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Muslims are very hard to get people,why?because they are very allergy of the words Bible and Jesus,even the doctors of theology couldn't win their hearts thru bible study,Qur'an study or whatsoever,but God said,you can win their hearts thru love,i have something to share you,but it is only a part of our approach here in tawi-tawi,Philippines if you have yours pls. share it alsö here...

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Any source for your information Jelmar? Are you saying that God raised the muslims? Then why try to convert them? I'm confused.


While the Muslim people do have their merit in many places, they also deny that Christ was anything more than a prophet. They say he was a great teacher, but not the son of God.. Thus they are basically calling Him a liar for stating that He not only is the son of God but equal with God. So my contention here is how can you say these are raised up by God (Though God judges all by the light they are given and I am certain He has His people in every religion and I am sure many will turn and acknowledge Christ as their savior in the last days) if they deny one of His most basic and important teachings?

P.S. I fallowed the link you gave Paul and yes I agree the Muslim people were used as patsies, and sold out by one of their own. I also agree that the ones we commonly see brutalizing people on the news are extremest, and do not speak for the general populace. I have known men who have been over there in the past ten years, and they have told me that the general public while they may have their issues are generally nice people who them selves are tired of living in fear and glad we are there to help protect them.

Though I do still agree with Barbie on the origin of the Muslin faith. If you look at everything even down to the rituals and prayer comparatively they are the same religion.. The only real distinctive differences are a more blatant denial of Christ, the fact that they worship (If you include the daughters of Ala) at least 5 different gods, keep Saturday, and do not eat unclean meats. You may want to do some study on other ancient religions, in comparison with Islam and the Catholic church. You will find that Gods church is the only one of them that does not have a trinity composed of Father, Mother Child.... Our trinity is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.. Quite a vast difference....

@Paul, try to read Revelation 9, and then study the world history especially in europe, read the book "The Decline and fall of roman empire" by Edward Gibbon or any other valid/authorized sources of history. then ask me what you would not understand in Rev. 9



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