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I've been thinking with the things that are going in my life. I've decided that i'm going to leave the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I've decided that i'm fully rejecting the concept of god for good.. 

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whats wrong?

No matter what you do, you cannot avoid God. Once you have can never totally rid yourself of Him.The problem is not God Gabriel, it is with you..making a conscious decision to try to reject what you once believed..nothing will change..God will still be the Creator, He will still love matter what you say or do. Most who try to do what you are will still be in will see things happening sooner or later and you will remember what God said in the Bible.

Is it sin that you want to go and do? Is it problems that you think is God's fault? Whatever it is, you are allowing satan to fulfil prophecy again....taking another child away from God. No matter what...we can try to walk away...but nothing will stop the fact that we are free to choose to do what we want to do..for whatever reason..using whatever excuse or lie etc..but we are never free from the consequences of those choices.

I wish you all the best in whatever you choose. God loves you and so do I.

A very good reply Freedom. I would just like to add a text to that:

Heb 10:38 Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.

I always had a feeling you was not fully clear on what the SDA message is about. I suggest you read "Steps to Christ" for a start then "Desires of Ages" and after that the "Great Controversy" 


No need to scream Gabe, what makes me think you do not understand the SDA message is founded on what I have read in your posts. They seem to be filled with cares for this world and worldly self satisfaction. 


That's a pretty shitty thing to say.

I concur Mr. Heisenberg, but truthfully he is a complete asinine and mean spirited individual, who thinks he is so smart. No one with any sense would ever confide in him or go to him for counseling or deliverance, not only because of his attitude, but because of his complete arrogance and lack of understanding and total lack of pastoring or mentoring skills. or spiritual power, which he always attacks as demonic. In other words the True God is supposed to be on vacation and not cooperating with humans to bring God's power and deliverance into existence, according to the pontificating Elijah.

He puts words and beliefs in my mouth and stereotyping me as a "charismatic" Kundalini possessed slain in the spirit and snake handling idiot. He can't read what I have posted. JasonM comes in a close second in this category, along with Umraw who no longer deals with me, who called me a useless example of a human being or something to that effect.

I wonder if these creatures have actually helped anyone, really put out effort or money or compassion for anyone? I don't want to sound mean, evil or anything like that, but these people act like vipers. Some people disagree with my positions, but they generally are pretty decent and respectful in a Christian manner. I try to do the same, and compliment people when I can. I also help people that you never see and will not see.

I have many true SDA friends both here online and in person and by phone and email etc.

But these individuals attack even other SDA, anyone that is not up to their standards, whatever that is? God's standard is that if you believe by faith in Jesus Christ, Romans 10:9-10 says "thou shalt be saved." I guess that is not good enough for them. What God says is good enough for me.

You do the same thing you accuse others of doing even in the same post. You are amazing...
He is an ass by his attitude. Paul called people out by name who were hurting other people, or hindering the Gospel. SDA people here are shocked at his behavior. Why do you agree with him?

Meaning you are equal to Paul in your own estimate yes??? 

Far from being equal to Paul. You assume again, tell me what I think.

When the love of God is manifested with the power of God, and a person gets healed. Delivered, saved, or even raised from the dead by the true God working in a believer to do those things, and as directed by God; God gets glorified, because it shows the heart of God.

As well as everything else you got a spirit of bondage and do not know what liberty in Christ really is. The demonic activity is increasing dramatically, CERN and other portals are opening up to let the demons imprisoned in another dimension out to cause stealing, killing and destroying on a massive scale never before seen other than perhaps just before the flood.

Believers who have faith and knowledge of the 9 manifestations will not have it easy, those of you that don't believe and knowledgeable and practiced in that area will not have much of a chance?

You better get right doctrine, clean out the demons and be meek to the spirit.
You don't want to be off guard and unprepared!

Men's hearts will fail them for fear. There will be nephilim (giants) and horrible hybrid creatures and mark of the beast system with killing robots and devastation, pestilence, wars, famine and disasters of all kinds .


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