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Hi all,

Over the past few months, we have been looking at the role Adventist Online plays in spreading the Good News of the Advent Message to the world.  We looked at the way that Adventists were interacting with, supporting, and connecting with other members here.  We looked at if we were being a positive witness to visitors and our own members.  We looked at the overall impact of our mission to determine if this was a project that we should continue spending money on.

Our decision was that YES, Adventist Online is something that is valuable to many, many people and has brought much joy and connectedness into the lives of our members.  We have seen our members faiths strengthened.  We have seen beliefs change as members learn more of what Scripture tells us.

We also know there is room for improvement.  We need to treat each other with the love of Christ at all times.  We especially need to show the love of Christ to those that do not believe as we do.  Nothing will soften the hearts of those who may be clinging to false beliefs more than being exposed to Christs' perfect character reflected in us.  To achieve this we will be calling on all members to post prayerfully at all times.  We will also be taking a more active (and sometime public) role in correcting the behavior of our members.

Now to the financial support part.  During the time when we were evaluating whether to keep Adventist Online active on the web, we had many members contact us to express their support.  They asked for ways in which to support this mission financially.  We have never sought donations or support.  But with this outpouring of kind words and offers of donations, we decided to reconsider.  We came to the conclusion that if we could use donated funds to improve the site and increase it's reach, we would begin accepting donations.  We have been working on ways for members to support Adventist Online.  Here is our tentative plan.

We will offer the ability for members to give donations to us via PayPal.  We will NEVER require members to pay to access any feature of our site.  Donations will always be voluntary and will never give that member any extra priviledges.  We will have two tiers of support: 1.  "Supporting Member"  This is any member that sends us a donation.  It can be a monthly subscription or a one time payment.  Any donation given will be used to support Adventist Online.  2. "Online Outreach Plus"  This category of member is for those that wish to not only support the costs of hosting and maintaining Adventist Online but also wish to support outreach to grow our membership of Seventh-day Adventists.  This category of member will give a minimum of $7 per month to support our mission.

We will put an icon on the profile picture of members that support Adventist Online at least once per year.  Here are examples of those icons.

A "Supporting Member" will look like this:

An "Online Outreach Plus" member will look like this:

(If a member wishes to support us but not have this small icon on their profile picture, we will be happy to honor that request.)

Let us know what you think.  Does this sound like a good plan to you?  What value does Adventist Online bring to your life?

Blessings and prayers,

Clark P

Adventist Online founder

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Two things I would like to know.  Just what are the expenses involved in such a site? 

Second, can donations be sent other then "Pay Pal"?  Such as a PO Box or something? 


Thanks and may God bless.


Maranatha :)


PS  How come if someone contributes, your picture has to replace theirs? TIC ROFL


Ray said:

"PS  How come if someone contributes, your picture has to replace theirs?"

LOL!  Well... upon further review, you may have pointed out a major flaw in the plan.  ;-)

"Just what are the expenses involved in such a site?"

Costs to run the site per month can vary a fair bit:  On the low end, it is less than $100/month to pay for the domain / platform / hosting.  That's enough to keeping everything online and functional.  I spent much more in the early days to get the site built, customized, and promoted.  But I don't think I've ever spent much more than $300 in any given month.  I usually spend somewhere in the middle.  The additional costs are advertising costs, web production tools (software etc.)  Funds received in excess of our fixed costs would go toward additional advertising and promotion.

"Second, can donations be sent other then "Pay Pal"?  Such as a PO Box or something?"

Yes, we can receive donations via mail.

But that brings up another point.  Adventist Online is not (yet?) a non-profit organization.  So we cannot issue tax deductible receipts for donors.  We also do not have a AO business entity... it's just me paying the bills.  I have been fine with that as I've paid all the bills in the 4.5 years of AO... but donors might feel uneasy supporting AO by writing a check to me personally.  So perhaps an additional part of our fundraising should go toward establishing Adventist Online as a non-profit organization.




It sounds like it is already a "non profit" organization, right?  Actually, I do not need the deductions, since as a senior citizen, my income is below the standard deductions allowed by the IRS.  So, an extra "deduction" is not really needed.  With all of the scams (and I am not suggesting you are), you know what I mean, I'm sure, I have become very wary about using my credit card on line.  I pass up some seemingly good deals, for that reason.  I would like to help out a little, but I'd be more comfortable sending a check, OK? 


(Actually, your picture is an improvement in my situation, I just do not want to be accused of false advertising. LOL)


Maranatha :)

How hard is it and how long does it take to set up as a non-profit?

Suggestions for those who are led by the Holy Spirit to contribute financially is great; at the same time, I am uncomfortable with the "recognition" on the avitars.  To me that can be perceived as coercion for those who either are not impressed to financially contribute--or are not able to.  There are enough things that separate us here at AO....I would rather the giving be private, as Jesus told us to.



We agree on that point.


Maranatha :)

has anyone ever read DR. SUESS's STAR BELLY SNEETCHES

LOLOL!!!!! MFG....this is an excellent example of what I am concerned would happen....LOVE DR. SEUSS!=)

Its a great idea brother Clark P. For sure this site has been and is a great blessing to me. Among people who wish this site every success in Jesus Christ I am not spared. Brother Clark, can't there be any other means of paymemt apart from paypal?
Earnest prayers that God may forgive, bless this site win as many souls to Christ as possible and long live.

May God bless you.

Hey Clark,

Please give us an update on how to support AO financially. I'm not seeing a PayPal link. Also, I would like to place an Ad in the space provided that says...

I own an online and wholesale business that sells activated charcoal / carbon. We are also members of ASI.

Thanks, David

Greetings Clark

Does this idea of support function nowadays?

The cost seems especially high ? Why is that ? My website is hosted on Go Daddy located in California in the USA, and costs about  $7 per month I think, I paid around $150 for hosting and domain registration for up until 2024. My only restriction might be the contention ratio of simultaneous hits per second to the site...I range from 50 to 150 hits per day, and I think the hosting plan can handle up to 100 hits per second.

I would suggest moving the site to a cheaper host...or alternatively hosting the site yourself from a quad server, and a fast connection plan. For example my son pays for a $100 per month fibre connection, and uses it for his phone calls anyway in Australia for 25c per call talk as long as you like, anywhere in the world for $1 per minute, serving the Internet blindingly fast speeds are around 2,5MB per second about 1000 faster than my connection. So he has phone, www, and hosting all on this one plan. The connection hires out www hosting to customers who are guaranteed an impressive speed, and limits to ten websites only. That alone pays for the hosting bill, and the bandwidth for a website is enormous....A computer geek could set this all up for you, my son uses 486 computers running 5 of those machines together like a single mini main frame all  on Linux, so the system Is  has RAD, the hardware costed him hardly don't need a fancy setup.

Either of these two options is way cheaper than yours, mine costs me about $7 / month, my Son's costs him nothing, all paid for by the 10 websites he hosts, and allows him blinding speeds for his own website.

Hope these help


Mr. Clark,

I met my wife seeking to be closer to Jesus on AO.  It has been good and I'm blessed to have her.  What a friend we have in Jesus rare case where online matchmaking works out for His glory and stays that way!


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