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Josiah's father was Amon, a young man who "trespassed more and more" (2Chron 33:23). But Josiah's father reigned only two years, and then he was assassinated in his own house. (Being about 24 years old. (2K 21:19, 2Chron 33:21)). The extent of the debauchery to which Amon had allowed himself to go, might be seen in the fact that when he died, he left behind an 8 year old child. That child, of course, was Josiah. How old was Amon when Josiah was born to him? Amon was no more than 16 years old. Children having children? A recipie for disaster? Absolutely, a recipie for disaster, unless God finds room to work, and brings light out of the gross darkness.

We know little about Josiah's mother apart from her name. She was "Jedidah, the daughter of Adaiah of Boscath. (2K 22:1) There seems to be no indication of age or morality. Her role in the upbringing of Josiah, must, it seems, remain unknown. But now another element looms large...

"And the servants of Amon conspired against him, and slew the king IN HIS OWN HOUSE. And the people of the land slew all them that had conspired against king Amon..." (2Kings 21:23-24)

Josiah's father was assassinated when Josiah was 8 years old. Was Josiah present in the house at the time? This would seem more than likely ! Might the young boy have seen the carnage? We cannot know for sure, but again, this is entirely possible. And of course a young boy, witnessing such a violent act in his own home, would be deeply affected. Unexpected/unforeseen reactions might follow.

And who was it that killed his father, Amon? It was Amon's own servants that killed him. People he knew; people he trusted... People he trusted EVEN IN HIS OWN HOME. Did young Josiah know some of the assailants?

If Josiah did know any of them, then those people would soon be dead too.

The killing of Amon was [perhaps unexpectedly for the conspirators,] an extremely unpopular act. The people rose up and killed all those that acted a part in the crime.

This whole, terrible, episode may well have been a huge factor in turning Josiah AWAY from Satanic worship and influences.

But it should not be imagined that Josiah turned to the Lord when his father was killed. Yes, Josiah came to the throne when he was 8 years old (2Chron 34:1), but it appears that ANOTHER 8 YEARS PASSED before Josiah actually began "to seek after the God of David his father."

It was when Josiah was 16 that he devoted himself to God... quite amazing. If good seeds had been planted earlier, in his more formative years, then they seem to have remained dormant for a time.

2Chronicles 34:3 "... in the eighth year of his reign, while he was yet young, he began to seek after the God of David his father..."


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Thanks Stewart for message on Josiah,..... considering the baggage we all come with, it's a miracle God can work good with any of us, but He does, praise God for that, sinners and all....a scary thought, will I find faith on the earth, when I come?



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