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pro and cons are they bad or helpful and what would u use to back up your stance ? without full page long drawn out speechs haha!
for instance in adventist youth programs their be many plays during the year and also I have seen them well done for vesper voice and 13th sabbath programs .
MANY I hear Disaprove of any kind of drama being done in the church soo that why I ask ? Clear enough or still murky like muddy water ? haha!

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What plays are seen in your church. Could you tell us so we can know what we are talking about?
There are skits, Christmas plays, puppet shows and other forms of preaching the Gospel in our churches. Jesus used papables to teach truths. I have seen people have an "aha" moment at many of these situations.

People learn in different ways: by hearing, reading, seeing, hands on. These things are an a way for many people to "get" an application of the Gospel in our "real time." They are not an emphasized part of our church, just another way to teach.
Good Point Sylvia. Jesus was one of the biggest users of humor through parables. Somehow ... ever since ... they have received a bad name.
Well, the reason is obvious! It's wrong to use teaching methods not explicitly mentioned as being used by Jesus in the Bible!

Of course, then one would have to question the idea of a preacher standing in a pulpit for an hour...
"aha", may mean that person was "entertained." Was there clapping afterward?

The SOP says otherwise. I prefer to can my own faulty judgment and go with the Testimony of Jesus.
I hope there was clapping. Praise God. I prefer to go with scripture rather than Billiterisms. Clap your hands all ye people ... Shout unto God with the voice of triumph.
Hi Murray,

To answer your question about plays, drama, and such, all you need to do is first consider where this will take place. For most churchs the only place available is the church sanctuary. The following must always be remembered when planning any activity.

First; The sanctuary is a place dedicated to worship the worship of God. It is His house.

Second; When in the presence of God reverance should always prevail. What may be completely acceptiable in another location, or outdoors, may not be appropiate inside the sanctuary.

Third; When in doubt about the propriety of the proposed activity always err on the side of caution.

Foruth; Combine the above with common sense and you will seldom make a bad decision.

Respectfully, your brother in Christ,
I see no reason why plays would not fit into the above. Do you?
I never said I personally had a problem with skits or drama for you have helping hands the mimes today that do excellent representation an I was involved for sooo many years with childrens ministry too. , Today though their many that take a hard line against anything that is not from the old school of teaching including music.
I well aware too that satan was the chief leader of the quoir in heaven and he has twisted music today too but to me as I look at the gospel presentation their is room for music ,skits, drama that be glorifying to the Lord also if it is set in the proper fashion in reverance.
when a Pastor tells a story or sermon we have to use our imagination to picture the story.
The same with most children's stories, and special music.
A play gives us the story visually, not to mention the wonderful blessings received by those acting in it.
If it helps people to better understand a principle, or love, that is very very good.
I believe the gospel cannot be transmitted through worldly mediums. It is the same with music.

It may seem all fun and entertaining to us, but God knows best, that is why he has given us counsel in Ellen White's writings. There is loads of guidelines about music, theatrics, plays, fiction, all those things. The Lord says it is not so good. In fact the counsel is, not a jot, not a tittle.


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