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Please answer the questions below honestly and prayerfully consider signing the petition, then pass this link on to all the Adventists you know while you continue to pray.

Do you feel comfortable with the racial and ethnic divide in the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

As a member of God's remnant church, do you think the present racially designed structure of governance is God's ideal?

Do you think like many others, that the present segregation at the local conference level is hurting our efforts to lead others to Christ?

Are you prepared to do something about it for the salvation of others?
Here's your opportunity to do so.

Please click the link and sign the petition to the General Conference in session asking the Church to have an atonement service to reconcile the races and pass a resolution as suggested in the document:

Let us pray for God's guidance and blessings in this.

Prepared by: Committee on Diversity
Collegedale, Tennessee

In Christ,
Canute Birch, member
Collegedale SDA Church
Collegedale, TN

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All over the USA there are black and white churches in the reional (black) and state (white) conferences respectively. In either of these conferences you could also occasionally find a sprinkling of other ethnicities. Typically, however, whites are a part of a white conference and blacks the same. The Hispanics have also been seeking to form their own conferences for more than fifteen years now. I was personally told this by influencial hispanics. What is the reason for this segregation and the desire to do so? It seems to be because the racial/ethnic division was created by a vote of the highest body in the Church, i.e. at a GC session in 1944, when the white reufesed to allow capable black pastors/leaders to participate in the leadership of the Church. Consequently, everyone is seeking to carve out his territory in the church and defend it against other members who are not of their race/ethnicity.

If you'd follow the link provided among the questions you would see our rationale for this. The leaders of the
Church admit this that there is a divide. Why can you not see it? A couple months ago I called the GC and spoke to one of its vice-president and later to an undersecretary. In my conversation with the former, they admitted that the problem exists and that individual leader do admit it in a one and one conversation, but would not take the initiative to do anything about it. When asked if the grassroots of the Church could, it was agreed by them that the grassroots can do anything it the Church.

On the NAD Office of Human Relations website, one of the problems it identifies in the segregation issue is "white flight." Calvin Rock posits that after a white Church is infiltrated by about 30% blacks, the move on either to another functioning white church or they raise up one to be by themselves. There is a problem. Black conferences do not normally hire white pastors or vice versa unless, as in the latter, immigrant ethnic people, who seem to have no regard for race/ethnicity in the SDA Church, and they demand it by holding their tithes after it has got to a certain amount. Then they get action. This approach (holding tithe) is unbiblical and therefore unacceptable! But why do we not create a semblance of unity by reconfiguring the conferences, without regard for race/ethnicity, meanwhile allowing specific racial/ethnic needs to guide our decisions.

In Christ everyone is a brother and sister. We should be able to look out for each other and learn to worship with each other.
Have you asked the people who separated themselves from the denominational structure in the '50s (for whatever reason) just when they plan to dismantle the "separate structures" which "they" set up? There is no reason to continue the status Quo. The Unions in which there is separation along racial lines need to be examined very closely. Please explain to me why the so-called 'white' conferences all have 'black' churches, pastors, conference staff members. Please enlighten me as to which of the 'so-called black' conferences have "white churches, pastors or conference staff". Thank you 'Nuff sed
I agree that the Church (GC) created the problem because of the prejudice of its members. It follows, therefore, that the Church (GC) must lead in resolving it. And the best place to start would seem to be at confession. She must admit the wrong (sin) that was done in this matter and we all need to have the spirit of apology, forgiveness, reconciliation. And this ought to be done publicly as was the vote to separate. I think we can agree that the regional (black) conferences are as guilty of perpetuating the separation as are the whites who coporately initiated it.
Ah, my brother.....there's where we are in disagreement......".the whites who corporately initiated it"...... I doubt, seriously, that you were there when the separation took place................"I was." My father was the one who had to go in and separate the assets of the GNY Conference to set up the Northeastern Conference. You and I disagree on who should do the apologizing and confessing. You might as well give up..............."It 'ain't' gonna happen.".... It's in the same category as "we" cannot apologize enough for slavery and will be doing it for the rest of our lives. What is it that you want? ..... Maybe the General Conference should declare that "all Conferences and Unions are now null and void".. From that point onward they will form "new" conferences and Unions based solely on geographic lines. Nobody would admit wrongdoing, nobody would confess anything, nobody would apologize but everybody would be forcibly united to finish the work the Lord has sent us to do.
I fail to believe that this is even true ........this cannot be true. cannot be GOD'S remnant sda church...with people who claim that they are waithing for Jesus . Must have been another church..
I get the impression regional conferences is the elephant in the room. Considering the reasons for regional conferences in the first place (a shameful period in Adventist history, where a 'white' Adventist hospital refused to treat a colored member once they realised she was not white but black (she was fairskinned) , the sister died once she got to the Adventiat 'negro' hospital.) If the reasons still exist - racism in church leadership then is it safe to dismantle the regional conferences? If the reasons no longer exist why not use this as an opportunity to restructure the whole system worldwide, duplicating resources cannot be good stewardship especially in these harsh economic times.
Regional conferences may seem to be the elephant in the room, but is that really the case? Are the so-called white conferences not just as much the same? If whites see the state conferences as their territory and blacks see the regional conferences as their territory, then the problem remains. TMy view is that we should not see any conference as the preferred kind, but for us to dismantle all NAD local conferences and come up with a formula to reconfigure all of them. Are whites prepared to do that? Are blacks prepared to do that?

Also, the Hispanics have been asking for their own conference(s) for many years now. Will they not soon get the voting power to realize that. Nex come the Asians... What king of divided Church are we heading toward? THe fact is, these divided conferences are viewed as power bases. They are used for political end. But is God pleased with this? I think not.
It's time.
Amen, Rob. May we all learn to love each other's differences. I see many who pass on cultures and stories of oppression from the past to the next generations, and i am not convinced it is for the good. It seems to serve
the idea that there are walls between us. And it saddens me that Europeans believe their culture is the pattern
we must all adopt.
The church is influenced by the world rather than the reverse. Sinful humanity acts if Caucasians are the default humaniods with the rest of us being exceptions to this default. The church is just the same. Our services reflect a Eurocentric bias especially our music. Its 2010 and yet the criteria to be President of our church is to be a white middles class male.....
It will take spiritual fortitude, prophetic boldness, and political will on the part of the leaders of our Church to lead us to a resolution on this matter. But in Christ it is possible (1 Cor. 4:13). We need to keep praying for this as we constantly keep the issue before the leaders of the Church.
Thanks for the post, i signed. :)


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