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President Barack Obama - Has won. He is now the 44th President of the United States.

We are now finally the UNITED States Of America. That says its all. This is just a symbol and a first step of an even longer journey.

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This victory by Barack Obama is truly symbolic of what makes the United States really united. This is what Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt of seeing. This is what he talked about, and finally we who are alive today have shared in this historic moment.

I have a dream.
So True & Well Said Bobby.
That is a good news, He won
That is so true Jerry

ppl have truly looked beyond Colour and are now looking How to deal with Real issues that they face in this Life..

United States is now open for CHANGE!
I did not care too much about the black people who voted for him. I was more concerned about the white voters. 61% of his voters were white. WOW!!! Thats the message that was needed.... that it is ok for whites to show love and trust that a black guy can run this country. In the mean time, the entire country was EDUCATED about politics and and the economy. So many people were glued to the news stations to hear the candidates speak about the issues. So many new and first time voters. So many people were introduced to the DOW and stocks, etc. things that so many just did not care about before.

Blacks were educated that EDUCATION is the key to success. Not drugs(he tried it but soon came to his senses and stopped), violence(his opponent kept attacking him but he did not fight back as much), being loud(he stayed calm), etc. It was education and being calm so you can think of solutions. It was about being ambitious, not settling for less than the best. He was so good in what he did, that people were forced to look beyond his color. It was in the way his campaign was organized.

We have learned a lot from this guy. Lets apply it to our daily and spiritual lives.
It saddens me that Adventists could support Barak Obama. It also saddens me that Adventists could vote for McCain.

When I was called into the Adventist church, I heard a lot about religious liberty. In The Great Controversy, I read of how one day the United States would reject freedom of conscience and reject the Constitution that guarantees our freedom to worship as our conscience dictates us as led by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. To my shock and disappointment, I learned that there were a lot of Adventists who support the Democrat Party, a party that once stood for the Jeffersonian ideal, but radically changed after 1840. It has historically rejected the Bill of Rights, divided the country over the issue of slavery that resulted in the American Civil War, and has used Marxist thought to enslave everyone through Affirmative Action, Social Security and welfare, and a long list of other failed programs. Before I became an Adventist, I walked away from the Republican party. George I told us to read his lips. Then he stuck his tongue out at the people who elected him, and that gave us eight years of failure under Bill Clinton.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In my opinion Obama was elected because of the color of his skin, and not because of the character of his heart. Dr. King's dream has not been fulfilled.

Nothing will change as a result of today's election. We are only a few steps closer to the final events that end in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Obama promises change, but he did not say that his change would be for the better. When Jesus appears, things will change, and that is the change I seek, that is the change I crave, and that is the dream I want fulfilled. Surely come quickly Lord Jesus. Amen.

Please allow me to alter one line from Dr. King. "And when this happens, when we see Jesus Christ appear in the clouds of glory on that day of His revealing, all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last! Free at last!

Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

As long as there is sin in this world, there will never be unity. We must strive for the unity of the Holy Spirit. As long as there is sin in this world, it will always be filled with violence and poverty. We must pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

There is nothing to celebrate today. The clouds on the horizon are growing darker. All we can look for now is the light that rips the sky apart and Jesus appears to take us home. When that happens, I will celebrate. Until then, I have work to do. Let us pray for each other, that the LORD will send workers to the mission field so the harvest will be great.
Come on. Do you really think w/ him being elected makes it all good that an African American has been elected. Is this the only issue you can use to say that it is good that he is elected? Come on, there are deeper, more important issues to be considered besides that. Honestly I really have not followed the presidential race, but I have heard of some of the issues. Have any of you followed this presidential race, and you do not know of the deeper issues, really come on?
I respect all of your opinions regarding this but I would like to say, "beware" what you are saying in your praise of Obama's election.
Anyways my 2 cents worth.
There were better options than Obama and McCain. We as Adventists claim to believe in liberty, and yet we can't vote for Bob Barr? We couldn't support Ron Paul? They were the only candidates who we have anything in common with where freedom of conscience is concerned.

