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Needing an affordable home in Canada for 5 Adventist Christians.

I was wondering your thoughts on this.  I'm living in a 4 bedroom at least 3 bath in the rural districts of the Hazeltons B.C.  Upstairs are the in-laws and a severely handicapped child, and downstairs divided by 2 doors is Jessica and myself.  My mother-in-law is thinking about what is going to happen to us when they pass away.  They are planning on selling the house and using the money to pay the debts they owe.  I need insurance and diabetic supplies which run 500 Canadian a month.  We also have internet for my works and a telephone pd. account through skype and a land-line.  We are counseled to live in the country and get a plot of land if possible where we can grow gardens and teach object lessons from nature for our children.  I only have about 2,000 /month to do everything with.  Plus rent is just 300/month and The in-laws are paying for green shield insurance, sensors for diabetes blood sugar control, internet, & skype my wife and I are paying for everything else.  Do you think I could ever possibly get a place of my own in the country in Canada and cultivate the land and do it reasonably priced and pay for everything in this economically depressed world, even if small for me and my small family??? I don't have the 2 kids yet. 

I've been praying and reading the counsel and God promised to provide for my needs.

I believe it is a salvation issue.

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1. God told me to rent in either first try the rural districts in this area.  or 2. Try to visit rental places in the country of Canada in the country located close to the city with a small piece of land to cultivate and train for His purposes and it will pay great dividends for my kids if I get them.

The post office person told me that I have it good where I'm at.  & my neighbor told me she would keep an eye out for a rental place but obviously she did not know any at that time.

In this area.

I'm very very excited!!


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