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My company Universal IT Technologies has started our internship program at Kennesaw State University in 2016. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, as owner of Universal It Technologies LLC Computer Repair Kennesaw Georgia, I would like to present my current interns from Kennesaw State University for summer session 2018. #WELCOMESTUDENTS

So far they are doing great, hoping that they'll succeed during their time at my company and after they graduate.

Also, we do have a Seventh-day Adventist member at my company. Thanks for your continued prayers and support as my company continues to grow

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Happy Reading.

Now, the the compTIA A+ examination, well again, this concerns me if someone posses their cert if the individual does not have hands on experience or if they are not feeling comfortable. 

I have a new student and we have done several more ssd upgrades without any certification. Our customers has given us great feedback.

Glad that you purchase your study materials but I already know that you are a very wise and experienced person. 

Just curious what software do you use for migrating to ssd?

I use Acronis to clone Crucial SSD's and Samsung Migration for Samsung Products. 

Thanks, I had been using clonezilla since it's free and non-profit work is budgeted.  However, it doesn't do large to small drives well.

I'll have to revisit Samsung Migration the next time I get my hands on an samsung ssd. I've tried programs like it in the past but the copy "cloning" method they used wasn't always accurate.

Acronis looks very promising through. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.

The best for Mac is Superduper. It never fsiled.

For Windows; Acronis True Image. But I have seen Acronis fail on two occassions I think. Its not as easy to use as Superduper, which is the fastest and most dependable. It saved me many times.

i only used earlier verions of Acronis, I think nine was good, 10 not so much.

Don’t get me wrong Acronis has a lot of features, when everything works, its very good.

With cloning you can have multiple drives/particians/OS/backups. 

Then you add virtual machines: its crasy. Just name your drives carefully.

For example I use internal and external designation “Internal El Capitan.”

Haven't had to do a lot of work in the Mac arena.  The only apple products I've had to support were Iphones and a few Ipads via an MDM platform.   

I do run a vm with Mac on it just to stay somewhat familiar. I'll see what superduper has to offer when I get a chance.  Thx

James, when was the last time you have used Acronis? 

Hey James, I've got a MAC SSD upgrade gig this Sunday. I've heard that Carbon Copy takes less time to clone than SuperDuper, is that true? 

I haven't used Carbon Copy so I can't say?

The latest version of SuperDuper for El Capitan I installed is good. I only paid under $30 and I get free upgrades for life! 

I also recently installed OnyX but they do not recommend using certain feature with SSD in deep deletion of data. Had sparse bundle issues, deleting back up files from time machine on MyCloud WD and Mac trash. I did not like the interface which had too many parts and was confusing. I am all set up but its read-only drive, I should have formatted for Mac journaled which I think would have made time machine more compatible. This was not readily apparent reading all their glowing apps etc. for their system.

I don't know about Carbon Copy with SSD? There's always too much data and too much upgrades, exceptions and hidden problems that crop up! Not enough time to read everything then you find out issues!

I hope it all goes smoothly for you in the upgrade.

Oh okay. the reviews for Carbon Copy Cloner looks great but wanted to see if you personally used it. The version of my customer MacOX is High Sierra. 

Hi Gabriel:

I installed High Sierra but had to go back to El Capitan as it was slow as Molasses as I have an older Mac mini, late 2009 model. Installed SSD. I am at the end as far as system @ 10.11.6.

Amazing this machine still runs well and is my main machine, is going on 9 years old!

I clone the drive and have Time Machine backups. 

I actually advise my customers to upgrade to high sierra and they love it. A college student had a Macbook Pro that constantly shut down but after upgrading to high sierra, a much better performance.

You had a SSD with High Sierra?


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