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I am new to site, and hope I am posting this correctly.
I have a good question, and am praying for some help, and ideas on this.
I came home to help mom, with house, and with my brother, who is very smart, but she spoils him, and rescues him from EVERYTHING, and it has caused much trouble in our living together. I live on my own level, there. SHE IS AFRAID TO LIVE ALONE WITH HIM.
HE LIVES FOR PLEASURE, and though she knows this, still cooks, cleans, pays for Health Ins, for him, (in order to get medicine to keep him calm).
It started with the game Dungeons and Dragons, which I used to think was "only a game". IT IS NOT! He works, and spends his money on himself, while she suffers. My sister moved back home, and when I am away, he makes much trouble for the both of them. He loves me, but says at times he is angry because he is afraid of me. I am kind to him, but don't tolerate the ugly side but yet, when he wants to terrify mom and sis, I calmly pull him outside, and let him calm down, before coming back in.
My mom gets so afraid, when I approach him, because he tries to make me fight,........BUT ONLY WHEN SHE IS AROUND, but when gone, he is VERY CALM WITH ME, and will keep his anger inside.

How does this affect all in the house? 


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Father God, in due time deliver and broke the strongholds that Satan has sort upon this young man. In Jesus's name. Amen.
If this is a grown man, I'd my foot down. Either get this Devil stuff out of my house or you get out with the Devil stuff.....End of story!
Dear William,

My sympathy for you and your family. Keep in mind the Lord has a purpose in all things and has the ability to turn your families terrible situation into the biggest blessings to bless you and all that is around you testifying of God's Power and Love.

I see a lot of hope in your family's situation. The fact your brother is coming to you to be with you, and the respect he demonstrate by departing when his mind starts to hurt. I see love between the two of you in your communication. I also see that he's looking for help.

I was reading scriptures relating to casting out devils, and I truly believe Jesus gaved us the authority to cast them out by his name. I'm not an expert in these things and I have never done so. But I know Jesus is the authority on this subject and you are in good communication with him. So Jesus will teach you what you should know, convict your heart of Truth and give you that authority. Before doing anything, I would advice you to study the matter while fasting. Christ wants to teach you all something important and ask the Lord to open your mind and heart to receive His message and be in tune to His plans for you and your family.

I'm a firm believer of 1Jn 2:27 and Jesus should be your only teacher. I'm going to forward you to a sermon but keep in mind that Jesus is your only teacher and bring everything you hear with him and test these with him. This sermon first talks about Christ authority and then giving us authority and victory over the devil. I'm glad to read that you are not afraid of that devil and you shouldn't either. Praise God for that. Anyway the sermon is from Bill Liversidge in his "Victory In Jesus" 5 CDs series available here on video : ( I think it's part 4 or part 3 which address victory over the devil).

I think it's a wise counsel the sister gaved you to look into to free your brother from the head pain he is suffering. Do you know if it's caused by the prescribed drugs, or the drug abuse, or do you think it's the devil presence inflicting that pain? I do have a little experience in medical research and if I you want to provide me more info, maybe I can find something to at least understand the cause of that pain so to address it to eliminate it. However, since you already know about the health message, you know that whatever illness whether mental or physical, NEWSTART is the Lords way to health all diseases.

Concerning the fast you will undertake, I haven't read that thread mentioned above yet, but in my opinion, a fast can be only simple foods like raw fruits and vegetable. Read the fast Daniel undertook in Dn 10:3. Abstinence from any rich foods and drinking lots of water with exercise will clear your mind to be able to hear the Lord's voice.

I encourage you in the Lord, my Brother. Great things are to come. Be ready to see His wonders.

I will be praying for you all.

Much Blessings!
Lord, Thank you for hearing our prayers, in Jesus's name...Amen.
Amen and Amen
I'm going to take a leap of faith here and say my two bits.

Mom, is not afraid so much of living alone with your brother, but rather living alone completely. Your brother, despite the problems and hassles, is her safety zone, she doesn't have to change out of her zone of comfort (despite it being dramatic and painful), which is that which is 'known'. I would suggest mom getting involved in a some support groups for women that include making independent changes for living alone. Help build her up.

About your brother, I can say that the 'rituals' he is involved in are necessary to him at this time. This is because he doesn't know a one on one with God, so he's attempting to communicate through anger and pain, and choosing to be on the darker side of understanding and reciprocation. Some people, some how, were fed darkness and fantasy to soothe their discomfort in their lifestyles. Your brother antagonizes because fighting is what he knows, its his method of communication. Try bridging with symbolism. Use your Bible and come up with analogies that come from the light, rather the symbolism he uses, that comes of darkness. Use parables, story for story.

It sounds to me like they both need their hearts truly broken, and I don't say that as a judgment of anykind. I can speak from experience. I once was a very violent person myself, very much into the occult and darker side of things. In some ways I was what I would call : Monstrous. But these were generational sins, behaviors I learned from my environment. In my heart I was proud and strong. I carried the concept of my being powerful enough to get my way with me for a long time. And then God broke my heart and left me in a trail of exodus, taking me from the Egypt of my concieved reality, into HIS. It was as if "well, Vickie, since you are following ritual, and supernatural concepts with a twist of self power, so you can judge about I take your power from you, and put you in MY territory, where you are powerless" Everything I thought I 'had" in power, turned to dust. I had to learn God's way, above Passover, and into Pentecost, and then, on my Tabernacles. Everyone wants an easy fix. There is NO easy fix. We have to burn in our indignation is what I understand. But the whole thing ...all of it...even your brothers dark situation at this time is meant to be restored to God as God originally planned. Some people have no desire in their hearts to commune with God, some have no concept of that. But those that ARE involved in supernatural tendencies towards darkness already KNOW YHVH is real, and that Jesus is real, they are just really afraid because they know their own troubled make up. Trust God, use analogy and teach through stories to your whole family from the parable of Jesus, or those in real life with the same message. Love yourself well, while you content with this burden. Learning is always a time consuming process. Be patient. RELY on God and do what the Holy Spirit tells you and guides you to do. If you are moved to tell an analogy, do it. If you are moved to sing, do it. If you are given a comment to speak, speak it. Do not fear. Pray the Holy Spirit intercede.

Sorry for going on so. Hope I was of some help.
:) (heart)
Yes it is affecting everything, and everone, in that household.

From where I see it, your brother can not manipulate you, so he would have to calm down. Be glad that your brother actually see Jesus in you.

At his age, you can go get an emergency eviction or due to safety concerns.

Brother, there are only 2 spirits on this planet, good and evil,

If your mother allows that behavior, then all you can do is pray for all of them.

Put that grown man out of the house, and pray for them.

That is The Truth" as it is in Jesus.

As a head deacon, I am not affraid to call the kettle black, when indeed, it is black. It will be covered with "The Love of God" in the messsage, "get out".

That will be voluntary.

If need be, have him removed "unvoluntarilly". by the police.

Pray and ask for wisdom, from Above, in this matter.

You will be in or prayers.


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