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Muslims are very hard to get people,why?because they are very allergy of the words Bible and Jesus,even the doctors of theology couldn't win their hearts thru bible study,Qur'an study or whatsoever,but God said,you can win their hearts thru love,i have something to share you,but it is only a part of our approach here in tawi-tawi,Philippines if you have yours pls. share it alsö here...

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I have so many friends on this site I wouldn't know where to begin.... I am trying too remember which ones told me... Though they do watch some of my discussions so maybe one of them will pop up before I can even remember. :0)

I'll try and think on it though.

Oh, by the way.. I'm sorry I never got back too you before about that other book.. I think it got lost when we were moving stuff.... I'll still let you know if I find it though.. Come to think of it their may be a downloadable PDF version on if you want to check.

Sorry.. strict Catholic, but lets be honest they are not all that different.. I should have been more specific.

Kristina, there is a huge difference between Catholics who are members of the Society of Jesus and plain vanilla Catholics.


Now, how do you know she lived in a strict Catholic convent?

If you look to the Muslim history books they admit it them selves...

I have quite a selection of Islamic books, which books are you referring to?


I have looked in: 

Khadija tul Kubra: A Short Story of Her Life by Syed A.A Razwy;

Essential Islam by Diane Morgan;

Islam, History and Civilization by Seyyed Hossein Nasr;

Women in the Shade of Islam by Abdul Rahman Al-Sheha;

Discovering Islam by Akbar Ahmed;

Encyclopedia of Islam by Juan E. Campo;

Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an by Jane Dammen McAuliffe;

Essential Islam by Diane Morgan;

Islam & Women by Shezzad Saleem;

Mahometism Unveiled by Charles Forster;

The Religion of Islam by Dr. Ahmed A. Galwash;

The Status of Women in Islam by Jamal A. Badawi;

The Wisdom behind The Islamic Laws Regarding Women by Sheikh ‘Abdur-Rahman ‘Abdul-Khaliq;

This is Mohamed (Author unknown);

Towards Understanding Islam by Abu Ala Mawdudi


None of these books admit that she lived in a convent. All that mention her refer to her as being a wealthy aristocrat.

So... where can I find reference to her living in a Catholic convent?

Actually she does know that, from the same source where I got the info.. She has the video I shared that exposes that.. She told me two days ago that she had the series... That's how I knew what she was referencing.
It would seem that you have a problem, because I just stating the facts. Yes there are common beliefs that we as adventist share with Islam but don't be fooled the similarities that are share between Islam and Catholics is on a more esoteric and sinister level making them two halves of the same coin.


We advocate Saturday as the Sabbath, Catholics/Orthodox etc., advocate Sunday, the Qur'an advocates Saturday as the Sabbath.

We hold that there is one God, Catholics have a trinity of Father, Mary & Jesus, the Qur'an condemns the Catholic belief very specifically and declares that "God is one".

We don't eat unclean food, Catholics eat anything, the Qur'an says don't eat unclean food.

We say no alcohol, Catholics use alcohol in their rites, Qur'an says no alcohol.

We say no to idol worship, Catholicism encourages idol worship, Qur'an says no to idol worship.

(You will notice that the two commandments that were changed by the Roman Catholic church are not changed in Islam or SDAism.)

That's just a sample. Now as to the facts regarding the esoteric and sinister similarities that make Roman Catholicism and Islam two halves of the same coin... can you explain?

Yes, like i said there are similarities between us (SDAs) and Muslims but let me speak on Catholics and Muslims. 1st Catholics advocate that Mary was Immaculately conceived (meaning that she was free from sin) Muslims believes this also.

2nd Muslims believes that you should not eat unclean food but if your going to fool persons you can. To fool infidels (that is us) you can both eat pork (among others) and drink strong drink. It all depends on the occasion. The catholic church accepts the Apocryphal gospels, and if you read the Quran you would see that Muhammad stories about the characters in the Bible (especially the new testamant) come from Apocryphal writing.

Also Catholics advocates many things such as Jesus been God but then you see pictures and hear catholics priest and their scholars saying that Mary is now the mediator between God and man hence having the holes in her hands and having the crown of thorns on her head. Catholics have always made double standard claims. Because you cant believe in the apocryphal gospels and believe Jesus is God or that He died on the cross. Also does the religion of Islam, in regards to making double standard claims

You said that Muslims dont believe in bowing down to idols but why is it that there is a John the Baptist shrine in the prayer halls of one of there biggest Mosques with the head of John. While Catholics have a shrine with the hand. You speak about Muslims advocating the Sabbath but do they keep it?

This is just to list a few. Also i would like to ask you a question. 

Is Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit three different beings or are they One being? This is in relation to what we as SDAs should believe. 

I await for you response with anticipation. I would like to know your views on this.

John B you seem to have a very sensible and logical view on this topic. I looked at the list of your sources and you appear to be well read on this topic.

There is no proof of that.

I 'think' I agree Mr. Espinoza.

The religion is not the enemy. The people are.


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