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In this disruptive commentary, as the charge of plagiarism is leveled at the prophetess from outside the church as well as inside, she finds refuge "pure and simple" in quite an unlikely advocate: none other than scoffing infidel Mark Twain!

Read Twain's epic defense here

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Read it in context. I am sure you know the history of the false church with all their dogmas and false science mixing Bible Truth with aristotelian 'truths'. BTW he is quoting someone. Read it and you can share your thoughts here as you go along ....

Roy, The Bible tells us of a time when everyone will know God. The Bible also tells us of a time when we will either follow the Commandments of God or the commandments of man. The one group has sound doctrines built on the Bible the other has doctrines built on what satan has inspired them to make. 

Satan will always try to destroy the sound doctrines and that is to me what you are trying to do here. A rational approach you say, I do not see how you can put God in a test tube and prove Him by mans scientific methods. There is a thing called faith that God values very highly.  

EGW has this to say about Faith:

The early Christians were often called to meet the powers of darkness face to face. By sophistry and by persecution the enemy endeavored to turn them from the true faith. At the present time, when the end of all things earthly is rapidly approaching, Satan is putting forth desperate efforts to ensnare the world. He is devising many plans to occupy minds and to divert attention from the truths essential to salvation. In every city his agencies are busily organizing into parties those who are opposed to the law of God. The archdeceiver is at work to introduce elements of confusion and rebellion, and men are being fired with a zeal that is not according to knowledge. {AA 219.2}


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