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Why are eating amalgamated food? Genetically modified food is killing mankind, as it did once during the pre-flood times when man was doing amalgamation with plants and animals and with humans. We are fast becoming as the days of Noah.
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. How can we engineer food saying we are like god, with better production, lower costs and more benefits. There is no one benefit from God Move Over (GMO) foods, not one. zero. zilch !
You can recognize God Move Over foods, because nothing in Mother Nature eats the food. In other words bacteria do not spoil it....cut potatoes fail to brown within 10 minutes....its a God Move Over food....nothing like it every before created on earth...same goes with corn....feed non GMO and GMO corn to chooks and let them witness salvation to you, the human.... they know....



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You make it sound David as if GMO foods are not common in the USA...I am surprised...the videos in Australia say GMO foods are in over 30,000 products in the USA, baby formula the worst, 60% of formulas foods are GMO, so we are killing our next generation fast...I am glad some states require GMO labelling, how effective is it ?

I note the lying in Australia...they say only GMO cotton and canola is here, but I know that to be false...local farmers says all bananas in Queensland are GMO and my wife found some GMO potatoes in her food work's easy to tell if foods are GMO...(1) your dog or cat will not eat it, (2) when cut is does not spoil, or (3) left alone in the window sill, nothing eats it or spoils it...

I have some wheat supposed to be mixed organic feeding to my chooks, but they do not eat it...why ? I am getting worried...have we developed GMO wheat too ?

We place too much faith in labels and do you know the industries label things truthfully ? Is there such a thing as an honest industry ?

I think it's time to grow your own....


Well, I have not bought any baby formula nor drunk any in quite some time!  LOL!  One of the worse is wheat because the grains blow from field to field, and it is very easy to get them mixed in with the other grains.  The two states doing the best are New York and California, but I think about 30 states have passed some form of GMO labeling, and now they are requiring vendors to label nutritional values of their food, sources, and whether or not it is GMO foods.  But you bring up a point, how do you know the industries label things truthfully especially in this age of bottom line mentality and profit is everything. 

I am always amazed that rich people and others think they can pollute the planet and damage it beyond repair, and somehow escape.  We are all in the same boat.  They just seem too stupid to realize that. 

Interesting account David...

This suggests about 4 states of the USA have labelling GMO, dated Jul 2014

"I am always amazed that rich people and others think they can pollute the planet and damage it beyond repair, and somehow escape.  We are all in the same boat.  They just seem too stupid to realize that"

I agree...why did the USA military used Uranium deplete warheads on Uraq and middle east war ? Causing nuclear damaged children for the next 10,000 years?

I think the dragon just does not care when it comes to butchering people...

Satan is the ultimate destroyer, not human puppets...He is going to destroy all known living things because He hates God...

If He knows He is going to die, He will cause us all to die with him...

Hence the destroyer destroying the earth, when Jesus comes...



I stand corrected.  Apparently, the number in my head was that of states considering, having ballot initiatives, or moving legislation to label GMO foods.  Apparently, Washington and Maine have it and the two on the ballot failed because of the millions of dollars that the food industry poured into the fight on the other side.

Beats the heck out of me.  Why do dentists put dental amalgam full of mercury, a known cancer-causing agent in people's mouths?  I think the US military, US police, and US security forces (CIA, etc.) seem to be totally out of control, creating foreign policy on their own, and committing acts in our name that the country regrets, but at this time is unable to rectify. 

Yes I would agree with your David, our right for basic freedoms is out of control...we no longer who live differently with  different ways of life and religion, governments no longer tolerate this...Why ? Some excuse that they want to control us ? Why ?

I don't think they have a reason themselves....I think Satan is deceiving the deceived....after all in the end of time non-Christian's fight Satan once they know real truth...

All my teeth, all the lose of them, I have only 4 left upstairs, is the result of poor dentistry and poor nutrition children on the other hand have no dentist attacks, and some are age there you go....the dentist attacks your teeth and makes the problem worse...

Well brother keep fighting the right for freedom...

I leave you with this range hens, capable of eating organic food and worms and fresh greens, protected from wild life and especially Government....How dare any Government power come and tell me how to grow my chooks, eat my own veggies and turn over my own soil....


Come on people why are SDA people so blind to the important damage to our health from GMO food ?

We should be protesting to our churches...

We should be getting the message out....

Instead silence....are we that we have a health message or not ?



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