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The audio is bad, so you will have to turn it up.  However, he says it in his own words:

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True, Raymond, and then they vote, which is how we got to this point.

Dear Raymond,

sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this.
I had to think a bit if i should reply at all to these points or not and decided for it now as you can see.

Let me start where this whole thing began:
"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor." (Exodus 20:16)

Now i do understand that there is a difference between cultures present and different understandings of what exactly "Freedom of Speech" means.
While you are basically allowed to say anything in the US about other persons under the Freedom of Speech protection and it is up to them to prove you wrong this does not hold true when you follow Gods law.
Last time i checked these commandments given in exodus to us have not been lifted and this means when you can not prove something as true you must not claim something. If you do you violate that commandment even when you are allowed to do it under the law of the land.

Now in the first post and in the title there have been claims made which are not true.
It has been claimed that Mr. Klain believes in depopulation and furthermore as evidence a video linked in which he should say that.
Now if you watch the video this claim is wrong. So in this specific case someone beared false witness against Mr. Klain.
This i pointed out and will keep pointing out.

However i understand that you think that Mr Klain believe people are a blight on this world and similar things. Thats fine thats your right to belief but unless you have actual proof of that to be true it is your belief and nothing else so you must refrain from bearing false witness against him.
Innocent untill prooven guilty is a great concept and we should all follow the deeper meaning of this concept and not only apply it in court.

Now to reply to your points individually:
"Point 1. He is a political hack, not the man for the job."
Thats your personal oppinion and your entitled to that.
However i can not comment on that much to be honest. For me the job requires no medical knowledge as he is basically just a "manager" to coordinate etc.
In this he has prooven himself in the past, granted from your point of view on the "wrong" side of the aisle.

Point 2. He believes people are a blight on the world (my words to express his view) The view that human beings are a blight is quite common amongst both liberals and some conservatives. Contrast that with the view of many Christians that each person matters.
While you are free to belief what you think to be true there is a difference between saying you belief something or claiming he said something.
The first would be ok the latter is not.
Furthermore if i consider how many posting on this forum here are in regards of the wish to discriminate against people etc i am seriously starting to question if the statement about christians belief every human matters can be a true statement.
To me after reading all this posts on various matters and topics the statement would be more true if it would be modified into: "For a christian every human matters equally unless..." (insert any minority, other religion, female etc at the ..."

Point 3. Ebola is not going to be the global pandemic that depopulates the world but like many things it will claim the lives of many and that is not the point being made the point being made is that Liberals are not all that they claim to be.
Liberals are not all what they claim to be. I can agree with that.
I would add to that statement: Neither are conservatives. Neither are christians and so on.

I would like to drop a line that was popular amongst some socialists back in the day.
"You can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs"
Are we Christians or political hacks?

The phrase comes in origin from someone far away from a liberal. (French revolution royalist)
Are we Christians?
If we are Christians where in the bible does it tell you it is ok to bear false witness against others?
Where in the bible is the commandment from Exodus 20:16 invalidatet?

Lastly i come to this:
BTW, Your working very hard to protect a fellow liberal. Looks good, great contrast to the points I have been making.

I am sorry you misunderstood my notion.
This has nothing to do with "liberal" or "conservative" etc.
For me the whole point is whether we are allowed to bear false witness or not.
I did defend "conservatives" just as much as i did defend Mr Klain or i did defend other religions just as much as Mr Klain.
My understanding of that has nothing to do on what side of the political aisle you or someone stands but rather if a claim is true and can actually be proven or not.

Furthermore here i will clarify something:
I do understand that for you the term "liberal" is something bad or meant as an insult.
For me it is not. Far from it.
It was liberals in the past which made a lot of the things possible we base our societies on it.
It will be liberals which build the foundation of the future and to move on.
It is liberals which defend the rights of the weak and protect them.
All things which we have examples for in scripture and we as christians should follow that lead and follow Jesus example and strive forward.
(Liberals does not mean "Democratic Party" or "Republican Party" btw even tho it is often understood that way.)


"Let me start where this whole thing began:
"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor." (Exodus 20:16)"

Let me be clear no one is bearing false witness.  It is up for debate as to what he means by his own words. 

Using scripture to say shut up is not going to work.   Please explain in your words what Ron Klain is trying to say.   It is no big secret that many in both liberal and conservative camps believe that humans are a blight on the planet.   No one here is saying that Ron Klain wants to set up FEMA camp with ovens to exterminate humans, the question is does he care if a few people die from Ebola. You are bearing false witness that people here are saying that everyone here is a Conspiracy nut.  No one is. The words are his and I do not think Ron Klain has a body double.   Maybe he does or he doesn't mean what we think he says, his words are there for us to examine and we can form an opinion based on his own words as to what he means.

Eugenics was quite popular and still is, it just is verboten as a subject in certain circles because of that little thing that happened in Europe back in the 30s and 40s.   There are many radical environmentalist who call for depopulation.  Key word radicals,  did you see that word radical, that means not every environmentalist but some radical ones believe this.  


Point 1 - What does Ron Klain believe when you examine the words in his video as to a few Ebola deaths? Fair question.

Point 2 - Why was a lawyer appointed to a job that should have someone who is in the medical field?

Point 3. Is that really Ron Klain in the Video? 


I had said I wouldn't post in this topic again. But since it seems the discussion has shifted away from theories, and focused on actual opinions and dialogue, I figured I'd add my two cents.

Okay so I'll be answering the points:

#1. It seems to me that there is no real link between his words in the video and the few Ebola deaths. His words on the stress that a growing population can put on resources is merely a statement. He is opening the floor for dialouge on what to do. I do believe there are many options. As for the few Ebola deaths, they make no difference to the overall problem. So what does Ron Klain believe? Ron Klain most likely believes that they are separated issues.

#2. Simply put, Politics. That's it. That's how politics work. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Im sure he scratched many backs to get to where he is today.

#3. I have no reason to believe it's not him. Then again, you never know. But I will say it's most likely him.


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