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I'm an Adventist, I have a fellow SDA friend who was invited to attend a wedding on Sabbath. What's the biblical stand on this?

Please note:

-- There's missing church services to attend a friend's wedding.

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Some interesting comments. let's review them.

First you said:
"In the strictest sense the Sabbath is for teaching and learning about God. Can we delight in that?"

I would hope so. Likewise when I went on a date with a girl. I went for the primary purpose of getting to know here.

One lady invited me to dinner one evening. She was the dietian at a large big city hospital, so I figured I was in for a treat, which I was. We ate, visited and I left. (She lived next door to where I was staying.) She never asked me again, and I never asked her out either. There was nothing between us at all, other then just casual friendship. We learned enough about each other that one date to know that we were on two different tracks that did not run parrallel. That was in 1963 and that casual friendship has lasted up to today, as I got an e-mail from her just a few hours ago.

We both married. I married a lady who roomed with her shortly after our date. The man she married was a minister, and I also became a minister. I arranged for him to be called to the Oregon Conference and he and I became very close friends. Then my wife passed away and shortly after he passed away. We are still just casual friends, some 47 years later. But, I know a whole lot more about her now then I did then, and almost all is good. After all, if she had been perfect, she would not have invited me over for dinner, don't you see! LOL

So too with the Sabbath. It is an opportunity to have a weekly date with God for the purpose of getting to know Him better.

Then you said:
"It, above all days, is not a time to focus at all on man, and anything that would seem to remove in reality, the focus or even threaten to do so should be guarded against. This is ancient Adventism."

Being ancient adventism does not make it right. However, I partially agree. However, I am not exactly sure what you meant by: "not a time to focus on man." In fact, the process of getting acquainted with anyone involves both people placing their life out for examination. IF the "focus on man" is deleted, there will not be any "getting acquainted." In fact, Jesus said that the Sabbath was in fact made for man. On Sabbath, at least 50% of the sermons one hears, and this is not bad, is focused on man. (Well, once in awhile on women too. LOL) For God's focus is on how to make human beings into His nature. So, if there is no focus on humans, the Sabbath hours are wasted. Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. The Sabbath is made for man's enjoyment and benefit. The whole focus of the Sabbath is on man and how humans can develope a realtionship with God and become like HIm.

Then you wrote:
" . . . . .even the regular church service in the average North American SDA on Sabbath morning has some of the same disrespectful elements, and this may be in part why today, to many, the other does not seem so bad. We have somewhat, if not to a great extent lost the concept of coming before a mighty God with the greatest of care. We are often casual. This cannot be reasonably denied."

You will not get one note of disagreement from me on that one. So, I'll move on, before I write a 30 page book on that topic. G

Then you wrote several other things, which I agree with, but then you said:
"To wit: When have you ever seen a "properly conducted wedding"? The whole focus of the day, if we be honest (with the cake, the presents, the "look at her dress" etc), is on the couple and not the Lord."

I guess, I would have to respond with: "I do not recall ever having attended a wedding that was not "properly conducted." No matter which day of the week it was on. In fact, this wedding of my young friend, was conducted in as sacred of a manner as any church service I have been to. You referenced the cake, presents and "her dress." So? Do you not attend church potlucks? If not, let me know so I can come and have your share. TIC LOL As for "dresses." That is one of the more common complaints about church is dress. Either some feel it is to formal, too casual, too showy, too rough, too, too, too. At least all brides, well almost all, wear white and almost all grooms wear either black or a dark color. Colors that would be very much approrpiate in church. In fact, the wedding dress my be more modest and sacred then some outfits I have seen. Well, I looked once then did not dare look again. That is if I wanted to survive until I got home. Other women note those outfits too, especially wives. G

No, Walt, you struck out big on that argument. G

In fact, I will digress becasue you did. LOL See, it is all your fault. G I have been more ashamed of some church services I have attended then that or any other wedding I have attended, by a whole long way.

One Sabbath I went to the largest campmeeting, at one time, in the USA and I almost turned around and left. The music coming from the youth department could be heard all over the camp ground and it was nothing short of acid rock.

Being an electrician, I was very tempted to do some electrical work on the Sabbath, and I believe that God would have honored me for doing that work on the Sabbath. If you know what I mean. G I was not the only one who felt that way, for attendance at this camp meeting declined form the mulitple thousands in attendance, one of the largest in the nation, to being canceled. People just did not want to come and be insulted in that manner. So, they voted with both their checkbooks and their feet. And the conference still cannot figure out what happened. They blame it on the economy and everything else, but the real reasons. But, I am diverging too far now.

No, we fully agree that some so called worship services make any wedding I have attended seem like "High Church" in comparison.

You had no comment on the fact that marriage and the Sabbath were instituted at the same time. ????

Maranatha :)

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Hi Ray

"It, above all days, is not a time to focus at all on man, and anything that would seem to remove in reality, the focus or even threaten to do so should be guarded against. This is ancient Adventism."


