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In reffrence to last weeks lesson discussion on the above subject, God chose PRIESTS to intercede for the the children of Israel who sined.They (Priests) were to offer animal sacriffices were by they could sprinkle the animal blood on the alter then again sprinkle salt to the animal before burning it (Numbers 18).What was the significance of this salt that was sprinkled on the sacrifice?

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All our good works and self righteousness being sent to the flames
Good question.

In my view the significance of the salt [at least in part] was to teach that the Sacrifice has not only the power to provide remission from sin, but that it also has power to preserve us [to keep us] from corruption and sin.

We do not need to be like the purged dog that returns to it's vomit -- We do not have to return to a sin once we have been purged of it.

I believe that the sacrifice was incomplete without this 'ingredient' (this truth).

Hey Isaiah;

I'd be interested in the resource or reference you are using that define the meanings of the sacrifices and all that goes with them. I have been wanting to study that aspect a little more to learn about the symbolism, but haven't found a real good reference work yet. So what's your secret?


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