There are social programs that waste taxpayer dollars that should never have come into being. They exist because the Church as a whole failed to do the right thing in caring for the poor, the widows, the orphans, the elderly. We neglected our duty and the State stepped in and gave us welfare, social security and other wonderful programs of wealth redistribution. Trillions of dollars have been wasted, and dare I say skimmed off the top by corrupt government officials, in fighting a war on poverty.

On environmental issues, we as Adventists who keep the Sabbath should have a much better understanding of what it means to be stewards of this wonderful planet God has provided for us. We should be the on the cutting edge of conservation. What happened to Arbor Day? When I was younger, it was a day set aside for those who wanted to could go somewhere and plant a tree. Trees and plants, according to my science books from junior high and high school, convert CO2 into oxygen. We should be using the Sabbath to promote Christian conservatism of the earth, and pointing to it as evidence of God's love for us from creation. We have 52 celebrations a year that point to God as our creator, and 52 reminders that we must take care of the gift God has given us. The world gave us the New Age thingy called Earth Day celebrated once a year. Who needs Earth Day when we have SABBATH, "the sign of the most ancient and holy Father" and His love? It isn't good enough to go "green."

The Adventist church has the education solutions the world needs. The government has given us the National Education Administration. Why do we want the government educating our children about evolution and other useless agendas?

Obama is not the best choice on the issues we are facing. He and McCain are part of the system that caused the problems in the first place. By electing Obama, we have only made things more difficult for ourselves. Samuel warned the people of the dangers of having a king, but the people clung to their desires. What price are we going to pay now for our decision to elect Obama?
I'll stick with idealism. Pragmatism guarantees that suffering will continue. Do we want a better world, or not? If we want something better, then we better be idealists and making changes in our lifestyles so that others will be touched in ways that I can't imagine. If I were more pragmatic, I'd still be in eastern Kentucky looking for a deadend job instead of serving in Asia as a missionary.
Look closely, for when we least expect, the coming of our Lord is upon us. All world events, including the historic presidential elections are all part of the fulfillment of God's prophecy. We are happy as black ppl, but we need to be cognizant of what is happening behind the scenes. Has any one man have the influence of our fellow brother? How could on man inspire hope in so many ppl? He is a good guy, but remember flesh and blood does not run the affairs of this world. I do not want to say much more but to say, study to shew thyself approved unto God so when the world cries peace, you will be aware of what is happening. May God guide all of us who seek Him in spirt and truth.
This is very true!...The only man that stood for the freedoms, liberty, citizen rights and going back to the CONSTITUTION was Ron Paul. He had been the only man in congress that has been warning the us as a country that we were heading toward economic troubles and a depression. But they called him a lunatic.He was not even shown on the debates on television and had raised just as much money as McCain during the republican convention. He was not just a name sake Christian but one that lived and acted like one, although he was not a Seventh Day Adventist. Do you know laws like the patriot Act, no child left behind and War on Drugs allow the government to have more power than the citizens. Where government/police power overrides the individuals. I've heard of people who have become victims to these acts. We as Adventists, should not have become so superficial and looking at the surface of individuals, since we know prophecies and what will happen. We need to wake up and start understanding whats happening. These acts are leading toward a LESS DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT AND MORE TOWARDS A COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST society. All the other politicians/candidates, especially the main ones are going to bring to more extremes of what president Bust has done. President Obama is know wanting to pass a law where each citizen needs NATIONAL IDS, something that happened during the Nazi rule. Our rights as citizens are slowly being taken away from us, and the devil is attacking like an enemy that creep up behind you and then surprises us and attacks. We have to wake up church!! Look up NWO or the EU..its happening before our own eyes. The end is coming and is already here.
The thing here is where will you be when this things start happening.... we read the bible and we fully understand the master plan that was laid before the foundation of this earth on how the end will be. my worry to us who are alive today is whether we are deeply routed to the doctrine of christ. Irrespective of Obama's policies and plans, we as adventist our hope should rest ultimately upon the coming of christ. Where all our worries, pains, tears, will be done away with. It is true that we are in the world but that does not mean we should be partakers of the things of the world. All we need to do as children of the most high is to keep watch for the hour of His coming knoweth no man.

The bible speaks of how the last days would be... bethren we cant change this for Jehovah has spoken.. come on guys, where does your hope rest


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