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  • "We are in danger of becoming a sister to fallen Babylon, of allowing our churches to become corrupted, and filled with every foul spirit, and cage of every unclean and hateful bird." Letter 51, 9/6/1886

"That these men should stand in a sacred place, to be as the voice of God to the people, as we once believed the General Conference to be--that is past". --Last Day Events 50.4 

“As for the voice of the General Conference, there is no voice from God through that body that is reliable.” -Manuscript 57, October  12, 1895 & Manuscript Releases, vol 17, p 178

"The church is in the Laodicean state. The presence of Christ is not in her midst." -Notebook Leaflets, p 99
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Signs that we are been betrayed
1. The organisation no longer believes in that anti- Christ is the papacy.
 "...if he was taught that the Pope is the anti-christ, I think that would be a misunderstanding. I don't feel that's what we as a church believe.... ...[the anti-christ], that's not a person. That's not an individual..."(Kenneth Cox, representing the SDA church on WTGL TV interview, February 8, 1993.)

2.They no longer believe that the mark of the beast is Sunday:
"...the Sabbath...[is] God's sign of obedience....But we must beware! Anyone whose focus is on the Sabbath...who looks at his Sabbathkeeping as the ground of his a candidate for the mark of the beast." Adventist Review, September 7, 1989, p 26.
3.They believe that we should worship on Sunday on not pay the Sabbath much consideration although God gave us the Sabbath as a sign between His people and himself.
"All busy people yearn for a day of rest. God Himself gave His permission, a command even, for a day to allow the soul and spirit to be refreshed. This is God’s gift to us. He will take care of us physically and spiritually if we follow His plan. Our systems need the replenishment. Sunday is a special day for this worship and refreshment.... "Thoreau said, if you want to destroy the Christian faith, first take away Sunday. He was right; it’s a holy day, for those who know Jesus Christ as Saviour it cannot be a holiday. For those of you who have gathered around the cross and have been saved and washed clean by His blood, it is a sacrilege to do anything else on that day except to celebrate what God has done. "If we abuse Sunday, we’re going to destroy something beautiful that God has given. No Sunday means no church; no church means no worship; no worship means no religion; no religion means no morality; no morality means no society; no society means no government; no government means anarchy. That s the choice before us." Confessions of a Nomad: What We Learned in Sinai’s Shadow, page 86 and 120, by Carolyn and William Self, copyrighted by the SDA Ministerial Association and published by the Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1998.

3. the name Seventh Day Adventist is a name for persons who hold true to the beliefs of the SDA it is not an organisation and yet the General Conference is carrying members to court suing them for using the name. Some of the persons are: John Maric in 1984-1987. Raphel Perez. No wonder they have trademarked the name running it like a buisness as they said.

"We've got to PROTECT that name ["Seventh-day Adventist"], because we are giving a false impression to the world...And this church/state business; be a little careful how you use that, because that is not in scripture:  separation of Church and State.  That is a particular North American philosophy. It exists no where else in the world." Neal C. Wilson [Former Seventh Day Adventist General Conference President regarding the trademark], P.U.C. Sanctuary, June 18, 1988


4. Adventist vatican

We now have a Seventh day Vatican liking SDA to the mother church.


5. They no longer consider the work of Sister White has relevant to today.


There are so much more email: for queries, complaints or comments.

Its time to separate and join the remnant which is a small group. The Bible said many will be deceived and only a few saved.

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First why does it seems that you were online during the Sabbath? I hope not. Second whoever finds themselves in the seat of the office is the antichrist so does all the others before him.
What do you do on the Sabbath Barbee?
Well since the Sabbath is the mark of God we have to ensure that we do our best to keep it holy and blissful. I was saying that to Alexander because i know the temptation and distraction of been on the web during the Sabbath hours. Why would we want to put ourselves in such matters?
What temptation I have to ask?
Please there is facebook and other media sites not to mention keeping up to sports and talking to someone on bb. There are so many devices and persons that the devil uses to distract us on the Sabbath stop closing your eyes to facts.
Do you go to church on the Sabbath day?

Why do you ask and yes i follow the Lord's commandment of keeping the sabbath holy and more importantly do not use church so loosely the church is where two or three gather in the name of the Lord.

Why now would you ask me if I go to church on the Sabbath?

I asked for the simple reason that it is not unlike being on the internet if you wish to see it that way.

(the word YOU here is a general term and not directed at you personally)

you most likely drive your car to church. (light several thousand fires per minute to get there. - no fires on the Sabbath remember) then you drive it home again.
you go past advertising signs and billboards on the journey offering non Sabbath thoughts and temptations.
You may even be tempted to covet the car next to you at the traffic lights or even be tempted by the attractive driver or passenger.
There can be all sorts of temptations at the church, if you let yourself be distracted in such a way (just like the internet don't look there if that is what it does)
Someone invariably brings up sport or secular news while chatting after the service.





Don't be such a snake Alexander, you are showing your true colours by doing so.

I am right here so don't have the audacity to assume anything about me and then try to use that as a tool of seduction.

INDICTMENT AGAINST THE GENERAL CONFERENCE NUMBERS 1 TO 5 ARE ALL FALSE & GROUNDLESS. Listen to all the broadcasts heard 24/7 on ALL Advemtost TV networks:  3ABN and HOPE-TV.  Listent to the closing Hour of Worship sermon by the newly elected president, Ted Wilson, and every single item is TOTALLY ADDRESSED, and  the General Conference to date (October 31 2011), is a confirmation of all the Fundamental Beliefs of the church is currently the churches' position.  sorry to hear all of these accusations, which are FALSE.



Really list some of the fundamental beliefs of the church and see if it matches with the earlier pioneers.Also show me where the  conference is actually practicing what it is preaching. And then explain to me why Sister White would say the General Conference is no longer the voice of God? Which voice is it now?


Stop trying to make me an enemy and look at the evidence before your face. We are saying Allah is the true God, we are bowing down to the East, we apologize to Rome for preaching the three angel's messages and have an Adventist Vatican. Explain such apostasy.

The man who made that apostasy website is a fierce antagonist to the SDA church. He used to be Adventist at one point in time. I used to be very familiar with his ministry and work. He is one of the main individuals online labeling the SDA church as Babylon and calling the members of our churches to leave and form a new denomination/league with his denomination...something sister White warned would happen and also something we are told should never happen (the forming of a new denomination or denominational name). I would strongly advise anyone to stay away from his websites.


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