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I have been hearing a lot lately of Christians, mostly Adventists, who are refusing to watch the new American Idol due to the inclusion of Ellen DeGeneres - a gay woman.

This puzzles me, so those who oppose her participation were OK when the panel was, still is, made up of fornicators? The show has had numerous gay contestants, Adam Lambert being the most recent one. Those did not matter but now there is a lesbian woman those people will boycott the show?

Myself personally I do not watch the show - it just doesn't interest me, but should we judge such people in such ways?

Now here is where many will bring up Sodom and Gamorrah as examples of Gods intolerance for homosexuality but I will remind you that not only was their sin that of homosexuality but something else. Many times I hear the story told of those cities when homosexuality is rebuked but the other sin is hardly mentioned - that being rape. The men of the city not only wanted to have sex with the stranger, angels, they were not giving the men, angels, the choice - they would force them, rape them.

Here are my thoughts on the topic of homosexuality - it is merely another sin, just like lying, murdering. A child born with a deformity such as a missing hand of whatever is no different than the true homosexual. Both are born with a body that has been deformed due to the influence of sin.

Now I am not speaking of those who choose to be gay - I truly believe some are really born with the desire for the same sex, not in a perverse sense such as Sodomites, but more so that it is their real nature - yes in other words a man born into a womans body and vice versa.

This is a rather new concept for me, I was one of those " gays are going to hell" types but recently this issue has been bothering me more and more - we are all born into a sinful nature, those born as homosexuals are merely another manifestation of sin.

I like Ellen DeGeneres - her comedy is clean and actually funny. She does not parade around like a lot of gays do, in other words she has some class.

But that aside - how should we interact with ones like Ellen or others?

If they are truly born this way the idea they can merely change would be almost the same as saying a heterosexual should just love the same sex - could you?

We know he cliche's about how God is against the homosexuals but they are also His children - how should we interact with them, if at all?

Gods peace

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Even homosexuals know that they are going against the law of God. They just choose to do so like some husbands ( or wives), even in the church, choose to cheat on ther spouse, even though they know it is wrong in the sight of God. God says it is wrong so we shouldn't allow our minds to accept it because of how popular it is. At the same time, we shouldn't set ourselves up as gods and try to punish them. God is the ultimate Judge.

I have not watched American Idol for years, I think. Really not my interest. However, I do watch Suzie Orman sometimes - and she is homosexual. I used to watch and enjoy her show before she said she was such. Last year, I called her up - as a fan- and sent her a book. I don't know if she read it.

Let's pray for the restoration of peace and harmony on earth - eternally.
Amen Melinda,
That was why I posted this - we know the homosexual actions are are a sin, but how are we Christians to interact with them?

Sure we can just leave them alone to die in their sin, then we are also guilty of sinning are we not? I in now way condone homosexuality, but I think this issue needs to be worked out in each of our minds, without hatred of judgement.

Gods peace

Homosexuality a sin at the top of the list ( in the top 5 or so )>  As soon as Gay Marriage is legalised in the World, then the Cup of our sins will be overflowing , and God will come



[The 1977 annual council of the seventh-day Adventist Church voted that “gross sexual perversions, including homosexual practices, are recognized as a misuse of sexual powers and a violation of the divine intention in marriage. As such they are just cause for divorce.”—General Actions, p. 10. Reasons for which a person may be disfellowshipped from the Seventh-day Adventist Church include “homosexual practice and other perversions.”—Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual (revised 1986), p. 162.]



Sodom’s Sins Today—We are not ignorant of the fall of Sodom because of the corruption of its inhabitants. The prophet has here [Ezekiel 16:49] specified the particular evils which led to dissolute morals. We see the very sins now existing in the world which were in Sodom and which brought upon her the wrath of God, even to her utter destruction.—The S.D.A. Bible Commentary 4:1161. {TSB 120.2}


Impurity is today widespread, even among the professed followers of Christ. Passion is unrestrained; the animal propensities are gaining strength by indulgence, while the moral powers are constantly becoming weaker.... The sins that destroyed the antediluvians and the cities of the plain exist today—not merely in heathen lands, not only among popular professors of Christianity, but with some who profess to be looking for the coming of the Son of man. If God should present these sins before you as they appear in His sight, you would be filled with shame and terror.—Testimonies for the Church 5:218. {TSB 121.1}


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