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When Jesus stopped Saul and his companions on the road to Damascus, Saul was the only one to actually hear Jesus' words, and to see Him. (Acts 22:7, 1Cor 9:1)

We do not know what the attitude of Saul's associates was when he told them about what he had just experienced. We can be sure though, that the Devil, at some point, would try to cast doubt into Saul's mind -- every loop-hole would be probed and pushed. (Temptations like, "It is a long journey, you are weary, perhaps dehydrated, and none of your companions heard what you heard...", may have been prepared for him.)

But when Ananias is brought upon the scene of action, he does something significant.

The first thing Ananias says to him, is, "Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared to you on the road as you came, has sent me..." (Acts 9:17)

Humanly speaking, Ananias gives confirmation/re-inforcement to something that only Saul had seen and heard. It seems that none of the other Pharisees travelling with Saul that day were willing to connect the super-natural "light" with Jesus. And when one man claims to hear something that others do not hear, the one man's "experience" is subject to suspicion.

But for Saul, his experience is forever placed beyond the reach of the reasoning sceptic and the religious mocker. And whether or not Ananias really understood what he was doing, his voice gave precious, inspired, confirmation to something that would be a turning point, not only in Paul's experience, but in the experience of the Church.

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Nicely said Stewart, indeed often God only is perceived by those who are willing to hear Him...

Happy Sabbath


Amen Vincent, we do need that quiet time....with God...


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