The problem has always revolved around two particular rules: to address the topic rather than making personal remarks, and; not to bring personal grudges, etc., into a thread or from one thread to another. There are some members who appear to be literally incapable of behaving in a Christian manner towards others. So these members, rather than adding to a discussion drag it down into the depths. They constantly resort to name-calling, insults and misrepresentation rather than reasoned discussion and seem to delight in being abusive rather than trying to reflect Christ. As I said, the site was nearly closed twice because of it, those members know who they are but seemingly have no desire to moderate their own behaviour but are quite prepared to close the site down rather than act like Christians.

My suspicion is that Clark has abandoned the site to its fate. What concerns me is that moderation seems to have also ceased and so there is nothing that can be done to enforce the rules.

Can I ask, have you used the "Report an Issue" button? If you have and have not received a response within 72 hours it would be a sign that moderation has ceased.


JohnB: "My suspicion is that Clark has abandoned the site to its fate. What concerns me is that moderation seems to have also ceased and so there is nothing that can be done to enforce the rules."

If that's true brother JohnB then I wouldn't knock him for doing so... The nonsense that went on and that still goes on to a certain degree by a few would take its toll... But I see a opportunity for us to moderate ourselves with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
If we had to vote for someone to moderate, My vote would be for you, a voice of reason, someone who uses facts to back up what is taught.... Even if there's no vote, I believe you have been doing that already. I said before, you are truly a blessing for AO. Thank you!


own his own server servers I would suggest.

Can I suggest that you don't wait that long? Clark is a working man and will also (presumably) be returning to work on Monday.

You Mr. T have violated the rules by making egregious personal attacks, as well as Gerald, and a few others. The guidelines state that "We welcome all seekers of God's truth here."

The SDA also supports religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the free coarse that the Sabbath School provides. Heisenberg is right, your proposal is like the Pharisees.

What if I am correct on my spiritual truths, what will you say to Jesus Christ?p

You act like the Catholic Church that you hate, if you had the power you would love to ban, oppress, maybe even torture and kill those that criticize from a BIBLICAL VIEWPOINT regarding your doctrines and practices that are contrary, as well as the general state of all Christianity as being apostasy in the majority. Your own new logo is Satanic in its occultist message. You will do anything to protect the organization, truth be damned. None of you properly have addressed any of my doctrinal issues and proven them wrong by scripture, rather you attack the messenger, which proves you have nothing else to offer but attacking credibility, even my mental health.

You have sunk to the lowest of low and you are definitely working to the scriptures thereby. Your lying about the fact that you accused both in need of prayer and I of mental illness because we hear the voice of the Lord, which is the still small voice of the Lord. You are opposed to the Holy Spirit and lying about it and now want to shut me up. The Lord verily will hold you accountable for all of your actions and lying. You are a pastor?

Your lack of faith is bad enough, but now you act like the nazi gestapo, silence all criticism of the organization etc.

God is my witness, as well as Lindy and In Need of Prayer. Will you ban them also?
Couldn't fix a few mistakes in time, should read "you are definitely working contrary to the scriptures and the Holy Spirit.

I just don't criticize, I pray for now 224 people or situations, including you Mr. T, you are # 222. Attacking by false accusation is extremely wicked, especially claiming mental illness.

I took care of my mother who had Alzheimer's for many years. My only brother and his wife wanted to put my mother in a home for the elderly so they could sell her house as she would quickly die. Contrary to the will and trust, they wanted to defraud me of my inheritance, and have me dead on the streets.

My brother and his wife and two conservators were in collusion to have my mother fall on stairs to go to a proposed activity center in the garage that I had locked to prevent injury as recommended by nurses. They also changed the medicine time to daytime to cause dizziness and tiredness on the dangerous stairs instead of in bed while asleep.

The conservator took away my ability to give the medicine at night. I filed extensive documentation with the court about the bad conservator and warning of their attempts to vpcause injury or death which was the warning from the health care agency if my mother was allowed to go down those stairs.

Shortly after my filing the conservator, her attorney and my brother and his wife and attorney made false accusations in attempts to gain involuntary Psychiatric evaluation of me as I put my life on the line to protect my mother and keep her in her home. The judge rightfully denied the 5150 request for evaluation and upon receiving this news my brother's attorney yelled, we need to evict him, which was their plan all along. The court warned the first conservator to concentrate on safety, which she never did and continued to harass me and threaten my property.

That attorney committed perjury by denying he said that in open court without another judge taking action. I was abused by false accusations on a daily basis. I did hundreds of thousands of dollars in both care giving, paralegal work for my mother and cooking, house repair etc.

