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Intelligent Design - are you looking after your nanoscale molecular motors ?

Bacteria flagellum is tail like motor used to make Bacterial move through fluids.

Evolutionist say is a random biased walk in the fluid.... I would dare to say such

ignorance shows a lack of knowledge, indeed the motor is very complex, and the

bacteria knows when it wants to turn and move forward....

Here is a picture of the if you saw a nano-metre scale motor, that means the motor 20 millionths of a millimetre wide...The motor turns at 20,000rpm and can make the bacteria move per unit length of a bacteria about 4 times faster a petrol car can, with 80% efficiency compared to a motorcar's pathetic 10% efficiency. Notice the motor has bearings, bushings, casing, bolts of protein, and even a clutch mechanism for engaging the tail section of the rotor.

The tail is made of proteins like these, which travel down a 2 nano metre tube inside the tail, and build themselves on the end of the tube, making the tail grow up to 10,000 nano-metres in length.

The DNA code required for these protein units has to be very precise, and is not a random sequence of Amino Acids codes of AGTC, the four letter codes God used to code for every amino acid used in building structures. Just a single letter code mistake causes the tail structure not to work....

The protein unit for each tail has three sections, and is built from over a few thousand amino acids, the critical shape link is shown in this image. These units repeat up the tail 10,000 times making structure of the tail into a tube of 10 to 20 of these protein structures forming a ring.

During the clutch disengage, the rotor turns the rpm in the other direction, from clockwise to counter clockwise, so this causes a twist torque affect along the shaft of the tail...each protein unit changes shape with just 0.8 nano-metre change in torque twisting....the tail can make up to 14 tail shapes...

Here are four basic shaped to make one of 14 shapes the bacteria can time the twist to any time of turning one way stop disengage clutch, turn other way on the motor rotor, and engage the clutch again, forcing different pattern tail shapes....this causes differences in motor swimming of the bacteria and where it wants to go...

Now the regulation of the motor itself is also unbelievably complex, involving 4 protein enzyme reactions and free back make the motor cause movement when the Bacteria says so...I can assure you it's not a random biased walk...yet listening to the Evolutionists talk on their video they admit it a molecular machine....

Now I could bore you with the probability of making such a machine alone with proteins by random, such calculations are known....

A bacteria only lives for 20 minutes and dies, and there have only been 10 to the 64th power of seconds since the so called Big Bang, the probability of making a single 150 protein for the motor bushing by random would be around 10 to the power 75, larger than all the seconds since time ever began....and we have not started building the motor which hasover20to30 protein types, plus genes of code for regulation, and the 2,000amino acid sub unit protein for the tail, that must be precise to within 0.8 nano metres to work, that's the size of molecules....

Only an Intelligent Designer builds motors, and God has made a motor that far surpasses anything man has come up with....

Teach that to our Science children, our God is an awesome God....


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I could not agree more Rob. And as you say some around here also have these tendencies. It seems mainly because they have a problem with one or other teaching of the church.

These two little girls help answer one of the questions that has troubled many people about the Bible. If there was just one man and one woman at the beginning then where did all the ‘races’ come from, with their ‘different skin colours’? Remee and Kian prove that it is simply a matter of genetics—with the right genes, all the different complexions can appear in one generation.

What I find from this is, the white man is a mutated change from the normal copper brown attributes of man...

How many mutations mankind lives with is amazing...its not evidence for evolution but for creative intelligent design ...Jesus put so many redundancies in the genome that if one system fails, the other takes over....Praise GOD for a wonderful system of living....


Yes Rob

A whole new barrel of questions about the inheritance of traits

In Mendelian inheritance, a child receiving a dominant allele from either parent will have the dominant form of the trait. Only those that received the recessive allele from both parents present with the recessive phenotype. Those that receive a dominant allele from one parent and a recessive allele from the other parent will have the dominant form of the trait. Purely Mendelian traits are a tiny minority of all traits, since most phenotypic traits exhibit incomplete dominance, codominance, and contributions from many genes.

The recessive phenotype may theoretically skip any number of generations, lying dormant in heterozygous "carrier" individuals until they have children with someone who also has the recessive allele and both pass it on to their child.

Yes Elijah you are correct, for two copper brown parents are dominant and the white tone recessive, so its rare to get that allele. It would have taken, many generations until further white tones were also born as recessive. then during the years one parent of white tones married another white tone, forming a stable white tone variant.

And to think arrogantly white toned people think they are proved here.

In likewise cases the black tones are also mutations of skin colour, the gene for melanin is switched on.

Re 1:15 And his feet like unto fine brass copper,

I think the metal here is more likely copper. A reddish brown colour the same Adam was made from.

But one thing is certain, it's not white....


Yes Rob

That fine brass colour will most likely be the dominant. I just heard a sermon from Kenneth Cox speaking about this Fine Brass he said that in those days they had a alloy of gold silver and copper that made this fine brass. In our day we do not see anything like that so to see this would be most impressive.  

