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Intelligent Design - are you looking after your nanoscale molecular motors ?

Bacteria flagellum is tail like motor used to make Bacterial move through fluids.

Evolutionist say is a random biased walk in the fluid.... I would dare to say such

ignorance shows a lack of knowledge, indeed the motor is very complex, and the

bacteria knows when it wants to turn and move forward....

Here is a picture of the if you saw a nano-metre scale motor, that means the motor 20 millionths of a millimetre wide...The motor turns at 20,000rpm and can make the bacteria move per unit length of a bacteria about 4 times faster a petrol car can, with 80% efficiency compared to a motorcar's pathetic 10% efficiency. Notice the motor has bearings, bushings, casing, bolts of protein, and even a clutch mechanism for engaging the tail section of the rotor.

The tail is made of proteins like these, which travel down a 2 nano metre tube inside the tail, and build themselves on the end of the tube, making the tail grow up to 10,000 nano-metres in length.

The DNA code required for these protein units has to be very precise, and is not a random sequence of Amino Acids codes of AGTC, the four letter codes God used to code for every amino acid used in building structures. Just a single letter code mistake causes the tail structure not to work....

The protein unit for each tail has three sections, and is built from over a few thousand amino acids, the critical shape link is shown in this image. These units repeat up the tail 10,000 times making structure of the tail into a tube of 10 to 20 of these protein structures forming a ring.

During the clutch disengage, the rotor turns the rpm in the other direction, from clockwise to counter clockwise, so this causes a twist torque affect along the shaft of the tail...each protein unit changes shape with just 0.8 nano-metre change in torque twisting....the tail can make up to 14 tail shapes...

Here are four basic shaped to make one of 14 shapes the bacteria can time the twist to any time of turning one way stop disengage clutch, turn other way on the motor rotor, and engage the clutch again, forcing different pattern tail shapes....this causes differences in motor swimming of the bacteria and where it wants to go...

Now the regulation of the motor itself is also unbelievably complex, involving 4 protein enzyme reactions and free back make the motor cause movement when the Bacteria says so...I can assure you it's not a random biased walk...yet listening to the Evolutionists talk on their video they admit it a molecular machine....

Now I could bore you with the probability of making such a machine alone with proteins by random, such calculations are known....

A bacteria only lives for 20 minutes and dies, and there have only been 10 to the 64th power of seconds since the so called Big Bang, the probability of making a single 150 protein for the motor bushing by random would be around 10 to the power 75, larger than all the seconds since time ever began....and we have not started building the motor which hasover20to30 protein types, plus genes of code for regulation, and the 2,000amino acid sub unit protein for the tail, that must be precise to within 0.8 nano metres to work, that's the size of molecules....

Only an Intelligent Designer builds motors, and God has made a motor that far surpasses anything man has come up with....

Teach that to our Science children, our God is an awesome God....


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The biggest problem I have Elijah is the peer reviews ad citations of both evolution and creation, nobody's papers can be read in detail on the www. It's all secret hidden stuff, subject to copyright too I if you review the citations, you become a secondary source and hence your evidence is discredited by those wanting evidence....but the citations or papers can be published by scientists THEY want to publish....other papers are not published, so the evidence is biased from the beginning....

Finding credible evidence for any theory of faith is difficult...its a great cover up of deception....I wish I could be an archaeologist or scientist but who would publish my science papers ? certainly not the Journal of Science ?

Does Dr Don Patton have any published papers to cite ?


Thanks Rob

I must admit I am no scientist and much of their work is beyond my understanding anyway. All I can do is use the common sense that God did give me. I believe it will go a fair way.

But we have a great resource in Plenty of information can be found there

Gregor Mendel has published works.

Genetics: no friend of evolution
by Lane Lester

Genetics and evolution have been enemies from the beginning of both concepts. Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, and Charles Darwin, the father of modern evolution, were contemporaries. At the same time that Darwin was claiming that creatures could change into other creatures, Mendel was showing that even individual characteristics remain constant. While Darwin’s ideas were based on erroneous and untested ideas about inheritance, Mendel’s conclusions were based on careful experimentation. Only by ignoring the total implications of modern genetics has it been possible to maintain the fiction of evolution.

Genetic switching

All dogs from the wolf, we all agree. Genetic switching stops at the Genus: Canis.

Did God Create Poodles?

I believe your animation is on this page..

Thanks James and Elijah for your comments James

I believe your animation is on this page..

This is a great resource, thanks James for the share....

I have spent many hours reading it through


This is an interesting comment on chromosome 2 of our set of 23 in the human genome

Some say it was supposed to be 24 in our set but two joined together...

Some allege

mainstream scientists and Darwinian apologists that the fusion of chromosome 2 is very clear evidence for the common ancestry of humans and apes

It isn't the fact that apes have 48 chromosomes that make them look and act and function like apes rather than humans.  If it were that simple, evolutionists would actually have a very good argument.

If apes have 48 and humans 23, how is that similar ?

Again, it is entirely possible, quite likely in fact, that our human ancestors underwent a chromosomal fusion event during a population bottleneck in fairly recent history (i.e., within the past several thousand years at most), easily explaining the fusion of chromosome 2.   This concept is supported by an article published in a 2003 issue of Nature by Rohde et. al.

This means some inbreeding during the 8 people who left the ark...

