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I have been made Increasingly aware that more and more of our ladies are wearing Lipstick of different shades, Nail varnish either on hands, feet or both and False nails on their fingers.

I want to know is there ever a time when this sort is acceptable for SDA Christian women?

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You seem to be rather possessed with the red nails.


well God and His love toward men and women with red nails is a bigger enthusiasm than just red nails by itself

and i must have missed the posts about pigface pie and beer drinking

so may posts

so little time

( i keep my time on the internet short)

its a very  bad witness to  not have a life and always here

I was simply replying to your comment. You said you love the fire engine red nails. You would probably know best about what it means to be a bad witness.

By God's grace there was 52 hard cover books sold to non SDAs last week through ,my work as well as magabooks. Apparently I was not always here unless I have been given more talents  than I thought. By the way, how many books did you place in the hands of non SDAs  last week as a result of your good witness?

Meanwhile I am patiently waiting for  the highly educated one to indicate why he goes against the beliefs of the SDA chruch regarding the health laws and the New Covenant.

yes i love the red nails

love the pink and chartreuse and purple too

 You would,  ... I mean love all that artificial feminine adornment. 

Do you too believe that the New Covenant erases the health laws and the health message ? Do you believe that the cross did away with the need to abstain from unclean flesh like the mouse and the swine ?

 a contest of how many books we pass around?

with an insult?

#God bless you

 A good report following your insult because I am here refuting your friend and his false theology.

By the way, I did not just pass them around. They were sold to people who were convinced that the books are worth good money. Do you think that ?. Look as closely at posts as you do red nails. 

You said that those who spend quite a bit of time here are a poor witness. I was just wondering what you were doing as a good witness while I was out placing books in the homes of the people. 

i was talking about me and how I spend my time

( issued to be here all the time till aug of 2012)

I haven't been here for almost a month and have no idea who is on here all the time

its not good to be online all the time for everyone anyways

there are studies

and this thread has lots of posts and I was stating I have no time to look at them all and must have missed the pork and beer comments


I love to pass around our leaves as the autumn

refuting my friend?

I must have missed something


Kevin I ask Gods His highestt Blessings on your life


 God bless





Its a mockery of God to claim to be a Christian and be gay also.  If one is on here to share teh Truth that is fine but if one's purpose is to share opinion, you are wasting everyone's time.

brother you are

Its a mockery of God to claim to be a Christian and be gay also.  If one is on here to share teh Truth that is fine but if one's purpose is to share opinion, you are wasting everyone's time.


hello fellow servant to JESUS CHRIST

i think this is might be off topic but i will share a few things with you since you brought it up

when a gay person comes to JESUS  he or she isnt zapped immediately ZAPPED with heterosexuality

and heterosexuality isnt sainthood

i suggest you listen to some wonderful testimonies of gays who became christians so you can post from the TRUTH OF SANCTIFICATION PROCESS and not an understandable knee jerk reaction from your sphere


Thanks for the post.  The problem is that gays seem to think that its ok to talk openly about their sin and be accepted.  We are told that public sin is to be publicly rebuked.  If you are gay, it needs to be kept between you and God.  If someone has a problem with adultery, that does not need to be spoken of either.  What's the point?

the point is to Share my testimony

have you shared yours?


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