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Where in the Bible does it say HOW to be saved ?

A knowledge of true science is power, and it is the purpose of God that this knowledge shall be taught in our schools as a preparation for the work that is to precede the closing scenes of this earth’s history. The truth is to be carried to the remotest bounds of earth, through agents trained for the work.

But while the knowledge of science is power, the knowledge that Jesus came in person to impart is still greater power. The science of salvation is the most important science to be learned in the preparatory school of earth. The wisdom of Solomon is desirable, but the wisdom of Christ is far more desirable and more essential. We cannot reach Christ through a mere intellectual training; but through Him we can reach the highest round of the ladder of intellectual greatness. While the pursuit of knowledge in art, in literature, and in trades should not be discouraged, the student should first secure an experimental knowledge of God and His will.

The opportunity of learning the science of salvation is placed within the reach of all. By abiding in Christ, by doing His will, by exercising simple faith in His word, even those unlearned in the wisdom of the world may have this knowledge. To the humble, trusting soul the Lord reveals that all true knowledge leads heavenward. "Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 19"

Where in the Bible in chronological order in one Bible passage,  does Scripture explain say HOW to be saved ?

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Yes brother Ian, this text is speaking of taking the SEED, which germinates in your heart unto salvation....

But the steps of Jesus, is about how to keep the SEED growing in your heart, the thing YOU must do to help the SEED grow in the garden of your soul....Most people think once I am baptised and the seed is watered, that's all I have to do....

The Bible speaks of four things we have to do daily to ensure our salvation in Jesus happens every day....

See my posts for answers to what these fours works we do with Jesus are....


True Brother Rob as it is, some evangelists puts it like this BE-LIVE. In other words Living your belief. A casual assent to Jesus is just not enough.   

Your right brother Ian, as an average gardener, I know there's a bit of work involved in making fruit, even if the power comes from GOD....


Our Pastor did a wonderful job telling us to be saved by Jesus grace...

Grace is the Hebrew word for kindness, the undeserved hospitality of God to serve the visitor with love and kindness, even salvation so costly to His Son is offered to you freely if you just take it. Sure the SEED is offered freely to you by His grace. But that's not the only story...for the SEED will germinate in you and make changes to the garden of your soul, and the Seed will need your co-operation in order to help it produce 100 fold, or 60 fold or just 3 fold, the seed requires help from you....

The Steps to Jesus are the Bible procedures to remain with the Seed until it makes fruit in your life. This process is outlined in the Book of Jesus (Hosea by other spelling) and is very simple indeed to do and follow. This is the only place found in Scripture where such steps are chronologically outlined in the same way as Ellen White's book Steps to Jesus. Every day we should follow these steps to ensure our ongoing salvation in Jesus....without daily growth in Jesus, the power of Jesus shrinks and eventually dies, and you require more Seeds to sow in your garden, the process is one of gathering His love, and emptying that love for new flow of love. As we receive we give.  And as we refresh others we refresh ourselves.

For further studies

May we enjoy the love we find in Jesus, and training ourselves to embrace that love fully every day

Happy Sabbath


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