Interesting alloy Pastor Cox speaks of Elijah....

I was listening to a video on a scientist called Howard. He is rather boring and obviously an evolutionist... he speaks of the bacterial flagellum as a random travel with when it turns as a biased random walk, how mother nature over billion of millions perfected the movement of such things.

He speaks of the complexity of many things, yet doggedly clings to his pride namely the additional complexity in his stride....there are over 4 gene regulation sensors grouped in a hundred or so, the complexity is mind boggling, he talks weakly and rambling....they really have not explored everything....A little knowledge is a dangerous thing....

Some scientists have placed  gene insertions into "junk DNA sites" to see what happens, and notice such bacteria do not divide, they spoiling a single chain of DNA has terrible results. In fact mutations only spoil things, and cause death.

There is not a single example of mutations add more complexity to the DNA inheritance of the organism, only a devolving trend. Going downhill, with less information than before.

Many people see evidence but fail to see different conclusions despite the evidence? Why is that? How can we be blinded to bias? And we all see with filters over our eyes.

If bacteria had billions of generations of random DNA development, scientist can now make deliberate fine adjustments to DNA development rapidly....question is when we do this, does the bacteria then evolve with the added DNA code ? and Evolve? My answer is no. There is no natural mechanism for getting more complex code unless an intelligent Designer puts it there, that includes God, Man and Satan. Mankind  will soon develop terrible amalgamations once again, just as Satan did, to spoil God's handiwork and bring ruin upon us all. GMO is the beginning of such a curse upon the world.


Intelligent Design is everywhere, and GOD is trying to wake us up out of sleep !

If you are not following the awe of GOD design of the nano-scale molecular motors within your body, you are following the god of forces in Daniel 11, a different god unknown before other gods, that is the gods of secular materialism, known today as evolution, the god of humanism.

And this god is even among SDA people, especially when we do not care about our bodies, our health and the food we eat.

Indeed you cannot have a spiritual life unless your physical life is also healthy and well.

Our bodies are running down because we live with mutations every day...DNA mistakes are slowly causing us to die, it is a real living death, the daily decline of our living machinery, and most people do not care....

How can you pray if you nerve cells are starved of food nutrients they need to empower that prayer ?

How can you speak if your thought processes are swamped with drug chemical's the liver has never seen before in the history of Creation ?

We cannot be effective Christians unless the nano-scale quality of our lives is also improved...

and that means learning to improve the very life style our DNA needs for ongoing living....

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, crafted with machinery to take over our living if another machine fails, but how much disregard we place upon the body by our careless disregard for the living temple of the Holy Spirit.


Thank you Rob very good valid points indeed.

I just stuck me when I read your quote from King David How we are fearfully and wonderfully made. One wonders if David was given a vision about that, because his words have even now a greater meaning than they had only a 100 years ago.

God  Bless Rob and have a great 2015  

Every day we experience living death because we either make more DNA mistakes or less DNA mistakes, the choice is yours. How much death you experience today depends upon what you eat today. Much of the mutation effect depends upon which fragments of DNA enter our body helping the cells to live properly...when we eat plant foods we get their DNA fragments naturally inside our cells and these help us with making less DNA mistakes.

BUT if we eat foods without plants, or plants with mineral deficiencies those poorly designed plants with poorly structured DNA fragments destroy our DNA making more mutational changes. For example broccoli is good right ? Yes, but not if its cooked for hours on end in some bain-marie is it healthy? No, the heat has destroyed all plant DNA and your eating cancer fragments thinking its healthy. Most people instead eat junk food, with poisonous chemicals in them, GMO fragments of DNA human calls have never seen before....

SO why do we age ? Because the cells have lost the correct information, the 3D proteins is made only 3 months ago, but its not the same protein shape you had as a child, the shape has changed because the DNA no longer knows what the correct shape is any's been lost....that's why we age....lost information...

When God said the day we ate the fruit we would dying die, He spoke truth....every day we eat poor food, we are daily dying every day just a little bit until our body cells run into a catastrophic break down and collapse immediately with a heart attack.

How do we stop ourselves from dying every day ? By living a life as the Holy Spirit wants us to clean and pure as we can....away from the cities of pollution....into the country where pollution is less....that alone will increase our health an decrease our daily death rate....


For those interested I have placed some research on ID on my website now

What is sad, is the complete lack of interest in our old landmarks, Genesis.

If you don't have a strong Genesis, you don't have a strong salvation and a strong urge to oppose Sunday law coming

The discussion is also found on other website here : -

I would really enjoy some SDA comments though, rather than others....I have yet to have even any comments regarding my work of witnessing in this area....

Sure we can rely on others doing the Bible study...but is that how salvation works ? How are you getting strong in Genesis ? Can you support your faith when Sunday Law comes ?



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