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Hello Community,

Hope everyone is doing well. I would like to inform you that things are going in a good direction in my life, I'm taking my next BIG STEPS. Even though I'm not going to reveal the exact details but I'm asking for a prayers and support, thank you.


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Best wishes Gabe. There's often a lot of stress that comes with big steps.  I pray God guides you along the best path.

Trust me there is but it's worth it because at the end, my reward will be BIG! I trust and have faith in him, thanks! 


I pray that whatever the 'big step' is Christ is the leader. I pray that He will be by your side and continue to pronounce His blessings upon you and others in your next big step.

God blessings brother!!!!!


I keep praying each day that he will lead me, guide me, and separate me from those who will bring me harm. Blessings to you :)


Brother Gabe,

It has been wonderful to meet you here on this site.  I think God will guide you as He provides you with the necessary Character in His arms.

Big Blessings to you,


Thanks Brother, things are progressively going well. Just waiting where he will lead me. Blessings Gabriel

God bless you in whatever endeavors you are about to take. :)

Thank you! Things are coming together but I'm taking one day at a time. Sabbath is near so Happy Sabbath to you. 


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