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I am making an urgent appeal for everyone who is able to pray for the Laurelwood Academy campus in Laurelwood, OR. The campus is currently in the last days of an offer to be purchased by a local Ananda group. All of us here are sad to see that God will no longer be glorified on this land. If you are familiar with Ananda you know they practice yoga and enlightenment. They are constantly working the deal to include more and more or they won't buy. The seller is just desperate to sell the property and is not concerned with who takes it, not thinking about the impact to the remaining properties surrounding the campus that the seller owns. 

Please pray that God's will be done to glorify Him the most. It is with hopeful hearts that we are prayerful for God to cause a miracle to happen, ending the current deal and bring another buyer who will use this land to honor God and grow His kingdom. I will update everyone, but in the meantime, please pray with all your might. Thank you so much for your prayers.


God bless you all,


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i just couldn't help but to notice your down to earth appeal and your asking adventist online to pray for a miracle to happen.  is it possible to send me a more detailed info of this acquisition and how much is needed to hold off Ananda group from taking over.  send the detailed info to:


i can't promise anything, but to refer this to some investors, adventist who may consider this property, if its worth their investment and return.


sir james





Who is the seller?

Is Laurelwood Academy just leasing or renting it?

They were renting it up until about a year ago, but they are selling now.

The seller is McDougal Bros. Investments.

Thank you for your prayers.

It is always a sorrow to see property pass from our church to outsiders.  I worked at the old Georgia-Cumberland summer camp Atoka Springs.  It is still hard to pass the road to the camp when I'm in the area.  I know the new location was better but memories are hard to let go of.

In the case of Laurelbrook, from what I glanced at online, the property was extensive at one time.  What made the conference move?  Seems like we are losing more and more sight of what the original model set out by the church was.  I attended college at Southern Missionary College many years ago but never attended church academies or schools.  I have a brother-in-law who is a teacher at an academy but not much else in the way of experience. 

I do have a question.  We dedicate new properties to God's use.  When we sell those properties, we seem to have no interest in who buys them or what their intent is.  Is that a sin to sell something that was dedicated to God?  For instance, someone turning an old church into a home?  Is a dedication just a temporary "while we are using it for God" blessing?  Does a dedication mean that the proceeds of the sale are set aside for God's use and so, we sell to the highest bidder to get more money for God or does a dedication mean that we try to sell only to buyers who will use the property for God?  Just something I've wondered for many years.

I feel that when God provides something that we should continue to carry on His will. In the event that selling is necessary I think it should be important to sell to someone with at least some similar teaching or goal. This is not exactly the situation where the money is going to the church, it's for a half adventist company.

The academy rebuilt in Jasper, OR about 15 years ago or so and I have been told that the move was due to tax issues; however, I don't know how complete that story is. The property was rented to Mission College for 8 years and then they left to do training in Guam for what was supposed to be one semester and turned into over a year. The property was originally owned by the Laurelwood Academy then sold to McDougal who donated it to OCI which failed for whatever reason in their efforts and apparently McDougal bought it back again. I feel bad for him but at the same time I wish he was not so desperate to sell. I would rather see someone use the property to glorify God instead of to a group who's practices are questionable and do not follow the Bible. For them its more about enlightenment and finding your own inner self to bring yourself to a higher level of being. It's kind of scary.

I know that whatever happens it is all in God's hands and I am in continual prayer that God provides a better solution to this problem.

Thank you for your prayers.

Dear Amy and Sir James,

I just came across your post while researching why and who sold the beautiful campus at Laurelwood to Ananda. It looks like the same thing is now happening to the beautiful 328 acre campus of DayStar Adventist Academy in Castle Valley, Utah. Right now, July 7th, 2016... but it's not to late to save this one. Actually, it would take very little!

It also appears that the same organization will be facilitating the sale of DayStar, if it happens, as with Laurelwood!

This campus and Castle Valley Farm has great value. Not only monetarily, but most importantly, as a training center for God's people... we desperately need such schools in America, and because of the lack of Vision, our schools are perishing and selling for pennies on the dollar to the pagans. I know of several that have closed over the past few years under similar circumstances.

Anyone who would like to help save yet another of God's campuses, now is the time to stand. There is a great core staff at DayStar and on the Farm working hard to save it. It can be saved for very little investment, and they can pay it back quickly! One week ago, they were featured on 3ABN, but Satan's forces are trying to discourage and close the campus. This must not happen!

You can contact me at

Here is the Campus and Farm...


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