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My previous discussion was simple in nature and it really got messy when I red the posts.

People didn't get the simple nature of the question and started spilling everyone's blood not to MENTION OTHERS ARE SO OFFENDED with a single word and would demand a definition.

Christianity has become SOOOOOOOOO COMPLICATED.

So here's the catch.

WE ALL KNOW that matters regarding doctrine is not the perfect example of asking people how we should react to organizations we do not support.


How would you react if your neighbor is an offshoot and you found out they don't have food to eat because of financial constraint? Or what if your office mate is an offshoot (sorry can't find other term except for offshoot so my apologies to the grammar sensitive people out there) should you not greet him or her even if you work under the same office?

How about if you are a teacher and your student is an offshoot or doesn't agree with the teaching of our church.


But how about things outside the concept of church and doctrine?


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You react to them the same way you would a colleague, or a Muslim friend, or a Hindu friend or a rastaman. Not everyone will think and believe as we do (they have that right) and we are to treat them the same way Christ would. Be tactful in presenting your doctrines to them and try  to be Christlike in your approach. Some are deliberately and mischievously fighting the doctrines of the church to push their father's agenda. Church leaders should know how to deal with those persons.  

That's not what the Bible say,Jason.  This is in reference to those who come to SDA churches looking to get other SDA's to join other groups or doctrines. Are you not aware of this?

I like the idea Jason.

But I see that reality is totally different. I have seen church elders in church almost like "go for the kill" reaction.

Anyway, I'd like to hear others how they would see the matter.


haha zowi sorry if I can't land on the words you would like to hear. But I think you get the idea of what I mean with redefined.

I surrender if the discussion goes by the grammar highway hahahahah not my type. Sorry if I can't find the exact words.

Appreciate your participation though :D

If offshoots come and worship in peace let them be.  Most of them are loud though and have no interest in worshiping in peace, they want to recruit the whole church to their offshoot.  That can not be allowed.  The offshoot needs to be disfellowshipped and asked to leave.  If he refuses then law enforcement should be called in. 

This is for everyone's good.  If the offshoot guy thinks the Adventist church is Babylon why would he want to worship in an Adventist church anyway?  After leaving the disfellowshipped member will probably still attempt to reach members by phone and email - and he may win some converts, nothing can be done about that, but he is not to be allowed on the church premises.

Most likely the offshoot member will claim to be a "historic" Adventist, but that is not the point.  We have progressive revelation.  Our church follows the current Statement of Fundamental Beliefs, it does not follow what the church believed 150 years ago.

The offshoot needs to be disfellowshipped and asked to leave.  If he refuses then law enforcement should be called in. 

Have you been reading Eugene Shubert's life story?  ;-)

The members of the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist church have repeatedly requested that the Defendant not engage in [the alleged reprehensible activities]. ...The members of the congregation have repeatedly asked him to not return to the church. ...Shubert insisted on entering the church against the wishes of the membership.

It's amazing how disruptive these offshoot people can be.  They claim to be the real SDA's but somehow cannot treat others with anything resembling Christian love.

I agree with everything you have to say.

Thanks for the share Vincenzo

Yes, as far as harmony is concerned I never had harmony with offshoots regarding church matters. The only harmonious experience I had with them is singing in a state university choir since I am the conductor and I recommend the members for scholarship.

If they don't agree with me then haha they might lose the stipend they enjoy.

I actually don't engage with them with church stuff, I find them really annoying

Hey Jill good share.

So I guess your answer boils down into 2 letters ? ----------------------- NO

And I also see your point :D thanks for the share I am having good insights here as to how to react to them. I'd like to hear more.

We should not run down offshoots, personally I would love to meet some of them and discuss their reasons for their stand, and allow them to defend their sister is an offshoot, and I have met some offshoots and they are never rowdy or rude while attending traditional church, so have I missed something?

Once while attending big camp in Brisbane, an offshoot came to me and asked that we leave traditional church because it was taking the form of Babylon...does that bother you I asked ? Yes He said, the Bible says to get out of Babylon....I see, I said....the Bible in one of the letters to the churches commends those who stick with Babylon and witness while in the churches of Satan...there is no command to leave....

Re 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
 10 Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

Paul had to deal with offshoots all the time with His ministry to Gentile-Jews...the traditional Jews wanted them to be like them...get circumcised and stop speaking in Greek...the Bible does not record Paul fighting with them, or being rude, however his affliction with them is noticed much in the NT....

Notice Jesus with Moses dealing with offshoots, while trying to get salvation into the stiff necked people, mostly ex-Egyptians,  so hard acts of love was necessary at times, (including killing some)... but Jesus fed them all and treated all groups alike. One has to be tactful, kind and stern....your character worth is on trial with offshoots, if they rub you, how will you react? As a ex-teacher dealing with offshoots in a classroom, godly patience is the first requisite for dealing kindly with them


Hey Rob!!!!!!!!!


I like that :D

THanks for the share

"Our church follows the current Statement of Fundamental Beliefs, it does not follow what the church believed 150 years ago."

Jill, what is so wrong with what the church believed 100 or more years ago?

Are you saying that Ellen White and our Advent Pioneers had the wrong teachings, and that we only now, finally, have got the right ones? I find that very hard to believe! We would have to dismiss all of Ellen White's visions etc., and throw all her books in the trash! 

How can any genuine, faithful SDA go along with that?


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