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Male Adventist Pastors Forgo Ordination Credentials in Solidarity with Unordained Women

I am honored to say that my pastor was one of those who turned in his Ordination credentials for Commissioned...In addition two Unions have suspended ordination altogether.

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 I specifically did not use the article in Spectrum, as I believe the name of the magazine would have become more of a focal point than the actual points made by the decision.

We disagree as to the the decision to Commissioned, which both men and women can be.  The verity is both provide the same service as servants in ministry--the pint that is being made.  Most will not become the President of a conference; most of them do not wish to be career evangelists either and are content with pastoring and bringing members to established churches.  The Conference President can ordain any elders that need to be.  

It is respecting the decision but making it crystal clear that you are opposed to it for your conscious sake.

May I as where in the Bible we find the example of Commissioned to any office?

Elijah, the term "ordained" as we use it in 2015, "licensed", and "commissioned" are not in Scripture. They are essentially legal terms that show evidence of training and experience.  We attempt to tie ordination to "fruit" produced by the pastor, however, the term "commissioned is the closest to the words in Scripture that mean "minister".  Ordained in scripture refers to being assigned to a location or place, and is not a ceremony.

Actually the term "ordained" is a carry over from catholiscm and is not really Biblical.

Do you actually read your Bible?

What kind of a question is that Jason ?

The way that it is used today is indeed also based on thought and practices within other denominations, BUT that does not make them "wrong".  Ordination is supposed to be public recognition of ones' ministry, evidenced by fruit. 

Pr T 

How did Jesus read the Bible? As far as I know it was literary. 

Note Elijah that someone is proud; "I am honored to say that my pastor was one of those who turned in his Ordination credentials".   Honored that there is dissention  in the church?  Sad. 

I am HONORED that an official position that is in the Seventh-day Adventist Church--and has been for a very long time--for both Christian Men and Women.  It is current policy and has always been an option for male pastors.

Raymond, you do not know me...I have been here registered and active at this site for many years and took a break to focus on other things. As I have chosen to come back and post, let me be very upfront and ask you not to ever "try to come for me" like that again!  You do not know my motives and are clearly not a prophet nor are you God.  Yes, I am honored that my pastor chose a road less traveled and humbled himself--within the current system in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  

I would however strongly encourage you to stick to the discussion only as I know the rules of this forum and have no problem hitting the Report Button...Thank you.

Excellent point.

Good post Pastor T. Adhering to the letter of the law is one thing. Adhering to the spirit of the law is another.


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