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 Can any one tell me how to be a Real Christian?Because iam not yet Adventist ,i just want to know everything',any suggestion from the members'on how to be a real christian?All your opinions and suggestion can help me a lot',.thank you',..

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To be a real christian, we are to live the life Christ lived. Read the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible, to find out more about the life of Christ.  As christians we have trials and cannot live within our own means, we are to ask Jesus to help us and show us the way to live, because it is only Him that can give us the strength to live a christian life.  As you read His word, visualise yourself in that situation and through prayer ask Jesus to guide you.

Hope this will help you and it is also good to join a church of believers, pray and ask Jesus to direct you, as we are strengthened in the unity of believers.  God's will for us is to find Him and He will guide you if you are seeking the truth, His word is truth, so start there, with the word of God the Bible.

Will keep you in prayers, God bless

Hello Julie,

There is book called "The Desire of Ages" ...

... it takes YOU through, The Conflict of the Ages Illustrated in the Life of Christ...

written by Ellen G White

The complete book is available to you FREE at 

May GOD bless you on your journey


To be a real christian means to love Jesus. Who loves Jesus, holds his commandments (1. Joh 5,3). His commandments include the biblical sabbath and that day is today (at least here in Germany it startet 3 hours ago).

Happy sabbath and God's blessing to everyone!!



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