"We fooled ourselves into thinking the genome was going to be a transparent blueprint, but it’s not," says Mel Greaves, a cell biologist at the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton, UK. Instead, as sequencing and other new technologies spew forth data, the complexity of biology has seemed to grow by orders of magnitude. Delving into it has been like zooming into a Mandelbrot set — a space that is determined by a simple equation, but that reveals ever more intricate patterns as one peers closer at its boundary....

I love this comment, its what I suspected all along.... sure we have mapped the basic code in 4 letters ACGT, but that is is in other places is extra non coding DNA that codes for regulation, emotion and maybe even mind process regulation, so the whole genome thing will become so big nobody will ever understand it ever, the number of genes will increase to billions...

A good C++ programmer makes small compact code, that unpacks itself making more code as the program requires it too, so reading all the code, does not read all the code, some functions make code as the program trick of man's skills hey ? What about GOD's skill in programming ?

We claim to have say 25,000 genes, I suspect more code will make more code, so the number of genes will increase to millions....


Tanks for the Link Rob

Its just amazing and to me throws a spanner in the works of the evolutionists.     17MB download

This is an interesting video on gene regulation....

What I find interesting is GOD makes bacteria with a different gene regulation to complex beings....why? Because in single cells you have less space, less DNA and less chemicals to do things, but we need bacteria because their DNA helps regulate our DNA machinery...

The gene expression is somewhat OK to is it bacteria can digest foods in every food group ? random mutations did not do this, for the gene would have to come up with a new food group gene in under 20 minutes for the bacteria to live and pass on the new genes...

Should be an easy experiment to do, milk powder casein is a food bacteria can bacteria on pure casein and see if any live ?

Or better engineer a brand new food, and see if bacteria can digest it, coming up with new genes I under 20 minutes ?

The larger beings like humans have enormous gene regulation...and the video shows that more junk DNA is not little we vast and deep is God's engineering ability when He engineered all life on earth....

Thanks for your support and comments Elijah

God bless

Thanks Rob

Yes interesting indeed as you say if the bacteria is that complex and ingenious. How little is really understood about the human Genome.

God Bless and happy Sabbath

It is very hard to find any real discussion of "modern synthesis"... "the new evolutionary model for change", that microevolution leads to macroevolution.

This is evolutions new theory for change.

Along this line, the bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans can tolerate high doses of ionizing radiation that result in hundreds of genomic DSBs (8). These bacteria are able to quickly rejoin many DSBs within the first 1.5 h following irradiation by a recA-independent (i.e., Rad51-strand invasion independent) recombination mechanism (10), and the repair can occur without induction of genomic deletions, insertions, or rearrangements (43).

Bacteria can tolerate hundreds of double breakages in DNA strands and repair all the damage within 90 minutes according to this paper...

From this high English paper, we find that even bacteria are able to cope with simultaneous double damage to both DNA strands, AND REPAIR them, up to hundreds of such damages per cell division.

I suspect that such breaks are repaired by enzymes who have access to correct information in the other good copy of chromosome DNA information.  After all every bacteria cell carries 4 copies of information at any point in time, in two very different geographic locations, so if a chromosome double DNA breakage occurs, the breakage can be repaired because a second chromosome exists with the good copy.

I am at a loss as to finding micro evolutionary changes to DNA  stands as evolution people make claims to....bacteria with resistance to drugs obviously had the DNA resistance there from the beginning. What I would like to see is a mechanism for how new DNA is added to existing DNA, without self correcting enzymes removing them .

Even when cells swap over mixes of these of copies of genes, there are not adding new DNA information, only swapping what is already there in the gene pool.

I have not been able to read how genetic DNA code is added to a DNA strain without cells removing should be easy to test in bacteria by man made tests...simply add traceable DNA coded A or C or T or G to the end of a DNA strand and see if the new code is inherited each generation....that would be a genetic start for evolution...however is the newly added code is removed over time, microevolution would have a massive problem....

Then one would also have to solve why bacteria would continue to inherit junk DNA strands for thousands of years until it just so happens to code for some protein sequence, it never has heard of before, which happens to build it in some new membrane position, it has never seen before as well, that just so happens to make the change functionally an advantage over other bacteria, so the new changes are selected against bacteria that do not have this new protein sequence arising from the membrane for the first time. 

And mind you if the sequence is unregulated the bacteria would make copies of it for no reason and no regulation of it either, much like a virus or cancer, the fragmented strand is more likely to waste energy in the bacteria until it becomes even remotely useful with regulation genes controlling it.

When one considers the massive complex array of gene repair, it is very unlikely for cells to have code made by random external sources. Intelligent design is by far an easier hypothesis to accept and believe.


Many Christian geneticists  are making a killing proving the Bible account of genetics is true...

Carter proves Bible genetic stories to be true with scientific proof

The flood account with one Y chromosome and 4 mitochondrial DNA for example is found in the human genome today globally.

Ironic it's the say evidence as the out of African evolution presentation, but the Bible has the evidence while evolution does not....

Also prove we are not genetically similar to monkeys, not even close...

over 800 genes to produce in just 150,000 generations is not enough time...

Happy Season greetings to all who love Jesus


Too many Christian's who are spiritually asleep, are following religious secularism, and religious materialism....drowned by the love of the world...such a religion is founded by evolution the belief that ones spiritual life can evolve by humanism and human moral codes....

Indeed whole global religions are founded on evolution humanism... so in most respects evolution humanism as a religion is very much alive !

It pervades the SDA church as well...




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