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Hi Clarke, 

I would like to commend you and the team for managing the AO website it is clearly a needed and well loved place for Adventists all around the world to communicate and share. 

It is my understanding that this site is for Seventh-day Adventists only and I believe the reason and purpose for that is to protect Adventists from 'wolves in sheep' clothing' and to provide a safe environment for Adventist to share. 

I am sure that behind the scenes there is a great deal of work monitoring and moderating however, when a person openly declares themselves not to be an Adventist, declares themselves to be a prophet with new light, and is affecting the faith of others, what is your policy, procedure, and practice?

As the man with his name at the bottom of the page you are responsible for ensuring that the basic purpose, vision, mission, of this website is maintained. 

The non-Adventist I am speaking of is James French. 

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It seems like a lot of the Adventists on this site often argue against the church.  I see members opposed to the Holy Trinity, who don't believe in sola scriptora and want to canonize Sister White, those who violate the health message and want to ban vaccinations, some militaristic attitudes that promote guns and revenge, people who say the church is apostate, people who are divorced and wear jewelry, people who want to banish women from all parts of the ministry.   I don't think that James French has said anything more outrageous than the normal flow of conversation on this site. When I joined the site I did not violate the member agreement since I am Adventist, but I don't know how long I will stay a member of the church; I am really disturbed by what I precive as kooky ideas that are becoming mainstream in the church.

I agree with you somewhat Shannon. James is more extreme than most of us but you are correct that he has not done anything any different than most of us have done at some point.

Shannon you have stated before that you want to leave the church and that you believe that those who do not share your beliefs are kooks.   Yet in your rant you do two of the things that you accuse others of doing and you are obvious about it.  So why are you so judgemental, if people do not believe as you do they are kooks? 

What kooky ideas ?

I can see value in discussing things like women Pastors, dress, even sola scriptora; but ideas like denying the Trinity, refusing vaccinations, and claiming that the church is secretly infiltrated by Jesuits belong in the same category of UFOs, 9/11 truthers, and people who think Elvis is alive. 

So you are saying that there are no Jesuits in the church?

I see no evidence of Jesuits in SDA church leadership.  Do you have some evidence to present?

Funny argument if you could spot an Jesuit he would not be doing his job very well. Rest assured they are here. 

Jesuits probably went to doing other things because they have liberals bringing in all kinds of false teachings from the world, such as feminism, and LGBT.   

Martians aren't doing there job well if you spot them either.  You are just slandering the church with no evidence, it is not run by Jesuits.

Can you prove that James is not a prophet?

Shannon yes we can prove he is not a prophet, messenger, spokesman etc of the lord. 

We never said that the church is run by Jesuits. If you are looking for a reason you leave the church, it will not be coming from me. 

Can you prove God existence?

Anyone whose standard of proof is so low as to claim that there are Jeusits running the church would under the same standard have to allow that James could be a prophet.  Jason if you don't think there are Jesuits running the church then you have a higher standard of proof then some of the other people here.

Until we make this not about the Church, we serve a Jealous God, we will never have a church in order.  Shannon, it is God's desire that we speak His word.     He desires none to perish.   Help, let's get on the right page.   Let's be victorious for God.  I am not against the Church, but if the shoe doesn't fit, it hurts, I am not wearing it.    The post by James was biblical.    Does your church teach you and the members here about forgiveness?  Let just say for argument sake, James French, was mean and evil, why not get on your knees and pray for Him to be kind.  Do you believe in the power of prayer?   Do you realize you don't change people only God does?

You see, here is a word for you, I have been on the receiving end of siblings who treated me bad.  I will go further and say I deserved it.    I decided to make some changes, maybe gradually to be a kinder person.  I am different now, are you still going to reject me?   Is that what your church teaches you?    Well the God I serve says we should forgive our brother's 70 times 7, and that is not 490, he meant forever.  This group  needs to get there.   Healing for the soul


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