-- "at all on man" is to say "on man's achievements apart from considering God's portion.

-- "ancient Adventism" refers to EGW as giving instruction from the Lord.

Yes, marriage and the Sabbath given about the same time. One was a day before the other.

No comment from you on:

"If it were focused on the Lord even in part, this "properly conducted" affair, by the type would say: "Here comes the Groom" or words to that effect, for it is the Lord that comes to receive His Bride arrayed in white, and take her to His Father's house."

Is the ceremony as generally conducted "pagan", or at least against the truth? Where did the order of events generally accepted, come from?

Just because something looks sacred, does not mean that it is.

Take Care


You make an interesting point, one I have not seen before. Yes, the focus is far too often on the bride, I agree. But, I guess, with my disposition, I find that the brides are always easier to look at then the goom. TIC LOL

However, in spite of that good point, there is, in my estimation, an even better one. What does our attendance say to the ones who are getting married?

See, I hold myself to a much higher standard then I hold those up to who make no profession of belinging to God.

At the wedding that I spoke of, a dear Adventist lady, who had known the entire family much longer then my wife and I, was, of course, also invited. Even her travel expenses were offered. She declines becasue the wedding was on the Sabbath. While the couple are very understanding people, as I listened to them talk, that declining to be at their wedding did not go over very well. It certainly did not show the love of God in that person.

Now, I am not judging that lady. I am only analyzing the circumstances and the responses those choices elicited. Besides, Jesus had this to say:

"And he said to them, "Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or to kill?" But they were silent." Mark 3:4 (ESV)

So, I guess my conclusion is: "Is it right to do good on the Sabbath?" Is rejoicing with a couple on the most important day of their life, doing bad? I am as sure as I can be that God was there on that beautiful Sabbath day under the desert sun, just as He was at the wedding in Cana, that He furninshed the wine for. And a better wine then the host could imagine. If Jesus can furnish wine for a wedding, if Jesus can furnish fish to eat, if Jesus can interupt funerals to bring happiness, if Jesus can defend women caught in the very act of adultery, His closest female friend, at that. Then I somehow do not beleive that He was abscent from that wedding on the Sabbath. I certainly hope not, for I had the scripture and prayer and somehow, I am quite sure that God heard that prayer.

Even if they did say: "Here comes the groom." TIC LOL

Maranatha :)
Hey Walt, You hit the nail on the head. I was brought up in the church and when I was a child my parents left it for many years. I recently Begin attending again in another state from where I was brought up and I am dismayed at what I see sometimes. Everything is about feelings, the praise teams shouting and screaming while the whole congregation sways and claps as the music pounds. The clothes that some people looks more like Sodom then a house of God. I don't remember that kind of thing when I was attending over 15 years ago. I wonder how much longer the church can last? There needs to be a major revival of the truths that our pioneers lived by.
As for going to a wedding on the Sabbath, I don't think that it is wrong as long as the wedding is conducted in a manner that would please God. I don't think that I need to go into any detail on what that means.
One last thing, how many are aware of the pagan roots of many of the traditions that occur on weddings?

You are not the only one who is offended by such goings on in church. This week I was reminded of a passage that I had known, but forgotten. It is this:

"Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!"
Psalm 46:10 (ESV)

Worship is more about being still and listening to God then these grand, heathen exhibitions. On more then one occasion, I have conspicuiously walked out and remained out until the devil's music ended.

Then this passage came to mind.

"And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, "Peace! Be still!" And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm." Mark 4:39 (ESV)

Will you pardon some very bad exegesis?

1. Wind - loud sensless noise.
2. Sea - a symbol of people groups.
3. "Peace be Still" - Shut up.

Need I say more? LOL

Glad you found your way back. This is still God's church, in spite of it seeming to have fallen. It will not fall, but the sinners in Zion will be shaken out. Those who are shouting and singing today, will be the ones running to the Sunday churches when the death decree is passed for worship on the Bible Sabbath. And that may not be very far in the future. However, only God knows when.

Happy Sabbath!

Maranatha :)
The short answer is no. Why would you want people working for you on Sabbath?

Who are the people that are working?  I mean.. are not the pastors paid to be the pastor? And don't they preach to us every Sabbath? (as well as perform other services to their congregation?)

I  have actually witness a Sabbath wedding.  It was short and simple and done after normal church service.  There were NO elaborate decorations. The Bride had on a nice dress (nothing to fancy), but very nice, and the groom had on his uniform.  All members of the church were invited to witness the quick ceremony and the church photography took a couple pictures and pot luck followed in the basement.

I also had a cousin from the South that had a very simple wedding after normal Sabbath Services.  It was along the same concept.  Nothing extra fancy (as for decorations) and she wore a nice dress.. her husband... a nice suit and those members who wanted to stay did and potluck in the basement.


In this instance, no one was working and I don't see any difference in a Simple wedding, or a baby dedication, or a baptism. 

just saying.


Angie :)




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