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Doug Batchelor disinvited to preach Spring Meadows Church in Sanford.

Pastor  Batchelor was called a polarizing influence and has been punished.

When the leadership of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists recommended to the Spring Meadows Church in Sanford, Florida that the congregation reconsider its invitation of Amazing Facts speaker Doug Batchelor to a series of meetings in October, calling Batchelor a "polarizing influence18," the reaction was swift and, perhaps unsurprisingly, polarized.

Batchelor supporters and fans of his television ministry decried the move as heavy-handed, while those who disagree with Batchelor's strident anti-women's-ordination agitation lauded the move by the Florida Conference.

On Monday, Cauley wrote on Facebook, “The power of social media is arresting. On Friday, we responded to four emails about our concern with the Speaker/Director of Amazing Facts coming to speak. Today, that reply is everywhere. Disappointing. It was not our intent to make a public thing of this.”

Batchelor has thus far not commented publicly.

So rather than listen to the word of God we are to be pressured by social media? 

To be disinvited is a political game learned from the world being played out on Doug Batchelor as someone pointed out to me.   The leadership of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists of Spring Meadows Church in Sanford, Florida  is only doing what it see's  the world doing.  So if they copy the world are they prayerfully following God?  I don't think so.  Here is a link to a list of colleges that do this type of thing to punish people they do not find politically correct.

It is a long list.   

The Goal Punish Pastor Batchelor for not being PC and also shut down debate.   If WO is so wonderful and so great why shut down debate?

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And it's fine that you think that, just understand that some people want to hear from the Bible at church rather than the preacher's opinion of feminists.

Bachelor said his mother was a feminist at one point. If I remember correctly his mother may have even been part of the leadership of a New York or California based  local feminist organization during her time.  But she eventually stepped down , because she felt most of the feminists were very angry and hated men and wanted to be men. Now apparently that was her assessment. So, I guess she would have known having been in that environment and lived through that experience.

I would say that some men are angry feminists who want to be men.


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