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It's been years since I have been a registered member of this website and it has been a clear fact that OFFSHOOTS are also registered here.

To clarify things further, those who are not under the the Seventh-day Adventist Church of the General Conference.

How should we react to them? Should we shun them? Should we befriend them? Their teachings are clearly oftentimes extreme.

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I still think he has some valid points, althought many errors as  well, I still have to give him credit for being partially correct. That still doesn't mean I agree with all his ideas.

Many of us have had dreams, but we don't go around thinking we are prophets.

Did you write this from your love of deceit or is it just plain Pharisaical judging? Earlier in this thread I wrote, "I am on record denying being a prophet. I assert that merely having inspired dreams and visions doesn't make anyone a prophet."

When you attack the church in general, without regards of prophetic writings from the SOP and the Bible, as to the wheat and the tares growing together, you then begin to lose credibility and your character is then in question.

I do not disregard the Spirit of prophecy and the Bible. Sister White herself prophesied against the Seventh-day Adventist leadership. And I don't dispute that there could be precious wheat mingled with tares in the SDA church. Even Babylon has God's people within it. Why must I repeat the obvious? Indisputably, Sister White prophesied that "the hidden ones" will be revealed to view during the shaking. Just because I don't know any exceptional Seventh-day Adventists that fit that description personally doesn't mean that they don't exist.

It's interesting that you're offended by my confidence about what the truth is. Maybe you're the one that needs to pray to have your closed-mindedness removed and to be enabled to receive whatever your bigotry prevents you from accepting.

Thank you Shubee for the links to your material....

In Revelation you present broad structures....three scenarios...

3. The First Scenario (Rev 6).
4. The Second Scenario (Rev 7-11).
5. The Third Scenario (Rev 12-18).

Quote"The second scenario was the possible end of the world during the Millerite Movement in 1844. That possibility was also canceled as foretold in Scripture. We are now in the third and final scenario.

Does this mean than Rev 7 to 11 is finished for the end of time, and the only application of Scripture for our time is Rev 12 to 18?

You seem to suggest that Hebrew people write events in chronologically time based order...? My understanding is Hebrew people write events based on block logic...not chronological time...

For example, the seven churches are about stages of church growth from Pauls time to our time, The seven trumpets are stages of war from Paul's time to our time...the end of time....

Re 7:3 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

The four winds are still being held in check aren't they ? The 144,000 sealed is still future isn't it ?

Interesting material to read, will read the others soon....


Let me ask a rebuttal in kind word.

How do you want members of the seventh day adventist of the general conference react to you being an offshoot?

The question was very simple, your answers were way too complicated and defensive. I'm simply asking on a personal level as to how SDA's should react to offshoots.

Should we shun you on every aspect of humanity or just not entertain you when it comes to doctrines and THEORY stuff.

This post isn't going anywhere especially anyone else calling people offshoots.

A good study about the Church:

With all sincerity Steffy I would like to apologize for the term offshoots. If you could provide me a term that may also define the same pertaining to people who left or who were cast out of the church for not being in harmony with its precept.

My goal of asking is this.

Are we to avoid them and not even greet them? Or just avoid them when it comes to church matters. How about if you see them at the market? Or one of them happens to be a friend of yours. In my case, one is a member of my choir in our university and we never engaged on debates but purely on music and nothing else.

So you see people react so differently here. And it's bloody messy. So the point is, should we abore them or just in the case of church matters?

yes offshoot groups is a reality. As a matter of fact some of these offshoots still attend our churches 


That is not a "good study about the Church".  It is twisted words.  It is an attack on the Seventh-day Adventist Church by an off-shoot.  Plain and simple.

Just because you agree with this off-shoot does not make it a "good study".


I already know about this verse zowi but thanks for bringing up this verse.

So anybody here who would like to elaborate? Should we shut our doors towards the offshoots? Or should we do otherwise?

Anymore ideas?

Since brother MB you want know how to deal with Jesus them there were plenty of main offshoots from torah teachings and Talmud teachings....there were Pharisees and Sadducees and Zealots, just to name a few of the main ones....Jesus was kind to them all, and saved some from all groups....

What causes an offshoot anyhow? Pride that is at variance with all Scripture, or just plain lack of knowledge...Martin Luther was sincere but He missed Sabbath teaching, that does not make his faith in valid, does it? Some offshoots, my sister is one, follow their stand since traditional Adventism is too backslidden for them so they feel better off on their own most times...why they feel this way, I don't know...didn't Jesus seek the lost among harlots and tax collectors?

Hope this helps




Good insight and Christ centered answer

As far as an individual having dreams, this is an important topic. IMO, their dreams could be induced by too much ice cream & TV before bed. There is no way for me to tell. If their dream was Holy Spirit inspired I believe this was meant for them, not everyone else, since there is no way to confirm the thing. 

There are many today who claim to have dreams and visions, including Catholic mystics.

Blessings to all in Christ Jesus.


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