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We go to vespers meetings, church on there anything you think people do wrong may be about how thw church is run,activity arrangement! or everything is ok always.....

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The"church"is a hospital for sinners seeking to become restored into the image God created. We will not, however, become 'fully' restored until we are 'transformed' at the Second Coming of Christ. 'nuff sed
"Enfeebled and defective though it may be..."

Yes, we sure do make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them and move on.
Of course the church makes mistakes. It's full of fallen human beings, so who is surprised the church is imperfect?
Ooh yes my brother we adventists make infact alot of mistakes. I mean as much as we try to do what is right you know satan also is there keenly wanting to put you into sin. and finally you find you have committed a mistake that you are not to do.what i love about our God is that He has promised us that '' come let us reason together even if your sins are red as scarlet i will wash them as white as snow'' Isaiah 1:18 the most important thing when you make a mistake and you realise it confess to the Lord and repent and life goes on...Yes we are human beings and we need to learn from mistakes.thanks nice to hear more comments from you
Satan was cast down to this Earth and given dominion of it so that he could tempt us.

He does a fine job.

The Great Controversy is being displayed. The results of sin are being seen.

This world is not our home praise God.
It is true the whole world is under Satan's dominion but only because the world has chosen him as their leader but the earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord for He has purchased it with His own blood.

mistakes are one thing and apostasies are another!

I did not read all the posts, but is the only One who is infallible (cannot make mistakes), but God has said through the Spirit of Prohecy, that His "Hand is on the wheel...". In another place He said, through her that the church "may appear as about to fall, but it will not fall. The sinners in Zion will be sifted out"

This suggests that there may be a time when things just do not seem to be going right, and that God may allow that state of affairs to go on for some time, giving persons time to repent and come to their senses, but that He will deal with it eventually.

Let us keep close to God and to brethren who take God's Word seriously, so that we will not be among those sifted out. May be be accounted "worthy".
In the days of Christ, we know that His disciples were forced out of the established church by a great persecution. In persecuting the disciples of Christ the leaders of the Sanhedrin (General Conference of the day) sealed their rejection of God's mercy and they were set aside or "sifted out." But the disciples and their converts became the Early Church of Christ. When the disciples were still allowed within the established church, they were the "little church" as Mrs. White referred to them in Desire of Ages, bottom of page 719. They were the "little church" within the established church.

Since the parable of Matt.22 was spoken more for us than for them, we ought to take a another look at what it means to be "sifted out." Don't u think?

It does not matter how we run church activities ,what matters most is if the people who participate in those activities are realy saved.IF they serve God from thier hearts.that is why Jesus said that at the end when He comes to take us home many will cry because they didn't serve God faithfully.The question is that are you the one who God will tell that I know you not despite the service you offered in the church?.
You mean if they are really converted because one should never say, "I am saved." Yes, God is in the business of saving people and we need to be saved every day, every moment but we should never say "I am saved." Does that make any sense at all? :)

You made good points because in the end it is not so much how many years we have been in the church or how much we have participated in the activities of the church, for, as it is written:

"We may be active, we may do much work, but without love, such love as dwelt in the heart of Christ, we can never be numbered with the family of Heaven." Christ's Object Lessons, p.158 bottom of page.

Okay. I don't mind standing up and saying that "I am saved".

Got has promised this to me and I accept His promise. The Bible is full of assurances that we are saved. As is the SOP. I need not quote them for I am sure you know them well. But all you have to do is to accept what He has promised.

What this means is that at this point in your life you accept His salvation. It does not mean that you won't change your mind at some point in your life. We do not believe 'in once saved always saved' . We are free moral agents. WE can change our minds at any point.

But those who accept the Blood of Jesus are indeed saved until such a time as you think not.

I take God and Ellen White at their word. Study it folks. But God does not want you to fear. He wants you to have the assurance of eternal life ... as He has given you through His Son.

Thankyou Jesus


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