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How hard it is to break into any circle to get support for your music!!!

I joined this group and posted a question which no one answered.

Seems to be a pattern: I am the only person in my family in the church, so when I want to produce an item, I cannot get together with family members to do something. I have no position in the church in regards to music so that people would need to co-operate with me and work with me.

I watch people who said they would help continue to work with their families and other people of their own choosing, forgetting what they had said. I nearly gave up on expecting any help from the church... I was once in a group which folded and 10 years later, no progress...

Time is passing and it is years since I wrote  my first song, so I wonder why God has given me this ability...

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I am a School Counselor, but I also am a Manager for Gospel/Christian Artists.  Consider looking to other Christian venues and persons who are not necessarily Seventh-day Adventists to support and launch your music ministry.  Jesus stated that a prophet is not accepted in his (her) own country.  Sometimes it is the support and affirmation of others that God uses to take you to the next level.

Can speak more about this later.... :)

Hi Sarah. Nice to meet you. Thank you very much: it is encouraging to hear your thoughts. It is a breath of fresh air and thank you for your suggestions.

I look forward to speaking again. :)

I'm going through the same thing right now. How social are you--as in social media? Do you have a Youtube at least? I know know social media has helped me a lot, and I'm still trying to learn how to navigate it all more effectively.

Hi Destinie.

Thank you very much for the reply. It is nice even being able to discuss it. Is that a guitar in your picture? I am glad to hear social media is helping. I am just starting out on that road. So, we are in a similar situation... Do you have some videos on Youtube? Maybe we could pray for each other.


Yes, that's a guitar in my picture and yes I have a youtube: and I also have a tumblr--two actually: one for writing and one for music stuff. And praying for each other is a good idea! 

Hi Destinie,

I am not sure whether you are around any more. I saw this quote and thought of you. It applies to anyone who is in situations like we were discussing:

"If you are called, God will make a way. Either where you are or through a change of circumstances. Follow (God); respond to His invitations. With Him, there is no stopping you".

Eldrege et al.

Keeping an open mind, going forward and seeing how God chooses to work!

Thanks for this! I definitely am putting my trust in to make a way wherever that way will lead. In other news, I've recently created a fb page and released a demo:

It is hard if there is no one to collaborate with, I am in agreement there and there is no easy solution. Some people write but do not play instruments and vice versa. Are you a singer, musician or a lyricist?
Do you have a musical style you write for, such as hip hop or country as this helps others to understand your situation.
Where approximately!!! are you located, this could help.

Do you use SoundCloud or other sites to air your compositions or spoken word, do you have Skype and YouTube which are excellent collaboration tools?

Basically more info is needed if you stand any chance of getting the right assistance.

Sabbath Blessings Christo.

I would like to talk privately as I prefer to remain anonymous. I hope you will see if I send you a private message. 

I appreciate the reply: thank you very much.

Destinie, I wonder if there have been any developments and pray things get better. I am sure God will bless and use you as you continue to persevere. 

I do not use Soundcloud because I did not know much about it and have been reading things recently which suggest it might be exploitative.

For Youtube, I wanted to be more fluent with my playing so I have not posted often but have posted something which I have started to record.

I try not to place my musical style in any boxes and to make my songs different from each other where possible, therefore I find it difficult to align myself with one. Each song would have to be heard.

I do have Skype.

Cristo, I looked at your picture and believe I may have seen you before.


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