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This is a petition to keep Adventist Online.

I vow to never again injure another person on this forum through putting down a person in words. I understand that it is fine to kindly debate topics, but the subject matter must be separated from individuals. It is against the 6th commandment to kill people with our words. I will think and write only the good aspects of others, even those I disagree with.

Please post your name below if you agree or if you have any amendments to this petition. If we do not respond, it appears that Adventist Online will be shut down.

I would also like to challenge people to carry this offline to your spouses and family members; also to your friends and foes. IT IS SIN TO SPEAK BAD OF PEOPLE AND GOD TAKES IS SERIOUSLY. Never, ever should an evil word be spoken. Not once. Practice this with your spouse, then you will quickly master Christlike speech. It is not hard. Just put on Christ.

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Reay Donawa

Please keep the Site running. 

I get to meet so many wonderful people online here for the past 5 years.   

i would like to keep the site going.  daniel

Adding my name. please let us treat each other with dignity, love and grace. God bless us all and let's LIVE so that all who meet us, meet JESUS. I love AO people.

I'm in.  I didn't read all of the posts so this may be a repeat but this needs to be unilateral. It doesn't matter what anyone says or does to me, I must always respond with the love of Jesus.


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