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I am new to site, and hope I am posting this correctly.
I have a good question, and am praying for some help, and ideas on this.
I came home to help mom, with house, and with my brother, who is very smart, but she spoils him, and rescues him from EVERYTHING, and it has caused much trouble in our living together. I live on my own level, there. SHE IS AFRAID TO LIVE ALONE WITH HIM.
HE LIVES FOR PLEASURE, and though she knows this, still cooks, cleans, pays for Health Ins, for him, (in order to get medicine to keep him calm).
It started with the game Dungeons and Dragons, which I used to think was "only a game". IT IS NOT! He works, and spends his money on himself, while she suffers. My sister moved back home, and when I am away, he makes much trouble for the both of them. He loves me, but says at times he is angry because he is afraid of me. I am kind to him, but don't tolerate the ugly side but yet, when he wants to terrify mom and sis, I calmly pull him outside, and let him calm down, before coming back in.
My mom gets so afraid, when I approach him, because he tries to make me fight,........BUT ONLY WHEN SHE IS AROUND, but when gone, he is VERY CALM WITH ME, and will keep his anger inside.

How does this affect all in the house? 


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Hi William

Tough situation indeed.

When Aaron's sons were destroyed, was he not told to show no public sign of mourning for them?

If devil worship it is, then the Bible gives no allowance or tolerance for such.

As hard as it may seem (and I have five children too), it looks as though a clean separation is eminent and even due.

He probably needs to live in his own place, while you continue to pray and work with him, so that he knows that you still love him.

Consider it.

Take Care

Hi William

Yes, the Bible does say that some things cannot go, but by fasting and prayer, but he has to want to be free I think.

He is 35 is he not? How do we know that his problems ("bipolar and schizophrenic"), are not caused by the demons?

I'll pray too.

Take Care

I read a book called People of the Lie, and it was really clear about this stuff..First of all, the author had seen an actual excorcism, and believed it to be genuine..Did not recommend personal contact with the demon..He became a Christian after the eperience..It caused him, the author, to believe in God!..

It is an allowance issue, also..Your mom has to be made aware of exactly what it is that is happening to her son..Since she goes to church, I pray this can be an easy part..Enlist others from your church who are Godly and also commited to Truth and honesty at all costs..They can help your mom accept what is going on...THEN you could, with her agreement and assistance( and by assistance I mean NOT enabling your brother, which WILL BE a job for her, sounds like), tell him how it is, that Christ rules Supreme in this house and he must adhere or go, because satan isnt welcome in the home..

This might cause severe outrage, directed at your mom, the most vulnerable one in the affair..I dont think she would necassarily have to be present, just ready to enforce the fact that satan isnt welcome..In your home OR your brother!!..But HIS choice is paramount...On some level, he probably WANTS God to save his soul, since he is so warmly speaking of the Bible topics in certain circumstances..

Mark 9:17-29 are words Jesus had to say about the spirit in the boy who used o get thrown in the fire by this spirit and other things..Jesus said THIS kind could come forth by nothing but prayer and fasting..

Getting your mom on board and keeping her faith strong, will be a huge step, I feel like..AND YOU should have a lot of spiritual help, too!!...You need OTHER people praying at the time you decide to get serious about it, and really, always with your situation being as serious as it is..You would so benefit from having like-minded believers around you as often as possible..Peple who love Jesus, and put Him first, to strengthen your family, and to give added support to YOU as you strive to be prayed up at all times..I will pray for you, whenever He brings this to my mind, I will actively pray for your family's health and well-being on ALL fronts..

We KNOW Jesus wins, and we dont know but maybe your brother has a big thing to accomplish for Him, and your persistance to help, and to remain faithful to Truth and honesty at all costs, could be what allows God to break those bonds..

Or, it could be YOU who has a big work to do for Him, and you really do need to stay very far away...The Spirit will not leave you unprotected or in the dark, if you keep on seeking with all your heart!!

All I know is that God can do ANYTHING, and awaits our prayers of anguish to Him, so that He can show Himself mighty to save...Hold out hope, my friend, because my young athiest niece is an atheist NO MORE!!...What I despaired of ever happening has happened in a rather short amount of time, really, He has made Himself known to her and she feels that love-Light beginning to glow..

