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Where are all the good SDA sister for marriage!


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That I agree with.. 

They're all over; what kind of SDA brother are you being? Make a vow today, even now, that if God wants you to be married you will wait until He arranges it. If He doesn't have marriage in the picture for you, then commit yourself to living morally and being of service to Him in your singleness. Don't go out looking and being on the hunt. I met my wife (she was a travel nurse) when she happened into town. Meeting someone and getting married was the farthest thing from mind. I had made the most of singleness being able to be very active and available in my church. When the Lord saw I was ready He "pulled the strings" and brought me my Eve. It is well worth the wait to do it that way. Point is there is nothing "wrong" with you if you are single. Stay away from the single groups that make you feel like you just aren't fulfilled unless you meet someone and since you can't "find" anyone on your own, they make all these outings and functions to get a bunch of people together that could see each other any time if they were really interested. Singles ministries would be awesome if the focus was taking advantage of being single and ministering unhindered. Sadly that's not the case in almost every one I've seen.

The good ones are everywhere and also in one site that your local pastor must sign a " autorization/recomendation "letter so you can join in !

"Mary had Jesus when she was below 16 most likely. This was common all the way from then until recent generations post-ww2. "

I agree for some we may get married as young as 18, or between the age of 22-27, for some it could be mid 30s or even 40s, or they remain single and solely dedicated to the cause of God. They key is patience and trusting in the will of God, if its God will for you to marry early he will make it happen.

People were more mature at a younger age then too though.. Not only was their physical and mental health far greater than our own, but they had more responsibility at a far younger age..

Many of our 18 year old's now, are a mental equivalent to the 12 year old's of that day at best..

 A great deal depends on where one looks for a mate. If you are look  for one at a rock concert you are apt to get a rocker. If you look for one at a bar you are apt to get a drinker. If you look for one at a missionary school you apt to find a missionary. Many are looking for love in all the wrong places and then expecting to find someone faithful. That is silly. It is like looking for a diamond in a garbage dump. It is not apt to happen.

And sadly even in the church they run a great risk.. Not all in the church who profess to serve God actually do. And even the ones that do may not be compatible with someone after they have fully matured..

Keep digging if you would like to find good SDA sister for marriage...


Hard statement to respond to Victor. I believe there are a lot of good christian women out there based off my definition of good.  Be open about your standards and beliefs and strive to attain it yourself if you want any relationship to work out the way you want it to.  While I don't know what your version of good is, remember only God can judge perfection.


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