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Dr. Neil Nedly teaches people to give up tobacco cold turkey.  What are the remedies for withdrawl.  My friend wants a full surrender he is in porn a little bit and smokes off and on.  He wants a full surrender and I believe he means it.  He is poor person.  What should be done.  he wants to live with me in the pure church.  other things I have believed should be tapered off slower.  Like ice cream sugar chocolate and caffeine.  & gambling, illicit sex, or covetousness grabbing all you can get.  

1.  We must have a full surrender.

2.  What we do not overcome will overcome us.

3.  The toxic things like alcohol and drugs must be delivered from with a 12 step program or go cold turkey which is it??

4.  The easy things of the pharisees like ice cream and cheese need to be tapered off with and completely victorious over.

Let me know your thoughts on this please especially of my friend who wants total victory but can't get it yet.

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My suggestion is surrendering the addiction to God whilst at the same time making a drastic change to life habits.

For example removing oneself from the triggers. When the desire comes, pray for help to overcome and then do something else to break the habit. Smokers often use a cigarette to signal to the body that they have (for example) ceased eating. So replace that signal with something else, get up and go for a walk instead..

Whenever the desire to smoke comes just say, ok but first I will ... This delaying tactic gives the opportunity to find something else to occupy the mind whilst breaking the association of smoking with a particular activity.

A dramatic change in ones situation can also help, it is all about breaking the habit or association. Do not neglect prayer as well. God does not want us to be enslaved to our appetites so make full use of His power.

It is said that you only have to do something 10 times for it to become habitual, so you have to not do it for more than 10 times to break the habit. That is why placing oneself in a totally new situation can be helpful as the patterns that reinforce habits are not there.

One can try the delay and replace tactic that can work with some food habits. Say to oneself, I'm not saying I wont have it but let me have an apple first. If that craving for the foodstuff is still there half an hour after the apple is eaten then you may have to deal with it but often it just isn't there. I have heard that orange juice is particularly effective in changing a smoker's taste buds so if s/he does succumb the experience is not so pleasurable and it starts to bring in a negative association.

Just a quick response, I hope it may help.

Yes I think it will help him.  I'm planning on using the grape juice part on his smoking habit.  & maybe the delay and replace habit for him Lord willing.  I know I'm in the position of the Good Samaritan I was told just let someone else help him he is not your responsibility.  But I know he is.  & If I would fail here it would not be good situation for me as we await the soon return of our Lord where He will render accounts.  & I'm happy that I can help this guy that wants a full surrender and is a long time church member I believe reads spirit of prophecy and tries plus he broke his collar bone when he fell on the slippery ground a while ago.  Which keeps him home sometimes too painful and he is troubled with people that take advantage of his home and his foods and his really life.  Not a good situation at all.  & his tooth is really troubled and he is poor and does not have a good medical care in this area especially since he is vulnerable since he is old and poor and needy.  God bless.  He will provide for our needs.  Matthew 6:33; Luke 12; Philippians 4:19.

Lord willing of course.


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