My mother suffered two painful falls due to the medicine change and the second conservator was biased towards my brother and her decisions led to my mother's untimely death by flesh eating bacteria.

My brother got eventually what he wanted, in that both my mother and I were removed from the home. He wasted a lot of the estate in fees but I got my inheritance.

You Mr. T seem to be able to listen to the Devil for what would bother me, false accusations of mental illness.

God and many persons are my witness, including caregivers who made declarations in my support to the court.

I regret that my mother could not die peacefully in her home, as I wanted.
James, have you forgiven these persons?
Without forgiveness noone will enter heaven. We must forgive those who have wrong, abused, and spoken evil of us.

Can you find it in your heart to forgive Mr T. and you family members?

Thank you Jason. Yes, I have forgiven my family members and as hard as it is, I will forgive Mr. T. as I call him, which may take a little time...

Because he is directly attacking anyone who says or believes in listening and hearing the voice of the Lord. That position is completely contrary to all scriptures. I already posted countless scriptures on that.

I do appreciate your concern though. Perhaps this shows me a softer side of you then I have seen before, and visa versa. Perhaps that is some good out of this conflict.

Lack of forgiveness is not so much for the other person, but for those that are hurt, because unforgiving can open up the door to bitterness, demons, and curses etc.

I did not attack you, I just spoke the truth.

You are a disrespectful person with absolutely no regard for the teachings and doctrines of the SDA church.

You always play the victim and cry wolf when you are caught out.

As I pointed out before I do not follow man but Jesus Christ my Lord. I have done so ever since joining the church and never before have I encountered someone as disrespectful as you are.

When you have walked a mile in my shoe then you have the right to criticize me or my beliefs. Calling people devil worshippers and binding them and all the rubbish you type is the work of wizards and witches.

You also join a site that is meant for like minded SDA Christians to share their faith and testimony and yet you turn it into a three ring circus. What part of we do not want to abide by "your teachings" do you not understand?

And please stop referencing me in your posts.

Are you humble enough to stop with your attacks or are you like your father the devil, just getting started?

I bet that statement must have touched a sensitive nerve, well it was not intentional, just want you to feel what others feel when you type rubbish about them, that is if you are capable of any feeling.

You seem to love the lime light as well as everything is about you, you and only YOU!

You did this and you did that. Guess what brother I died along time ago, so its NOT about me, its all about JESUS CHRIST. I can do nothing by myself but can do all things through Jesus Christ my Lord who gives me strength.

YOU need to get off your high horse and die to self daily and then you will know what it means to walk with Jesus. Instead of praying for others, try asking God to forgive you and then start all over again. I guarantee you that if you just let Jesus in that heart of yours you will experience a power you never knew existed.

So before you go around criticizing people without knowing who they are or what they stand for try getting to know them first, their life experiences etc.

Do you do this on other Christian forums as well or is it that you just have a blind hatred for Seventh Day Adventists? Before trying to take the log of my eye try removing the "forest" that's in your eye!

I am not interested in your teachings or your babblings because I know whom I serve. Do you?

I bet you do, hence the attacks.

I know you will reply and try to discredit me accusing me of being a devil worshipper and how you are going to bind me up and hand me over to the devil etc, go ahead, I don't care. I'm not going to read your post anyway lol.

Have a peaceful and blessed day.

PS: and you are number 1 (one) on my prayer list as well as 2,3,4,5......(infinity), yea you need that amount of prayer it seems.

I have blocked this site and its ip address so me and my wife who frequent this site will never have to put up with your abuse again.

What are like-minded SDA's.  We have a pastor who doesn't believe what the Bible says regarding scripture and women in the Church.  We have people who say God accepts the LGBT lifestyle as normal and acceptable because He personally made them the way they are to engage in any sexual activity they choose.  None of these are doctrines of the faith nor apply to any of the 28 Fundamental beliefs.  We have people who condemn anymore who is not a Pastor, Nurse, Doctor, or Missionary as less-than. We have pro-Islamists and Anti-Semites here.  We gave people advocating nicotine use here.

To modify the words of the rapper Slim Shady, "Would the real Adventists stand up?  Would the real Adventists please stand up?"

I see the term "Genuine Seventh-Day Adventist" or Like-Minded Adventists.  Out of all the menagerie and milieu of ideations, who fits that category here?. 

Great big thumbs up. AMEN to that. 

Again we Agree Mr. Heisenberg. There are some here that think Christianity is a mold that everyone must perfectly fit into, and its a very straight laced one according to so and so's beliefs. Even SDA staunch members can't agree on most things. Some members don't agree with the trinity, as I am similar and don't agree they are co-eternal, though I know there is God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the gift of God the holy spirit.


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