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satan's fires- stories; when God... victims... are blamed vs
Churches on fire and in revival                                                             what happens when satan feels threatened

Sabbath Revival- Jeremiah Davis

-Amish conversions to Adventism, and ministering to the Amish
Sabbath 5-12-2018 | Testimonial ~ Andy and Naomi Weaver

Too many excellent choices- editing from previous collections-           entire media player from one computer is missing                               media player from the other simply, suddenly stopped working            some files also appear to be missing, but replaceable
unfortunately, on this page one must wait at the very top of                the page for advertisements to stop- then click play                             these are excellent because they offer learning choices only-          children will gravitate to those games that are less beneficial        contrarily, children who are misbehaving, would prefer to be learning   projects improving more and more since my nanny years                    -sleepless days and nights worth it

Same old usual haunts, halls, and plays                                           don't inspire the same paths-

Links and saves-

John 5:39 KJV
Some search the Scriptures for eternal life...                                   Some read the Scriptures.


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