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Why are eating amalgamated food? Genetically modified food is killing mankind, as it did once during the pre-flood times when man was doing amalgamation with plants and animals and with humans. We are fast becoming as the days of Noah.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. How can we engineer food saying we are like god, with better production, lower costs and more benefits. There is no one benefit from God Move Over (GMO) foods, not one. zero. zilch !
You can recognize God Move Over foods, because nothing in Mother Nature eats the food. In other words bacteria do not spoil it....cut potatoes fail to brown within 10 minutes....its a God Move Over food....nothing like it every before created on earth...same goes with corn....feed non GMO and GMO corn to chooks and let them witness salvation to you, the human.... they know....



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Herbert and Keith

I don't need to think about what happens if you try to cure cancer....

I have a perfect example of a Scientist doing this using a different but effective means some years ago, in Western Australia, his name was William Holt.

He used microwave technology to bombard cancer cells and healthy cells near the localised tumour and found the low level of microwaves killed the cancer cells while sort of allowing healthy cells around the cancer cells to live. His technique was 60% successful, considering only 2 and 3rd stage cancer patients came to him with massive problems...not bad success rate for people told to go away get your life in order and die. He was so good that the Current Affair program on TV reported his success.

So what happened after that ? Well they (government) closed down his clinic, left a remnant running with nothing like William did, and sent him back to Scotland was he came from.

The Weimar Institute also has success and where do they work, ? Outside the USA.

So if I was to go to Loma Linda with some research to try out, costing them nothing really, they have hyperbaric chambers already and oxygen tanks, would they allow me with a willing patient to try out some experiments ?

No they wouldn't, and these people are SDA administrators presumably ?

As for external skins cancers, my wife and I remove them easily with no problems using medicines known in Roman times....

Why did you both post replies saying cancer cannot be cured ? Are you both saying Jesus who designed our bodies for living at least to 900 years old, did not also supply the necessary means for humans achieving this ? Sure UV radiation causes more mutations in man, so we should easily reach 150 years of so with improved nutrition, however the Bible says we can't reach 70 Years without special help and wisdom....

Its the quality of the living that's more important than its length, and since cancer is a daily living death we all live with, it makes sense to prevent it's spreading over our cells, than simply living anyway we please.

That means reducing our cancer foot print with sound healthy foods, water and fresh air. How many of us would embrace that life style change ?

Most people cured of cancer can't wait to go back to the fatty foods, beer and sugar they learn nothing from the experience....

Indeed most people learn nothing from Jesus power flowing through their lives either....and like to wallow back in the love of the world once more....

QUOTE" The medical community would surely welcome your knowledge. You should be making a difference and saving lives.

No.... medicine is all about making money....I suggest you watch and see the video, curing cancer inside and out...

as I have numerous times, it is packed with hundreds of quotes from scientists, doctors and medical institutions which do cure cancer, but are located outside the USA...because the FDA does not want their skills in the USA...hospitals make money from disease management, not making people well and healthy...




The hospitals endorsed by Ellen White had a myriad of problems. There was no perfection in them, and reformation and enlightenment was needed.

Hebert you are wrong...if the Loma Linda hospital practiced curing cancer as it should using hyperbaric chambers and nutrition rather surgery, chemo and radiation, than the FDA would attack us because we can cure cancer properly, and affliction would come and Jesus would have come a hundred years ago....

The reason why Jesus has not come is because as a Church we have trampled on the health message for fear of losing our licence and receiving jail time preaching a different health message.... The Spiritual neglect always follows the physical neglect !!!


Leon the problems you are speaking about has not their faults originating in E G White.

Anyway what would you care as you eat bacon and encourages others to do so as well.

It would be sad if your main problem with EGW was your love of bacon and pork products.  I know someone who rejects EGW because she is convicted of wearing tons of jewelry.

Ray and Helen Juhl of Middle River, Minnesota, founded Natural Way Mills in 1976. They fulfilled their dream of providing an alternative to the 20th century diet of additive-laden, processed foods. Natural Way Mills currently processes and markets ORGANIC, NON-GMO whole grains, flours, and cereals. They also do specialty milling.

The Juhls purchased a large grain farm near the Red River Valley of the North in 1954. Working with Jack Zachary, and experienced miller of many years from St. Paul, MN, the present mill was built and uses a unique process not used in any other mills. This secret system does the following two things: (1) keeps all the original nutrients, (2) produces a dryer product that extends the shelf life without adding preservatives.

The demand for Natural Way Mills products continues to grow, thanks to their excellent quality. Currently the products are being distributed across the entire United State, as well as several countries overseas.


Please support and pray for these wonderful people. 

What a wonderful company and milling place for organic non GMO wheat....thanks Raymond

How many SDA people support these Natural Way Mills products ?

Does the SDA church in the USA have health food factories like we do in Australia?

If we are not eating healthy, how can our spiritual life be healthy ?

Take a stand against GMO corn, canola oil and soybeans in the USA.....


Most of the SDA people in the area support the mill.  Plus they sell across the USA and have done some international work.   I hope some here who read this thread go the website.  

So do I Raymond

Does the SDA church in the USA have health food factories like we do in Australia?


Some good news for a change!

@ Raymond , is Ray and Helen Juhl of the SDA faith ?

How many SDA people I know these days who neglect the health message.


Ray and Helen Juhl are SDA.   


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