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We have posted Forum Rules and Guidelines. How can we improve these rules?

Our Rules and Guidelines (found from the drop-down menu on the Forum tab) are here:

They currently read:

"Site Rules and Guidelines For Use of Adventist Online:

1. Be loving. Discuss issues with Christ-like love for your brothers and sisters here.

2. Be truthful.  Do not mislead others.  Speak words that you have a basis for.  Do not speculate about suspicions.

3. No vulgarity or profanity in any form will be tolerated.  Threats of any nature are strictly forbidden.

4. Don't call names, make personal attacks, or use negative stereotypes against other people or groups of people.

5. No belittling of individual people, their character, their beliefs, or their motives.

6. Only rebut issues, NOT the people who write them. Do not negatively characterize others' positions or beliefs with your own value judgment. Simply state how you think the belief is wrong and what you believe the true interpretation is - giving your basis for your belief.

7. Don't put words in other people's mouths that they have never said. (This does not, of course, prohibit quoting their words from previous posts.)

8. Don't post in the public forum personal differences, arguments, old grudges, hearsay, or private messages.  No spamming discussion forum or chat rooms with off-topic, useless or repeated messages.

9. No spamming, soliciting money, commercial messages, or link farming. Commercial links / messages are only allowed on your own personal profile page. Members agree to not use any of the following ways to advertise, promote, or repeatedly link to any website: Comments, Chat, Videos, Photos, Groups, Blogs, Forum Discussions, Messages (both public and private), Member Name and Profile Picture. Members further agree to not use Adventist Online as a platform to invite Adventist Onlines' members to any other membership site.

10. Adventist Online is not a place to state your beliefs without accountability for their Biblical and/or Spirit of Prophecy basis. Do not stop the open exchange of ideas and the search for His truth by blocking or deleting comments to your blog entries, videos, etc.

11. Listen to, and cooperate with, moderators. Challenging the decisions/actions/inaction of moderator/s in the open forum is not acceptable behavior. Use the "Report an Issue" link located at the bottom of every page to address issues.

12. This is a site by Seventh-day Adventists for Seventh-day Adventists. We welcome all seekers of God's truth here. We believe that God will continue to reveal His truth to His people as time progresses. Thus we are constantly seeking a better understanding of God and His word. We welcome all that are doing the same. That said, if it becomes apparent that your purpose in being a member of this site is to promote a different agenda and/or sow discord among the brethren, your ability to interact with this site may be restricted.

13. Only one profile is permitted per person.  Only one person is permitted to use each profile.  Each profile represents one person (the account holder) and is not a separate unique entity.  The profile is the representation of the person who established it.  The person and their profile are one and the same.

14. If you ever feel justified for being negative or antagonistic toward another person... prayerfully see rule #1 and DON'T.


How can we improve these rules? What needs to be added or removed? Are any of these unfair? Do they discriminate against anyone? Thank you for your help, it is appreciated very much.

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Mr Clark

I have found of late many of my Pictures has been discarded with the comment that it contains errors and can not be displayed. Most of these pictures I have been using around here for years with no problem.

Question is there new guidelines for pictures and where can I find them?

Mr Clark

I now find that I can not send messages to my friends any more on the network. It seems like this feature has been turned of. Is this something temporary or is this now closed?


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