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What are the processes that leads to disfellowshipping a church member, and what will disfellowshipping solve at the end? Does the church have a monitoring tool for the disfellowshipped to keep them close lest they leave forever?

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who does it help/ the church or the member?

i hear your deep comment brother Ronny,so help me here what is the church doing about the disfellowshipped member? am asking this because many members after they have been disfellowshipped they leave the church for good coz no 1 wants to be associated with them and if the church sees you mingling with them they start to put name tags on you. My main concern is the soul that is being cut off from church rolls, mostly disfellowshipped people are pregnant young ladies. Tht will be a critical stage in their lives where they need the church to be close not to cut them off, hear me well i am not condoning sin, but if it has happened there is nothing that can be done to reverse it. Pregnancy is the results  of an act which is sin, but how many people are fornicating and committing adultery and they are not disfellowshipped?

I agree. This is a topic that gets me heated up, not because of any personal experience or that of others I know (there is none), but because I get very agitated when I perceive there is a double standard or inconsistent rules for different people.


If a lady becomes pregnant out of wedlock, and promptly goes to a clinic and has a "procedure" before her pregnancy becomes visible to other church members, nobody suspects anything and she remains a member in good standing.


If her friend becomes pregnant out of wedlock and decides to keep the baby, it will not be long before her condition becomes obvious and the finger pointing and whispering starts. Followed by church board meetings and talk of disfellowshipping.


I believe that:

- A pregnant single woman should not be punished or penalized, in effect, for deciding not to add one sin (abortion) to another (fornication).

- If the church decides that she is to be disfellowshipped, then the father of the child (if he is also a member) must be disfellowshipped. To do otherwise is an injustice. If the woman is too frightened or intimidated to name the father for fear of repercussions, then this is an injustice in itself and needs to be addressed. Nobody - whether he is a pastor, pastor's son, elder, respected Bible teacher etc - is above God's law and accountability for his actions. I wonder how many times such a man is on the church board or committee that recommends disfellowshipment of the mother of his child, and does not speak up in her defence or confess his own involvement in the matter.



"I did not come to save the saints but the sinners."

"You with out sin cast the first stone."

"Do not judge for if you judge you too will be judged and in the same manner you judged them so to will it be unto you."

lot of cases of pregnant ladies disfellowshiped


Sometimes it depends on the pastor.  Once in a church I attended for over 12 yrs. We got a new pastor who started a list of people HE decided need to come up to par (his standards) or BE DISFELLOWSHIPED.  Well, guess who got burned, Yours truly. Why? because we had taken a homeless male and I was a single mom. the man had his own room, and his own place, he didn't stay long, but at least he has a place out of the weather for a while. The pastor brought a group of elders with him to "straighten" me "out", (the elders sat with their heads down looking at the floor the whole time).  I told him when this man found a place to stay he would leave, simple as that. So....... due to the fact I was "female" and the guest was "male" I was next on the list to be DISFELLOWSHIPED. And yes I was.  I had to be baptized at the church we attend now to get back into the family of Seventh Day Adventist. He also threw out other long time members, they called me in shock and asked if I knew anything about this.  We got together and the whole church finally asked the conference to send him out and bring in another pastor which they did.  By the time they brought in a new pastor I was already out of the town,  where I live with my husband now.  (no that man was not my husband, nor would he have ever been), I have no idea where he is now.   weird.  

my new minister at my new church i found

(they are nice to gays)

is saying in strong language

that to  hold scheduled  bible studies regarding revelation

without an elder

is a BIG NO NO

 i never heard of such a thing

i dont know if the family or families will be disfellowshipped if found

#not making me want to join the church membership here

they cant disfellowship with me if i have bibles studies cause im not a member ,right?

My husband participated in Bible studies long before he was a member (baptized), it only helped him to understand the scriptures an the way's of God better.

I can't see how a church can disfellowship any people studying Revelation or any books of the Bible without an "elder", thats not the way Jesus would have had it.

I would say it's wrong.

@Joyce, heeeeeeeeee! that's a sad 1, we have a problem as fellow Adventists , we see something, we conclude something sinister happened, i hate it when people conclude that i did something while infact i did not, i respect a brother or a sister who when they see or suspect that i am on the wrong, they come to me and ask and i give them the answer, so many souls are we loosing in our churches because of our judgmental minds and our approach in handling such matters, instead of someone helping you grow spiritually and encouraging you to hold on, they gossip about you and spread lies about. May you continue in doing good my sister, God is watching over you!!!!!!!

But I have not heard of any cases of the baby's father being disfellowshipped!


Maybe others have, but I am not aware of any.


It takes two to tangle!



Actually, when it comes to sexual sin, I have seen people being told the censored in the since they cannot hold an office in the Church, not get out and not come back.  

BREACH BABY MIRACLE: I posted this in Smoking And Coffee area discussion, but thought it too important to be missed so reposted it here. Around the mid-eighties, I used to go to Heidi Pies in San Mateo, a restaurant and bakery thats open 24 hours a day. I smoked cigarettes then, about a pack a day and you could smoke in the restaurant in those days.

I would smoke like a chimney and drink about a gallon of coffee, read my Companion Bible and talk to people about it and discuss spiritual matters. In 2003 I quit smoking but still enjoy my coffee. A young woman named Lynn had started fellowship and study with the ministry I was in at the time and she approached me at Heidi's one night and confided in me that she was pregnant (unwed) and that she had a breach baby (feet first; requiring Cesarian section I was told).

Lynn Asked me to minister healing (she trusted me obviously) and after asking God, I got a yes and proceeded...I directed her outside to the parking lot, it was at night, and it was quieter there and I asked her to pray quietly internally (no voicing outwardly) in tongues (perfect prayer in the spirit; I Corinthians 14:"2 For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries." "14 For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful. 15 What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also."

I know most of you right now are offended or biased just because of the tongues part. But I know of what I am talking about and am giving my testimony, and the truth, you may think whatever you like irregardless. I also spoke internally in tongues, in preparation to minister healing.

I was then shown by the Lord visual revelation, showing a green screen like an ultra-sound screen, and the baby was blurry but all parts were recognizable including the position of the feet first in the womb. I was directed by revelation to command the baby to turn 180 degrees so that his position would be head first), which I then commanded in the name of Jesus Christ; immediately I saw the baby move in visual revelation and the mother felt it move.

The baby was born head first and healthy, and his name is Thomas. A lot of Christians would think that God would not give a gift of healing to one pregnant out of wedlock. Lynn was a good woman who I believe was probably hood-winked by some man (wouldn't be the first time) that he loved her etc. She Eventually married someone who had a job as a photocopier repair man. I joke with SDA friends when I tell them this story that perhaps they should start drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes to see the holy spirit work for a change!

This was until recently the greatest miracle I had seen personally. You may think it is of the Devil, you may think tongues is of the Devil, but I know that I know that I know and tongues is biblical and of the spirit of God if done with freedom of will, and without all the crazy slain in the spirit and other demonic influences. Those that trust in the Lord receive, those that don't DON'T. God gets the glory, he energized the miracle, I just carried out what I was told to do.

Praise be to God and His love and grace. James French


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