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The little companies assembled to worship God on His holy day have a right to claim the rich blessing of Jehovah. They should believe that the Lord Jesus is an honored guest in their assemblies. Every true worshiper who keeps holy the Sabbath should claim the promise: “That ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.”

*Exodus 31:13. 6T 360.3*

The preaching at our Sabbath meetings should generally be short. Opportunity should be given for those who love God to express their gratitude and adoration.

*6T 361.1*

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The issue is it can turn into a Pentecostalist session if one is not careful, one of the churches nearby are having this problem.

Good leadership can prevent this.

We have our church problems but my church tries to keep the preaching on the low-down.  Not too much meat...  LOL

The head elder told me that he does this for the sake of the children who can't stand a long service.

& to follow the bible rule let everything be done decently and in order.  Subjugation is the key word.

Need to have children's  church some times and children story time sometimes. 

We were given a particular  message for these times and I pray all our churches will give the trumpet that special sound.

We have a children's story every Sabbath.  But I don't think they would do a children's church because there are only about 2 or 3 children in my church.  & the 2 children there last week did not go up for children's story that is why they even have suggested getting rid of the children's story.

& we only had about 20 people in church last Sabbath.  Many people were away.


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