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I'm no prophet! But could obamacare just possibly be the start of the reaping season for the generations of sowing by the abortion industry. As medical costs go higher and higher and what we are seeing with obamacare in that people are not buying it, indeed many are claiming they will just pay the fine, is it not possible the answer for the unsustainable spending for medicine would be euthanasia? Irony of ironies. The survivors of the abortion generation deciding the fate of the perpetrators by declaring there is no quality of life; just put them to sleep. I know it sounds like something out of a bad movie but we live in an age of godlessness even among many professing Christians. What do you think?

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They are outside their legitimate sphere when they literally violate my GOD GIVEN and NATURAL and CONSTITUTIONAL rights.  They can't force me to contract with a private corporation. 

Here's only one example:

It violated precedent law regarding natural and God given Rights of Contract, as well as the Due Process clause as found in Lochner v. New York.

"the Court established that the 'freedom, or liberty of contract was a basic, fundemental right protected by the liberty and property provisions of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment.' As a natural right, freedom of contract recieved the greatest judicial protection by the Constitution." --p 108

Me neither brother.  I have posted a public declaration of intent on this thread not to pay, and not to pay the fines for not paying.  They can't make me.  EVER!

I believe,that in time, those who chose not to enroll will be fined first,and later as time progresses,may be persecuted.

I wonder if it is right for us to enroll in Obamacare. Is there anything more behind it?


I would like to offer to be the first one to be fined for not enrolling in a forced contract with a private corporation.  I hereby refuse to participate in any compulsory economic contract with anyone.   I also refuse to pay any taxes or fines for not forcefully engaging in commerce with a government favored entity.

Go ahead and fine me.  See how long it takes you to get paid.  Go ahead and jail me, but oh, you can't can you.  It's civil not criminal.

lol.   YA!  Hey, if we all give them the finger, they lose their power.  The ONLY power they have is our consent.  Well they can't have mine. EVER! lol


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