And be sure to watch out for yourself..God will keep you, just be wise as a serpent, as He calls us to be...We need to be gentle, yes, but never forget the wise as a serpent part..I think that means dont be unaware of your surroundings and the characters of those around you, as well..Discernment is a gift I think we must all get a portion of..

God bless you in you endeavours, and I WILL pray for you...Prayer is powerful..
I think I meant that the Holy Spirit will lead YOU to know if you should be far away...Not really that I think that is the right thing..I think you are very strong in Christ to be able to make him afraid, and it's possible Jesus will aide you in a BIG way!!..So you just keep praying, and WE WILL KEEP PRAYING, and you will be sucssesful, because God does no let us down when we come to Him in heartfelt earnest prayer...

Lord, Thank you for giving William the strength to reach out with such a personal thing to us, here, on Adventist Online..Thank You for giving him the insight, as You did for me as well, to KNOW that this site, although filled sometimes with debate, IS a place where You can be found, THROUGH Your children, US, we are priveledged to be, Lord!!

Keep William and his family close to Your heart Father, and never let them lose Your Presence now, so they can feel empowered by YOU to do what You show them is right, Lord..

In Jesus Name, Amen, and amen...
Hi William

I take it that your brother has some underlying health issues? You reported that your mother pays for his health insurance to buy medicine to keep him calm. Correct me if I am wrong, I detect that your brother has a problem with anger and the medicine used help modify his behavior or lessen the anger?

Anger is a TOXIC emotion and it causes great distress and pain to the individual and those around. While medicine may SUPPRESS your brother's behavior, (if this is the case), it does not get to the heart of what is perhaps going on inside of him. This will NEED to be ADDRESSED with PRAYER AND A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL. The types of issues you outlined does and will affect those in the house and apparently has already.

The simple fact that your mother and sister has fear of him has already manifested. Their lives are being altered as a result. You, having to defend the rest of your family from you brother, speaks to an alteration taking place in your life.

These matters overtime will continue to worsen, if not dealt with. Repressed emotions tends to manifest in other areas of a person's life and those closest or neighboring.

The avenues in which Satan has gotten a foot-hole into your home, MUST BE SHUT DOWN. Experimenting with the demonic forces is nothing to play with. PRAY AND GET HELP FOR BOTH YOUR BROTHER AND YOUR FAMILY. As a profession, I deal with issues on a lesser scale daily and I hope this helps.

Take care my brother.


You're welcome.

I'm quite familiar with how difficult problems like these can be.

Your brother has unleashed a demonic onslaught in his life and has obviously affected the entire family. Without any disrespect to your mother, she is enabling him to a large degree.

When the people around tolerate his behavior and settle down to live with it, the enemy becomes STRONGER while the SPIRIT becomes WEAKER. There will be NO CONTEST, NO CLASH, NO PROGRESS AND NO VICTORY.

I commend you for not being passive in your actions. When you face the enemy in faith, the BATTLE is the LORD's.

Take care my friend.

If he's interested in the truth, then there may be hope. Yet:

Mark 9:28 And when he was come into the house, his disciples asked him privately, Why could not we cast him out?
9:29 And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.

If nothing ever works, and it turns out he's too hardened, then you just have to move on.

There was a man at work who was just a fiend. His influence was evil and infectious. I prayed and prayed for over a month, and repented and got rid of some things that might not be pleasing to God. The big chance was after we got laid off for 2 weeks. When we went back to work, he wasn't there, and I rejoiced that God had removed this abomination from my life. But a few days after that, he showed up for work a half hour late. My heart sank. I asked God to please forgive me for whatever I did, and give me credit for overcoming. Later, I heard the boss say: "Go home!". I thought it was because he missed a few days. But he was vomiting. Boss said: "Just go home. If you're throwing up, then you're no good for me, today." The guy said: "Can I come back?" Boss said, impatiently: "Yes."

Well he never came back. I was so relieved, and I still thank God for this deliverance, whenever I think about it.

Some people are just too hardened, and have an evil influence. It's like they are accursed. They seem to want to share their sin with everyone. Why would they want to do this? They wouldn't. They don't know what they are doing, but the Devil has taken control of them.
There are some very big issues here, some even bigger than anyone has really wanted to discuss. I don't know how much I want to say in a public forum because some of it will be very offensive to SDA sensibilities and run extremely counter to our perceptions about ourselves and our beliefs about God.

