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I have been made Increasingly aware that more and more of our ladies are wearing Lipstick of different shades, Nail varnish either on hands, feet or both and False nails on their fingers.

I want to know is there ever a time when this sort is acceptable for SDA Christian women?

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I don't know.  I prefer my women "natural" as my wife is.

You don't act like a man, is that why you responded?

I think you are both missing the point...  If Adventist women are now wearing lipstick, make-up, nail varnish etc. what is that saying about them & what they believe?  How can people in the world see a difference in us?  What are they/we teaching/promoting to the young girls growing up in our church?

What you said to the OP was abusive, I was merely reminding you of that.

Of course you don't.  However, you said he cannot have an opinion because he is of a different gender.  Anyone is entitled to an opinion.  Facts, on the other hand are facts.  However, you stated pretty clearly that because he was not a woman his opinion was invalid.

That is why I goaded you.

I really don't care about such things.  However, he asked a question.  Perhaps someone can give him an answer?

"I want to know is there ever a time when this sort is acceptable for SDA Christian women?" He did ask a question.

 There is not any that I can think of. Someone said that we need to know the motive of the person posting the OP. Why, unless they are clearly promoting a falsehood ? While painting our bodies is a symptom of a problem we can discuss this without necessarily talking about the the heart problem. The heart problem is the same for every digression so we do not need to necessarily talk  about the heart problem with every topic. 

Some would debate if painting our bodies is even wrong. If it is not agreed that it is wrong then some would say there is no underlying problem. 


Is it ok to get braces on your teeth? How about use soap that has a nice scent?  How about wearing a watch that costs more than a dollar from the dollar store.

The admonition in the scriptures (1 Peter 3:3-4 and 1 Timothy 2:9-10) speak of adornment with that which is unnatural.  It draws attention.

Wearing makeup to look healthy where it is unknown if one is wearing anything is fine but to use colours on the body to paint it up with red nails or blue eye shadow is not acceptable as it would fall in the category which Peter and Paul are referring.

I find it ironic how the BOTH of you were not acting like Christians in your responses to each other.

I believe they acted like human beings and its human its ok I do not have a problem with their argument. As long as they kept it cool which they did its ok.

"You don't look like a woman, so why do you need an answer?

This is typical of how this person instigates others on these forums.  This question was totally inappropriate as the poster had a valid question about things he believed to be sin according to the Bible and wants to know if others have info to share.

Nothing wrong with a man asking that question but there is something wrong with the returm question to him as the correct spirit is not there.


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