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My question for this discussion is How are we as SDA's going to set and example as How the woman are to be modest in the chruch when we have women coming in there with short and tight skirts, the chest poping out, make up and jewley, ect you name it there doing it. So how are we to teach what's in the bible when the ones that know better are the main one doing this!!!

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Many of our Adventist women, and men miss the mark, when it comes to how we dress. Hairstyles. Some are wearing dreadlocks like a Rastafarian.
This is so interesting Johnny. The rastafarian hairstyle is somewhat only a style and some people who wear this hairstyle do not practice this form of religion. It varies from culture to culture with dress codes!
I hear your point, but, we have to remember that Christianity must transcend culture or tradition. That is the reason I left the Pentecostal church even when people kept saying (and I was saying it too for a time) that we all worship the same God and this is the church that my mother and grandmother, etc., grew up in. I became SDA because of what the Holy Spirit revealed to me in the Word of God. You are correct--many, many persons will wear a particular style not because of a religion, but, because they like the way it looks. Personally I like the way locks look, however, for many years I have wanted to do that to my hair, but, I never did because I have always been uncertain about whether it would be against the will of God. That's the only reason I never did, because I really love the style.

We have to be careful about the things we do in the name of personal style and remember that ultimately, we are here to worship and bring glory and honour to God.

In addition, there are persons who will choose not to enter our church because of the things they see us do or wear that as far as they are concerned are worldly practices. We should refrain from doing things that may be a stumbling block to others. Someone may say that no one should choose to stay away from the church because of what others in the church do, but, that's the reality and we have to work with that and remove the stumbling blocks that are evident in our lives so that we can be that light on a hill drawing others to God and His truth.
Happy Sabbath all,

I have read many of the comments and really appreciate and value the points. I do believe that once we have allowed the Holy Spirit to change our ways our lifestyle should be different. On the topic of dress code and what is appropriate - just today my driving instructor was asking me "what was considered woman garment and man garment". I was lost for an explanation as I tried to carefully thread the ground but couldn't find the appropriate answer as this may vary again based on culture. Yes we are above culture and traditions.

But how do you explain a man wearing a "skirt" as in the British Culture? Isn't that a woman's garment? How do I go about explaining this to my instructor? Thanks.

Good one Sis Monique.


It is all about YOUR relationship with God.


I remember when I was knotting up my hair.  Yea it was all about "the style".


Then the Lord showed me, in scripture, about not combing your hair.


I had to cut them off.


I was not in mourning.


What did Christ say to Peter?


What buisness is that of your...take up YOUR cross, and follow me.


There is a lot of THINGS going on in our churches, but what has that got to do with MY salvation.




God bless



I tell you, Johnny, you bring up a very strong point. I don't know how we can get the church in general to conform to what many of us know is right. It is likely that we can't. What I will say is that those of us who know better should be sure to be lights on a hill that will draw others. There are probably going to be persons who choose to join the SDA church when they see us doing what is right and modest after they had chosen not to enter the church because of the wrong that they saw others do.

There will probably be persons, whether here on Earth or in heaven, who will tell some of us that we are one of the main reasons they chose to enter our church and, that, because of how they saw us dress or witness or whatever.

there is nothing evil about dreadlocks

for goodness sakes

this is creeping me out


i have a dear friend who thinks women shouldnt wear pantyhose

says its evil


this is how people think?>

Surely the heavens cannot applaud this and neither can it remain silent about it. When the Word tells us to seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all shall be added unto us, daughters and sons of men are ardently seeking for worldly pleasures right in the temple of the most high God. This class of christians profess the faith but lack the power thereof.
Children of God have a duty to present themselves worthy of their calling. Their dressing should be modest, appropriate and economical not in the amount of dress material but as stewards, manage God's resources well.
These sisters of ours exemplify the adultress, the woman in the attire of a harlot described in Proverbs 7. There's more to say about this!
The interesting thing, Shemika, I just wrote a blog on dress, had many comments, most in favour of reform. It was more with regard to this site and lifestyle in general as it doesn't matter whether a person is going to church or not, modesty due to the love of sanctification is the blessing. I would have been thinking of your dress as a bad example while writing it if I knew you. In your very pic, I believe your skirt is too high and your blouse reveals too much chest, this isn't a matter of cleavage, it's a matter of the chest itself!

I believe that many speak of reform and the love of the truth, but when it comes to the practical application, it takes using some time to find the clothing that one will love to wear due to their love of the truth. I am certain that God is glorified in the time taken to look peculiar in our world as well since the time is taken for being an example for others to follow!

The fact that it also takes time and means to take care of these things due to many already being accustomed to wearing revealing clothing, watches, cosmetics etc., some might want to change their whole wardrobe. I'm not against jeans but I haven't worn them myself for many years, not because I thought they are bad for a guy, I just found myself hating the heaviness of them.

The last detail there is with regard to the guile term, "crap", I know, it's a regular term to use, however, those of the saved with have no guile in their mouths, hence, they will seek the sanctification in word, action, dress, eating, etc. Blessings!
Oh, as usual, it's applicable to make the point that sanctification can be done by anyone, so though it's a wonderful thing to see the growth of individuals in the church, anyone can be doing that, so there is not only reform in lifestyle that shows each other that we are on the right track, as we are encompassed by a great crowd of witnesses, but much more, as a body of believers that claim they have Jesus as their Saviour, the Early Rain Truth, Laodicea (SDAs) will also love the Latter Rain Truth, that message which has come to our church regarding the Investigative Judgment of the Living in the restored truth of the restoration of the Kingdom spoken by the mouth of all the holy prophets Act 3:21 revealed through the message of the Rod (chastising instrument) of the Shepherd (Jesus).
I agree.

The point is that nobody likes having salt rubbed into their wounds, even if it is the salt of the earth. – Rebecca West
um hello, it's an open pic, if she sent it to me I would speak to her personally, but everyone sees it and therefore, it's to be spoken of openly to set an example for all


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