The biggest problem here is the worship of the Queen of Heaven (see Jeremiah... the entire book, as well as references to Jezebelle, Asherah and Ashtoreth. Some Bibles may translate the name of one of these last two as Astarte.) Judah was deeply involved in the worship of the Queen of Heaven in the temple of Yahveh and called this sin Yahveh worship. They even had an Asherah pole installed beside the Altar of Burnt Offerings. In Jeremiah 3 God says Israel was more faithful to him than Judah because Israel acknowledged their adultery against him. Judah insisted they were worshipping him and committed this adultery in his own house (not only the temple but this house speaks symbolically of the nation as well.)

I have some friends constantly fussing at me because I cannot say exactly everything that is involved in the worship of the Queen of Heaven, but there is something you say here that is always an indicator that this worship is going on. There is a second indicator that has been showing itself throughout this thread. The first of these is the effort to protect us from the consequences of our sins. God does do this to a certain extent; that is what redemption is all about, but when there is any refusal to allow us to suffer these consequences at all, and worse, when there is a refusal to cut the apron strings, the Queen of Heaven is being manifested and this is a sin.

We imitate the gods we worship, or in biblical terms, we create gods in our own image. That is what idolatry is about. Your mother is manifesting the behavior of the god she worships, which has some of the characteristics of this Queen of Heaven. This hypocrisy is at the root of your brother's rebellion as well as perpetuating it. You seem to have recognized this and made some efforts to deal with it yet it continues to be a problem. Your mother seems less willing to admit her sin than your brother is to admit his. You have your work cut out for you.

The reason pastors and other Christians, whether SDA or otherwise, seem to be so little help is because this worship of the Queen of Heaven is very common throughout the church, especially in our own denomination. The second most obvious sign of the worship of the Queen of Heaven in any person or denomination is the refusal to acknowledge the left hand of our father, with which he hands out discipline and curses for disobedience. Because of this, we claim the disciplines God sends our way is adversity put on us by Satan. The very thing God sends to purify us is then blamed on Satan and we pray that God will take it away from us. We seek to avoid it at all costs rather than embrace it and learn the lessons God has placed in the situation.

Isaiah 26 says:

9With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.

10Let favour
(grace) be shewed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness: in the land of uprightness will he deal unjustly, and will not behold the majesty of the LORD.

When we pray for these judgments to be removed from us as we do when we blame them on Satan we end up with the problem shown in verse 10 and continue in our wickedness, never learning righteousness. It is only by experiencing and embracing these corrective efforts of God that we learn righteousness and are perfected.

You will have to deal with both sets of issues. The only way to deal with his issues alone will be to get him out of that house and into a halfway house or some other treatment facility, and Babylonian (ungodly) treatments will have only a limited effect. Because the church, including this denomination, is so thoroughly Babylonian in their thinking they are not much help either. You have made it clear that your brother's behavior is significantly improved when your mother is not around and he is even responsive to efforts to help. If God continues to require that you all live in the same house your mother's sins must be addressed as well. So long as the Queen of Heaven is worshiped in any way in this household, the problems will persist, and your brother's behavior will not improve because the evil spirits driving him are directly opposed to the evil spirits driving her and feed off this contention.

I have written something for another thread in this forum that you will definitely wish to see. I have not yet posted it and may not since it turned out to be so long. It deals with true spiritual fasting and prayer and why they are the only things that will drive out this kind of demon. As long as it is, it is still too short to do anything more than scratch the surface of the subject. If you wish to read it I will definitely send you a copy privately if I chose not to post it. That decision will probably be made tomorrow. Just let me know if you wish a copy.

I have posted the item I mentioned above and I would highly recommend you go read it. It is posted in Angela's thread about fasting and prayer. While that is the primary subject of that post it does detail why fasting and prayer is necessary for dealing with certain demons, and touches on how you use this proper fasting and prayer to fight and defeat these demons. I think you will find it to be of help as you deal with the problems in your family. If it does prove to be of help and you wish to study the matter in greater detail feel free to contact me.

Hi Natalie

I agree.

Take Care

Me too, Angela. I once was lost, and now am found. I TRULY know what freedom is like, my sister. He who the SON sets free is FREE indeed.

Take care
Right behind you Teresa....

Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus we come lifting up William's brother and his entire family. Being confident of this, that he who has begun a good work will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Lord, you desire no souls to be lost and thus we plead for victory. I ask all of this in the Jesus's name. Amen


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