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Doug Batchelor disinvited to preach Spring Meadows Church in Sanford.

Pastor  Batchelor was called a polarizing influence and has been punished.

When the leadership of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists recommended to the Spring Meadows Church in Sanford, Florida that the congregation reconsider its invitation of Amazing Facts speaker Doug Batchelor to a series of meetings in October, calling Batchelor a "polarizing influence18," the reaction was swift and, perhaps unsurprisingly, polarized.

Batchelor supporters and fans of his television ministry decried the move as heavy-handed, while those who disagree with Batchelor's strident anti-women's-ordination agitation lauded the move by the Florida Conference.

On Monday, Cauley wrote on Facebook, “The power of social media is arresting. On Friday, we responded to four emails about our concern with the Speaker/Director of Amazing Facts coming to speak. Today, that reply is everywhere. Disappointing. It was not our intent to make a public thing of this.”

Batchelor has thus far not commented publicly.

So rather than listen to the word of God we are to be pressured by social media? 

To be disinvited is a political game learned from the world being played out on Doug Batchelor as someone pointed out to me.   The leadership of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists of Spring Meadows Church in Sanford, Florida  is only doing what it see's  the world doing.  So if they copy the world are they prayerfully following God?  I don't think so.  Here is a link to a list of colleges that do this type of thing to punish people they do not find politically correct.

It is a long list.   

The Goal Punish Pastor Batchelor for not being PC and also shut down debate.   If WO is so wonderful and so great why shut down debate?

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His perspective--and I have personally been in discussions with him--is that men are "better" than women.  

Sarah a private conversation cannot prove anything.  I say this kindly, I do not know who you are and out of fairness you would have to prove this with a transcript and witnesses or audio or video.  Shannon has transcript that I am going to look at, even so people do misspeak so it will take more than hearsay.  If you have what you claim to be proof of a "men are better" then it will have to be better than hearsay or opinion.

But a Facebook conversation can prove everything...

Regardless, you can choose to believe or not.  

Many people read these discussions and there is a Biblical standard to be held to prove things.  If you had stated that you had a discussion with pastor Batchelor and he seemed to be of the opinion that "men are better" than women that would fine but it still does not make it fact and we need to be careful not to slander one of our own but rather present the facts.

Sarah , better in what way? 

None if it "bothers" me, we get kind of de-sensitized to talk like that since it is so common, you can hear it from Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, rap lyrics - and even from Pastors. Back in the day Pastors used to stick to the Bible as their source for a sermon, but in this age of "hip" Pastors it seems to have become acceptable for Pastors to preach about whatever they feel like.  Batchelor certainly does stray to his own opinions a lot, and his followers love it when he does.  When you invite Batchelor to speak you know what you are getting - and he has the  right to preach about whatever he wants, but Florida has the same right not to invite him if they don't want to listen to his nonsense.

can hear it from Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, rap lyrics

These are not Adventist preachers and Doug Batchelor is not a trump or a Limbaugh or a rapper.  You were doing good before by keeping to what Bathcheror has said in his sermons.  The question at hand is why should he be disinvited.  Sarah says it is because female leadership cannot handle it.  That does not seem right,  why can't they handle it?  If you claim to be right and have the truth on your side as you claim then what a great opportunity to confront him.  The cost of Batchelor speaking was brought up but that does not fit with the term "polarizing". So what is polarizing?  We are Christians we do not shut down debate we invite it to get at the truth. 

Can't handle it? That is NOT what I stated!  How about it was disrespectful to invite someone who would disregard the leadership of people at that church!   

The female elders and pastors did not complain, but the President had the discernment and wisdom to know that it would be insulting and potentially counter-productive to have him there.  Great call!

That would seem to make the polarizing statement somewhat dishonest then a kind of dig or insult putting it all on Batchelor.  Maybe not intentionally.   It would be better if the pastor of that church would have said we do not agree on WO therefore we will not have Pastor Batchelor because it would be disrespectful to the female leadership.   I think it is unhealthy that we are using worldly ways of politicking - my opinion.

The pastor of that church did not owe anyone an explanation.  The offer was made and rescinded. Period.

So speculation and rumer is good? Maybe the truth is to shut down debate and punish Batchelor because he is not on board for WO among other things.   The answers I am getting sound more like excuses and really have no basis in facts that can be proven other than what Shannon put out.  There is a mystery letter,  and a private conversation and a pastor tossing out jabs.

Batchelor should not be invited since his sermons do not stick to the Bible.


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