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In this disruptive commentary, as the charge of plagiarism is leveled at the prophetess from outside the church as well as inside, she finds refuge "pure and simple" in quite an unlikely advocate: none other than scoffing infidel Mark Twain!

Read Twain's epic defense here

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In case you have difficulty finding Twain's "defense", it is in the second sentence of the seventh paragraph. But you'll probably enjoy the entire article. Questions remain. Are the charges all groundless? And if not, does the defense exonerate Sister White?

what charges? What ever source she used she made it her own? Will you also charge the bible writers with plagiarism by using what the Spirit said through other prophets?  

Yes very true Jason

Yes many accusations has been raised against EGW and plagiarism is one of the most prominent ones indeed. As Mark Twain says most things are plagiarised any way. But why use the defence if an infidel? I rather look at the Bible itself where we find Moses clearly borrowing texts from other sources and that was done all the way in the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. I know many to their shame do not think EGW was inspired, what they are doing is handicapping themself from coming to a better understanding about what the Lesser light shines on the Greater light. If EGW was Inspired or not needs to be made an understanding of each individual for themself.  

As I understood the article it was mainly dealing with the term Spirit of Prophecy, and the author did not come to any conclusion of what he thought. But I did like the article. 


The writer does come to a clear conclusion regarding our use of the term 'Spirit of Prophecy'. Here is his position:

"No matter how long we have been saying it, Sister White’s writings are not what Revelation 19:10 refers to as 'the spirit of prophecy.' ”

Yes, I did see that and I am sure that is his own interpretation. Most of us know that EGW was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and Jesus was the Revealer of the Book. The prophecy of Jesus, the testimony of Jesus in other words. 

As I see it the book of Revelation was: Rev 1:1 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:  Rev 1:2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.

Where is the problem God gave it to Jesus who gave it to His servants I guess EGW if you are willing to accept that she was inspired, and was one of those servants? And if not well not much more to discuss. 


You probably may wish to read the article again - more slowly this time.

I do not wish to read it again, I have no problem with the Inspiration of EGW. As some seem to have including the author of the article. 


What the author states as his problem is not Mrs White's inspiration, but, among other things, our church's reluctance to acknowledge her fallibility while claiming under pressure that we do not regard her as infallible. He says in the third paragraph:

"Yes we keep saying she’s not infallible, but we aren’t as ready to say she is fallible, and typically there’s a staunch resistance to any critical reading of her work."

But that's fine. You don't have to read it again.

I have no problem with finding faults in her writings as EGW estate explains

When you find men questioning the testimonies, finding fault with them, and seeking to draw away the people from their influence, be assured that God is not at work through them. It is another spirit. Doubt and unbelief are cherished by those who do not walk circumspectly. They have a painful consciousness that their life will not abide the test of the Spirit of God, whether speaking through His Word or through the testimonies of His Spirit that would bring them to His Word. Instead of beginning with their own hearts, and coming into harmony with the pure principles of the gospel, they find fault, and condemn the very means that God has chosen to fit up a people to stand in the day of the Lord.{1SM 45.1}

After reading the piece, for me, I am comfortable with the fact that Mrs. White was in all points fallible, and she was not inspired. I noted Mark Twain argument about plagiarism but the fact is the writers cited where they took their work from. However, what is dishearten is a woman professing without a shadow of a doubt that all that she have receive was from God, from visions, when the truth is that she thief from people's work, paraphrase or quote it directly and say it is God who gave her and that she have authority to do so. As a religious figure that must be one thing that never cross your mind to do. That is plagiarism and madness. And you have ever editors working to fashion and market her work as so. I hear some folks argue that Bible authors borrow, yes they borrow but they cite. I believe you would here them say, "as it was written... or as was said in the book of Isaiah..... God be merciful to you all yes.  What one should do when they quoting is to say according to White et al.

So you go way beyond fallibility and think she wasn't even inspired. What about all her tried and proven counsels on health, education etc. that have made Adventists stand out as shining examples--especially of health? Wouldn't you count those as inspiration?


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