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How many men are truly sincere in this site to seeing their partner to be?

Sorry to all i just only curious......How can we save our hearts from the heartbreaks? How can we trust again?

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Hmmm... I actually dont know about it but personally speaking I had few times heartbrearks from some men here. And I do hoe that it won't ever happen again.

sis it wont happen again if no more man playing the women's heart...if they are strong to stand they words...:)


I agree with you Lois.

Tthanks for your strong agree sister Dior. Men are looking for they own benefits from their partners. For the ladies, if they are the mine, Real love is enough with out measurements, without just really enough. But sorry sis we are not the same....Men are from the other planets and our planet is not they same of their planet.

To you dear brother, you are the man, Jesus gave to woman and to protect... not to destroy her heart by pieces. Don't let general the women...I can say to myself that I never breaks any man hearts. I prepare to hurt than I hurts some1.

I dont feel sorry for myself for being left behind but to them who left me because of another woman and in fact, many of them regretted it when it was too late. I said that I hope it wont ever happen again to myself to be left alone.

Because of man's fickle and shortsighted nature, God has explicitly defined what is good and evil in His law, and the evil that is defined is sin. It may not be immediately obvious to mankind that burning incense to the Queen of Heaven causes harm because mankind is shortsighted enough.

Mankind may not see the harm in a "little white lie" (Exodus 20:16), but the One "who inhabits eternity" knows that truth and life are inextricably linked. When falsehood enters in, so do defilement and ultimately death.

Humanity may not be aware of the harm caused by coveting (Exodus 20:17), but the One "who knows the end from the beginning" and who created the human intellect and human heart, knows that sin begins in the heart. The best way to stop sin at its source is to help mankind to guard his heart, before any sin can be produced.

Well said RSS.

Yes Pastor T. many men and ladies are deserved to be happy but sometimes they need to be wise how to handle it. I know that God is not blind to those broken hearts because God had just a reason to let them learn and deal some1. Pastor T, I think no one can escape for this broken issues but for me some ladies waiting the man can stand to their promise words, I want to leave a message for our ladies, be proud that men broke you than you broke them, because God change your heart, He can fix your hearts and souls if you are willing to give all to HIM. To those whose are happy heart breakers just leave it to our Mighty because He is our avenger.

Thanks for the beautiful experience Pastor. Breaking up with some boyfriends enrich me not to fall with the same mistakes again.

It's easy to lash out when someone's hurt you, spread rumors about you or misinformed others regarding you but ultimately God calls you to trust Him. Trust Him to set things right. Trust Him to justify your actions in the eyes of others. Believe that He will boldly lift you up even when others thought you were out for the count. Be silent, He will fight for you... trust Him

I was at the same drama few years ago here. I was able to stand still by looking and upholding my eyes to Jesus.


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